Saturday, November 08, 2008

Themes and whatnot

October: well the most recent time I've been scared was when Pooka and I went to the state fair this year. In the morning hours I volunteered some time at a agricutourism booth that was inside a large tent. Different vendor and displays outlined the inside of the tent and there was big display in the middle so people pretty much circled around. Pooka would from time to time go and watch an seafood display that had all kinds of fish and sea creatures in a tank. No problem. Well an influx of people came in the tent and when I looked for Pooka at the tank she wasn't there. I made a full circle going the opposite way and still no Pooka in sight. As I circled around the 2nd time I started to get scared. I mean there were tons of people at the fair and if anyone snatched her up it would take me forever to find her! As the "what if" thoughts started to fill my head I saw her at a motorized train display still within the tent I must have overlooked her the first time around. MANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN feeling was not good at all!

November: my fam likes to have get togethers so there are many I could talk about, but none of them that I don't recall not blogging about already. I did have a get together with my father, his wife, her mom, her sister, and her kids a few weeks back. Did I blog about that? Hmmm don't recall. But it was okay. His new wife is really nice and is really trying hard to keep me and her husband connected. I wonder how long that will last.

Other than that I've been doing my same ole same ole. I've started finalizing some things for graduation like order my cap and gown, take exit exams/surveys, and con't to work on grad school apps. I have yet to submit any applications and part of it is fear. UNC is due on the 24th or 27th so I don't have much time to get over myself.

I decided not to throw the big graduation party. I simply can't afford to do it the way I want to. :-(

I ended up watching Leggz son. He has quickly grown used to being here because one afternoon he asked me what was for dinner and yesterday on the way back from going to see Madagascar 2 in IMAX (cute movie) he asked Pooka "when we get home can we play Kerplunk?" Home? Really? Interesting. Leggz gave me a few dollars yesterday for helping out so I can't say I am not getting absolutely no benefit from this.

Why did we stay till the end of the credits so my darling daughter could dance? Of course the folks thought she was cute, mom could not smile any harder, and I just looked at her after she gave me the one index finger indicating to give her a minute to groove. Lil K, not to let Pooka have ALL the attention, joined her. I let them have there fun then led them out the theater and to the car. Them jokers danced until they sat down in the car! LOL! Where's the camcorder when you need it?

Mommy likes IMAX movies! Yesterday she got treated to her first one! YAY! Her birthday is this month and I have NO CLUE what to do or get her. Right now I am thinking about going to a nice salon and getting her a real deal pedicure. I know it's been awhile since she's had one. Other than that I am clueless. :-(

My mother being here is wonderful and not so wonderful. The not so wonderful is that since my mother was working 3rd shift her body is still on those hours, then add that she doesn't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time! *sigh* I am slowly adjusting to it........very slow. I can't seem to roll over and ignore the fact that my mom is up in the kitchen cooking breakfast AT 3AM!!!!! So I lay there 15% sleep and 85% awake most nights/early mornings.

School is still in session but my mind has caught senioritis and is slowly disconnecting from academic activity. It's horrible. I have one more test and a final (which pretty much determines our grade because of how much its weighted) to take before I can zone out for a bit. *sigh*

Other than that, I'm ight I guess.....


Freaky Deaky said...

When we were kids my mom told me to watch my sister while for a few minutes while we were at the mall. I saw Star Wars running on a big screen TV and I tuned everything else out. Fortunately, my sister is part bloodhound when it comes to our mother so she found her and they found me still transfixed on that big screen TV and Star Wars. LOL. The moral of the story is always look first where your kid's interest are.

Up and cooking at 3 AM? Have you tried slipping your mom some NyQuil before she goes to bed? What?! It's not just for knocking bad ass kids out you know?

You need to send those applications out. We're getting towards the holidays and you know all kinds of strange delays and things can pop up during that time. Besides you're making my pimp hand twitch. That's all the motivation you should need. :oD

Can I have a couple of dollars? Please? I'll be your best friend.

Ladynay said...

And you're still stuck on Star Wars to this day. Hey you said it was your favorite movie so don't front! LOL

Yep, cooking, washing clothes, anything other than something quiet. Gotta love her *sigh* Hmmmm is that from your book Taking Care of your Parents the Freaky Deaky Way? LOL! That NyQuil comment sounds like a statement from it!

I know and eventually will.

If I gave you a couple dollars I wouldn't have much of anything left, she didn't give a lot. Just a lil sumtin' sumtin'

blkbutterfly said...

i forgot all about the theme post. maybe i'll remember to do it this month.

i feel you on the grad school apps. mine are due next month and i took the GRE today. after taking it and seeing my score, i think i need a drink!

oh, and uhm, i think you should see Maxwell! :-D

Ladynay said...

BB, is 2^-6 <,>,= to 2^6...or can it be determined from the data given? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA throw a shot back for me it you endulge :-)

Tickets in the range I wanted for him are sold out now.:=( Guess I should not have waited 6 days before the show to try to get decently priced tickets! LOL!

AR Gal said...

You're in the home stretch now!! I can't wait to see the announcement that you've graduated. *gives Ladynay a round of applause*

I'm with Freaky. Try lacing mama's drink with a lil sleeping aid. We've all done it at least once in this lifetime....well I know I have anyway. lol

Monique said...

Cooking at 3am? No ma'am! Even with baby boy here I'm knocked out. He knows 3am is not the time to wake mommy. LOL Hang in there hun. Not much longer until you're finished!

Ladynay said...

ARgal, it won't come fast enough!!!

I am not touching that second statement! LOL

Monique, let me find out lil man already know when not to mess with mommy! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The Goddess said...

Girl Where are you at???? Hope you and Pooka have a good weekend.