Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nay lubs da kidz!

Many posts back I mentioned me widening my social circle by hanging out with someone I called Saturn and her bffl who never got a name on my blog until now...Leggz, cuz she's tall, slim, and nothing but legs. Okay Saturn and Leggz live literally right across the hall from one another and one street up from me. Their son's have pretty much grown up together and are trump tight. Leggz son, lil K, is the one who turned 10 not too long ago and only wanted Pooka and his boy, lil T, from cross the hall to come to his party...remember that? No? Oh well anyways, In the last week or 2 Saturn and Leggz fell out. I don't know what happened but my guess is since Saturn is pregnant and now has her child's father living with her, she doesn't need Leggz as much as Leggz needs her anymore. Let me say again, this is just a guess.

Now Leggz works the night shift and what used to happen was Saturn would pick up both boys from after school care and watched lil K until Leggz got off work. Well in the mommas falling out Saturn said Leggs had till 11/1 to find someone to keep lil K. Here's where I come in.

One day last week Pooka and I are walking towards our place and our lovely ghetto child neighbor, I think I called her Rai, was outside and asked me did I know a black lady with short hair and a son. At first I told her no then after a moment I thought about Saturn. The day before she asked if I wanted to go to the fair as a group so maybe her and her crew was about to head out and came by to see if Pooka and I were down. *shrug* I asked Rai if the woman was pregnant to which she told me she wasn't sure but her and her son was at my door. I thanked her for the info and as I came upon my doorway I saw a folded piece of paper stuck in the door with my name on it. I flipped it open and it's a note from Leggz telling me to call her. I call, she tells me about her and Saturn falling out and how she gotta find a sitter b4 11/1 and she asks if I could keep lil K 2 weekends a month starting last weekend. She had someone to help her during the week. We discussed it and I agreed to help. What's 2 weekends a month right?

Last week I got stuck between ex friends. I thought I was both their friends *shrug* I refuse to choose and still won't.

Flash forward to late Saturday or Sunday. Leggz asked if I could pick him up with I pick Pooka up and watch him Wednesday and Thursday. I want to say no, but I don't. It's only 2 extra days right?

Flash forward to yesterday. She calls me all chit chatty when I'm not in a chit chatty mood and while she's talking she mentions lil K going to NJ in mid November. Her people live in NJ. I asked her what she was going to do about lil K's schooling because they only get Turkey Day and Black Friday off. She told me her mom was going to get lil K registered in school up there. Wow! She plans to go home herself in February when her lease is up. Wow! I asked her if all of this was due to the friendship falling apart, she said it wasn't. But if you moving back home and sending your kid home before you cuz nobody is on hand to watch him like your ex home girl was, then it kinda is due to the fall out. IMO! I just told her that I understood and that if I was in a similar situation I'd probably move back home too. We gotta do what we gotta do to get through sometimes. I picked up Pooka and lil K from after school and lil T after figuring out he wasn't coming to my house with the others he folded his arms and told me that wasn't fair lil K got to come over the house and not him! (I think it's because he fell in love with my Wii the last time he was over, lol) It broke my heart and I had half a mind to call his momma and ask her if he could come with us...but I didn't.

Flash forward to this afternoon. I have a message from Leggz sounding very stressed basically asking about 7 additional days than what we agreed to to babysit. She's basically maxed out of calling out of work, can't afford to lose her job and the person who said she'd keep him during the week when she had to work changed her song to she can only keep him on Mondays....*sigh* As a single mother I can put myself in her shoes and feel very bad for her and want to say yes. But as Ladynay, who kinda likes her space at times I want to say no. My subject is testing out of the research study I've been about of on Monday and if the primary investigator give me another subject to train I won't be available to help most nights anyways. I just don't know. Why can't I just say "No" and not have a good reason behind it? Lil K is not a bad kid and Pooka is tickled pink her "boyfriend's" been here a lot lately. (I've been keeping my eye on 'em) I think saying "No" and not feeling guilty about it if it's not for good reason is going get put on my resolution list!

It's only two more weeks right? *sigh*

When I hear stories like Leggz I can't help but be thankful for the local support system I have. Granted, I don't know that many people but if me and someone I deal with fall out it would not affect me having someone to keep Pooka. So while I am thinking about it let me give a shout out to LadyKat, Lsbnmom, Party Girl, RTK, SNP, AK47 who don't even have my blog address, Saturn, and all my local folks who have watched Pooka for me while I had or wanted to be someone other than mommy. It's truly a blessing to know that if something was to come up right this second and I had to be somewhere where I couldn't take Pooka, that all it would take is a mass text, email, or some phone calls and 9 times out of 10 someone is going to tell me to drop Pooka off at their space or offer to come get her. Sometimes it takes the misfortune of others to realize how good you got it. Thank you.

P.S. Mommy is coming down on the 4th and is leaving whenever I drive her back up in December for either my Aunt Diva having her baby (Due 12/18) or for Christmas. She already knows that if Aunt Diva pops before the my graduation ceremony on 12/13 that she's gonna have to find her own way home or wait till the ceremony is over! LOL! I laugh but I am serious!

Lil K just asked me if he was coming over tomorrow. I told him "no, not tomorrow and he gives me the sad face says oh, okay and walks back in the living room where the kids are up watching that Rocky Horror Picture Show movie. Yes it's late during a school night and no they shouldn't be watching it. I know I know...But what I don't know is why folks wanna be all up in Boringville? Lil T thinks it's unfair he don't get to come, mom decided she was going to do an extended stay, now Lil K wants to come back tomorrow. WTH? LOL!

Next post will be my dual themed post despite October technically being over. Novembers theme should be family gatherings since most fams get together on Turkey Day to break bread and what not. Yeah, I like that idea NOVEMBERS THEME IS FAMILY GATHERINGS!!!!!!!

Have a Happy Halloween if you celebrate it, if not have a great weekend! What am I doing this weekend? Pooka and I are doing a walk for diabetes Saturday! YAY!


Freaky Deaky said...

Have you actually seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show? It's a bit out there for youngsters. Instead you should've put on Saw, snatched all the remotes, and went back into your room. What?!

So when does lil K move in? LOL!

You don't need to have a reason, just say you can't. If she has the nerve to ask you why then you can either be blunt and say that you just don't feel like or lie and make something up.

You are messing up the order of the themed posts Ladynay. :o(

Happy Halloween! Boooo! Le boooo!

Darius T. Williams said...

I'm glad u loves the kids...cuz I don't - lol.

I'm loving the fact that your'e doing the walk this weekend w/Pooka. That's such a great learning opportunity!

Anonymous said...

You need to learn to say NO. I have no problem saying it. If I don't feel like doing something, I won't and don't feel bad about it. I understand needing someone to watch your child if/when something comes up, but some people use their "favors" up too quickly.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u did right dont choose

and BOO lol

will u be ther in the am?

Nobody not really... said...

It's easy to say no, then blame it on the new assignment that could be during the evening. "I'm gonna have to find someone to watch Pooka," you say.

She'll be alright. What would she do if you didn't exist? Exactly.

Ms.Honey said...

Umm what the hell are you running a day care LOL

blkbutterfly said...

yes, indeed it does appear that you're running a daycare! lol...

i love the kids too, but they def. don't need to be at my house! :-)

i don't know what i would do if i was a single parent here in Houston because i don't have a significant support base.

The Goddess said...

Girl I know she has to be counting her blessings right now. I know when my mom moved out of state when my boys were younger I NEVER had a break. Thank goodness they never really got sick with the exception of chicken pox back to back of course. Lol

I didn't realize your graduation was so soon. Let's hope Aunt Diva holds out till afterwards. lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

pooka - classsic name we some creative folks when it comes to nick names

Monique said...

That was very nice of you to help her out. As a single mother, you have to remember to pass the help along because you've been there before. Congrats on graduation coming up1

Ladynay said...

Freaky, Nope I have only seen bits and pieces.

I am not good at lying

Darius, she's been with me on a few community service outing. I hope she is learning from them.

Southern, I am trying to get to that point where I say it and not feel bad about it.

T part 1, I liked that post :-)

Nobody, the thing is I still don't know if I'll have someone or not so telling her that may not be the truth.

Honey, I am trying not to.

BB, even when folks don't have kids we need support :-)

Goddess, awwwwwwwwww the chicken kid gets it and the whole neighborhood gets a turn! LOL! Thank goodness you was able to handle your crew.

T part 2, she has always been my Pooka. I really call her that :-)

Monique, yes and that's why I don't mind helping someone every now and then, not almost everyday.