Monday, December 01, 2008

Some Turkey Day pix

I let Pooka have control of the camera so I have million pix of my little little little cousins, yah know the ones that are in Pookas generation! LOL Don't need to see them over and over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you John Legend's baby picture! :-) The family calls him John Legend cuz...well look at him! He has a twin sister that looks and acts different from him. John Legend is extremely chill (with or without the binky). To date I have never heard him cry, not once! Now his sister on the other hand.......

Newkirks in the HOUSE!!!!! The pics are of fam that passed on. R.I.P.

We got to the spot pretty early on Thursday. This is what the place looks like empty. During dinner every seat was full....and the whole crew did not show up this year!

What does the Newkirks do when the food isn't done yet? Why the Newkirk family crossword puzzle of course....DUH! LOL!

The weather was good enough to do the entertainment on the big stage outside, but it didn't happen this year. Not even on the inside stage :-( Was supposed to have gospel fest where family members dressed up and performed as different gospel artist. Kinda sad we didn't do it. It's a first.

The theme this year was sports. I forgot to wear a jersey.

The day itself was okay. I missed half of the program because I went visit my father, his wife, and his wife's family. My father came to the venue (cuz I didn't know how to get where they were) and he insisted we ride in MIA to his mother in laws. Nothing really major happened outside of my father saying non positive things about the man who raised me and is now dead (my maternal grandfather) while he was riding in my car. I came very close to kicking him out my car and making him walk back to the venue. I won't get into detail but all I will say is you don't do that. PERIOD!
Food was good, fellowship was cool, and the drive back that evening went smooth. Not a bad Turkey Day 2008 at all.


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I love having a big family dinner for Thanksgiving.

Lil John Legend is adorable. I remember when my son was that age. How time flies!

Freaky Deaky said...

Damn, what the hell did you rent out to hold your family for Thanksgiving? That's too many people for me.

You should've started up the entertainment by dropping it like it's hot while singing Jesus tunes. x(

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

You should have a heart to heart with daddy dearest and tell him that some of the stuff he does is not the coolness at all.

Do they do crosswords in ink though?

Why was my word verification "dicla"? Your blog is nasty! LOL.

Ladynay said...

Me too Southern gal. Makes you feel all Soul Foodish! :-)

Girlllll I love that little boy! I wish his momma didn't braid his hair so you could see him and his soft and silky version of the John Legend fro. LOL.

They don't stay small for long do they? :-(

Freaky, it's the same place we had Turkey day last year. It's some kind of a center. I have a large family so we have to have places that will fit folks comfortably.

Dropping it like it's hot to gospel is just WRONG! LOL!

If he comes out his mouth and says something less than respectful about my grandfather again we are going to have problems.

Hey writing utensils were limited so you used what was given to you darnit! HAHAHA!

It knew you would appreciate the word so it gave it to you. :-)

The Goddess said...

Wow that's sounds like a cool Thanksgiving. I used to love just small quiet dinner at home with immediate family, now that we're here with Hubby's family it's like the more the merrier. Glad you all had a good Thanksgiving. Lol at John Legend. That's too cute.

AR Gal said...

Looks like ya'll had tons of fun!!

nikki said...

i love that your family has traditions like that. thanks for sharing the photos! next time, include FOOD.

oh, and sorry your dad went badmouthing like that. it's amazing the grudges folk hold, even when folk are dead.

Kasandra said...

Awwww look at the lil baby!!! He is cute. I'm also glad that Turkey day turned out ok too.

Ladynay said...

Goddess, I haven't had a small Turkey day dinner in a long time. I remember them being nice as well.

Argal, it was okay. Without the entertainment portion this year the event wasn't as good as it could have been.

Nikki, by time I got back from visiting a good portion of the food was gone. I didn't think you'd wanna see a quarter pan full of greens! LOL

Some people are stupid.

Kas, yeah you can eat him up...and he wouldn't care! LOL