Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dear Janet,

Right now I was supposed to have a blog up about how you and LL did Saturday night, but instead I have nothing because you decided you didn't want to perform at the last minute. Shame on you Mrs. Dupri, SHAME! I don't have nothing else going on with me besides the normal stuff and I was really looking forward to a new post about the concert. *sigh*

While I have your attention I want to inform you that you owe me the amount of gas it took for me to drive to G'boro and back. You also owe some other people gas money and hotel fees for trying to see you, but I'll let them tell you about that bill.

Janet, please just tell me this. If you wasn't feeling up to it how come you didn't cancel the show earlier in the day at the very least? I mean I knew you wasn't feeling well with the exhaustion and everything so I called around to see if you was going to show before my happy ass got in the car, gased up, and hit the highway. Nothing or nobody said you wasn't going to show. When I got there the parking people took my $10 bucks and let me park. It wasn't until the mob of 150-200 folks that got there early like I did started to retreat back to their cars did I find out you cancelled on me. Damn Janet, that's not cool. Before you wonder, yeah the parking people gave everyone back their 10 dollars.

I won't lie, I was pissed about your decision. I had to swallow that anger because my cell died from not charging it earlier that day so I couldn't call anyone to bitch or at the very least call the folks I knew were on the way to the venue and tell them to turn around. *sigh* I am over it mostly but I still think that's jacked up.

I know you plan on coming back another time and I can use the tickets I brought then, but what if you decide to come on a weekend I am not available? Can I get my money back? I mean really Janet! What will you/your people do to reimburse me?

I am not going to fuss you out too bad cuz I know your tired and what not. I just had to let you know that what you did did not sit well with me.

Tell your bro Mike he needs to release his album and get his skinny tail back on tour too! I want to see him live before he quits touring for good.




Freaky Deaky said...

I was counting on getting some pictures of Janet dressed in her dominatrix gear to look at while I killed some ba...time, yeah time. x(

Maybe she'll come back the night you graduate. Wouldn't that be cool?

Shame on Janet for canceling! Did you wear some thongs that night?

Mike needs to get his nose back and throw some flour on his ghastly ghostly ass so he can be seen and not scare children. What?! You know it's true.

Darius T. Williams said...

Too funny. I heard it was really cancelled due to minimal ticket sales.

The Lady Girl said...

Dang, I was looking forward to the recap on Janet's nasty girl routine. Damn her for cancelling.

Opinionated Diva said...

You are so nice...such a lady for real. Were I in your position, this post would have been FULL of expletives!!

I get it...she was tired...sick with this "mysterious illness" (whatever!)...but her people could have still let the fans know the show was cancelled in advance.

AR Gal said...

I read somewhere that she supposedly has vertigo. I blame Michael!!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

She has been cancelling performances left and right. Get it together Janet!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dang thats foul - of all people ms jackson

Tasha said...

Janet really needs to get it together. I wonder what's really going on. If she's that sick, she needs to cancel her whole tour.

Ladynay said...

Freaky, I am sure there are clips of Janet online that you can kill "time" with....*smh*

Yeah that would be kinda cool, we'll see when she decides to come back.

No, but I did break out some brand new panties for the concert! *sigh* what a waste! LOL

Don't talk about Mike from what I heard he trying to get himself together.

Darius, even if I was the only person who had tickets I expect a show dammit! LOL!

Ladygirl, Damn her indeed!

Why hello Diva, welcome to my blog! If I would have posted Saturday night when I got back home the tone would have been more aggressive, but I had time to sleep on it! LOL!

From what I read she was actually here Saturday planning to perform. She saw some "local doctor" and they advised her not to do the show. Her people didn't send the word out till late Saturday afternoon. After folks like me had already hit the road. :-(

ARgal, it's alllllllllll Mike fault! ROFL!

Southern, she has delayed at least 4 more performances. Mommy said last night she cancelled 8 but I don't know. I agree with you, she needs to get it together.

Torrance, I know right? She's been in the business long enough to know how to handle stuff like this!

Tasha, at this rate she just might do that. I would not be shocked.

Monique said...

Oh man you too?! My parents were going to her concert here in Atlanta and were pissed when they made it to the arena and found it was cancelled.

Pamalicious said...

I'm so glad I saw this. Yea I haven't been around these parts for awhile but I'm here NOW! LOL

Hubby had got me ONE TICKET. Cause I have never seen her and I was thinking this might be it. He works at Phillips arena so he bought my ticket and then called me about 9 and was like - they just told us she cancelling. I said KEEP THE TICKET and he had already gotten a refund which I used on food the other day, lol lol

Oh well - Janet I'll have to catch yah on the blogs.

I wonder whats wrong with her cause Pregnancy isn't a good excuse unless its true she has no insides, lol J Lo was jammin with twins in the oven - so um janet I'mma need you to GET IT TOGETHER!

Nobody not really... said...

You know how I'm feeling about all this...

kasandra said...

Sorry she cancelled. But I heard she does this all the time too!!! Mike does need to get back in gear though.

Rashan Jamal said...

If Tina Turner can tour at age whatever she is, I'm a need Janet to get it together. LOL

blkbutterfly said...

oh, that sucks! but, at least you were able to get your feelings out via letter! lol...

what exactly is she exhausted from, seeing as she's not doing shows?

Ms.Honey said...

Dang homie!

E said...

Oh my gosh...I found out from Sally that Janet had canceled most of her concerts just after the one we saw in Chicago. That is so foul, though, that they get to keep the money on the promise that Janet may come back in the future.

That does suck for all of those that drove hours out of their way, not to mention like you said, paying for hotels to stay overnight, only to find out the show's not going on.

I could only imagine how crazy that venue had gotten with the combined total of P.O'ed folks.

I'm glad at least you have your blog to vent at. And I hope when Janet "feels better", she reschedules it at a time that works for you.

nikki said...

they should reimburse you for the damn gas fa real. i bet that cost more than the ticket.

and if janet hadn't removed those rib bones, she wouldn't have been exhausted. plastic surgery is a bitch.

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Dam that really sux, but I have to tell you that you are crazy!! Haha

Ladynay said...

Mo, hate to hear your parents did what I did :-(

Pam, be glad he got a refund cuz with all the shows she's cancelling, she may never reschedule......

Nobody, *smh* I know...I know...breath in, breath out! LOL!

K, I'm saying. His trial was years ago and he got new material ready so it's time for him to hit the road!

Rashan, I'M SAYING! She betta call Tina and ask her how to make it do what it do!

BB, her people are not saying what's wrong with her. Folks are guessing virtigo.

Honey, I know, jacked up!

E, What did you and Sally do to Janet while she was up there???? Huh? I demand an answer E!!!! LOL!

Nikki, oh yeah she did get some ribs removed a few years back! I forgot about that till you typed it.

Trina, wasssssup stranger! I have to vent sometimes and what better place than a blog? :-)

Eb the Celeb said...

I think that chick might be pregnant... she's been missing a lot of shows last minute... something aint right