Monday, November 10, 2008

Might as well blog

For the first time in a while I'm blogging back to back! :-)

I am sitting here in the schools computer lab waiting for this seminar to start in 20 mins.

Dr. P is the "teacher" and I know in my gut we was supposed to do something for this meeting, but I don't know what it is despite me asking folks, so I am going to walk in empty handed.

I reeeeeeeeeeally don't feel like listening to Dr. P bitch.

Or my anatomy teacher lecture for that matter.

Pooka gave me more than average drama getting up this morning. She wanted to stay home with grandma. I can't blame her, I wanted to stay home too. At least she has the day off tomorrow.

Leggz decided that she wasn't sending lil K up to Jersey. I refuse to watch him long term on a regular basis. I agreed to the two weeks, that's it. I will not be used like she used Saturn. In my mind she has an out to get back on her feet (her mom coming to get her son) and I am willing to help until her out arrives, but she must now have in her mind that "oh Ladynay is going bail me out and watch lil K 5-6 days a week so I am not sending him upstate" Fuck that!

Why one of my seminar "classmates" just walk in the lab. I asked him what the hell we supposed to be doing in the meeting and he knows just as much as I do. He said another classmate called him last night asking about what we are supposed to. So I am not alone! YAY! Dr. P is going to have a pure-t-fit!!!! Lawd help us!

One of my best friends scared me last night. They called and was kinda flash backing their life and at the end was like they don't say it often but I am a wonderful friend and how me and our mutual friends keep him grounded and sane, so on and so forth. I was kinda speechless and the first thing that managed to come out my mouth was "are you dying?" I mean, it was very sweet an all but to get a call out the blue like that kinda makes me wonder what was going on. In the convo they was talking about if something was to happen to them nobody would be able to tell folks that they was gone.....ummmmmmmmmmm WTF? They swore out to me that everything was okay but in the back of my mind I keep playing the one sided conversation in my head. *sigh*

It's 9:00, gotta go!


Nobody not really... said...

I love the random compliment your friend gave you. Those are on my list of "favorite things."

P.S. A two-day space is not blogging back to back... lol

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I'm pretty sure that's what Leggz is thinking. Stick to NO!

Freaky Deaky said...

So again when are you moving him in?

I hope Dr. P has strong jaws because she's going to be chewing a lot of ass today.

I kind of get suspicious when people start acting like that too.

I was expecting a two week wait between posts. :op

Kasandra said...

Yeah that sounds like a WEIRD call. When you were telling me that, I thought suicide. At my old job a lady made sure she said goodbye and her I love yous. The next day, our boss told us she hung herself.

Stick to the no. My gut feeling she is really thinking you'll watch her kid 5-6 times a week. That's flat out rude if she did.

The Goddess said...

Yeah, those out of the blue calls always have me worrying too.

LMAO @ nobody not really.

Ladynay said...

Nobody, I love a compliment but that one could have been delivered differently.

It felt back to back so HUSH IT! LOL

Southern, trust I won't be the new sitter.

Freaky, never

She just wanted to talk so we didn't get fussed out this time. Very much a relief.

You can't help it.

Yeah twice in one week was a surprise to me too! LOL

Kasandra, WOW! That's a sad story. I wish to never know what it's like to wake up knowing I was going to take my life that day.

Your gut must have been talking to mine!

Goddess, they just come out of nowhere!

...and don't laugh, you'll encourage him! tee hee hee

Darius T. Williams said...

Can I just say that I'm soooo glad you're back to blogging!

Love the compliment!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

gotta listen - the classes are paid for that should be you main motyivation followed by to FINISH

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