Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A man of color MUST be officially taking over the nation today...*edited*

Because it's snowing in Raleigh!!! I mean real snow with actual depth and everything! Normally when the meteorologist say snow nothing ever happens. Maybe some ice or a light dusting, but never snow! By golly them jokers actually got it right this time!

It was supposed to start around 10 last night, so when I got up a lil after 12 to handle some restroom issues, I took a peep outside and there was nothing. When I got up to start the day at 5 I looked and saw the white stuff! Just like when I was in grade school, the first thing I did was check to see if school was closed or delayed. Who would have thought I'd be out of school and still checking! LOL! Once I confirmed that Pooka would not be going anywhere today I hopped my butt back in the bed. Two hours later Pooka is shaking me talking about...

"Mommy, I think you better see this"

I informed her that I knew all about it and that she didn't have school today. She went straight for the couch and started watching her DVD's! She's been there ever since. LOL!

It's supposed to snow all day and part of tomorrow. We haven't had real snow in years!!!! Pooka and I will be getting ghetto fabulous and using tote tops to slide down the hill later! YAY! You can't really see our hill in the video cuz everything has that pretty, white, undisturbed snow look, but it's there and we are going to disturb the heck out of it! LOL!

My angel making an angel.

Pooka's first attempt to slide down the hill, as you can see, it didn't work so I went in the house, grabbed a trash bag, put it around my tote top, sat on it and viola, this is what I got!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That was fun! Unfortunately I must of hit a button while traveling because I didn't get the fit of giggles I had when I reached the bottom! :-( It wasn't until I got to the bottom that I realized one very important thing about the pretty calf high boots I had on...they don't have traction at the bottom!!!!! Pooka had on some fake me out Timbs with traction and had a not so easy time getting back up the hill. What the heck was I gonna do? I tried multiple times in multiple ways to get up the hill and let me tell you, if someone was taping me they certainly have an entry for America's Funniest Home Videos! Sidenote: If you're my neighbor and you have a recent video of a big girl sliding down a snowy hill repeatedly, then please by all means, if you have the tape, submit it! I'll split the winnings you 50/50 LOL!

I ended up having to take off my boots and go up in the next best thing, my socks! Needless to say my time outside in the snow was done once I got back in the house! ROFL! Pooka attempted to slide down the longer, less steep part of the hill with success, but by time she sat on the ghetto sled she was on the move. I couldn't turn the camera on fast enough :-( After the third trip up hill Pooka was ready to go inside too! Thanks for snow mother nature, you helped me get my cardio in today! :-) Seems like Pooka and I will have another day to play in the snow if we so choose to. Because schools are out again tomorrow, I do not drive in icy or snowy conditions, prefer to keep Mia basically damage free as long as possible, and the news talking about how the police/troopers and EMS are having a hard time keeping up with the crashes...we staying home! I hate to lose out on another days pay, but oh well.

I was looking up something online, (PS ARgal,I looked at the US of Tara, I LIKE IT), and came across this and had to share! OMG! I was almost in tears! LOL!


The Insatiable One said...

Awww! I almost had a fit when I saw the flurries here in Atlanta on Saturday. I thought I would have enough time to take baby boy outside and snap a few pics, but his little but was knocked out and you know what grandma says about waking a sleeping baby. LOL

Ladynay said...

Lil K figured he got years to play in the snow. Saturday was his sleep in day! LOL!

kasandra said...

YAY at snow days!!!! I love it when you or the child don't have to go anywhere!!!!!

You wrong for that video. :)

Ladynay said...


"All the hoes be shake shake shaking it, all the hoes just shake shake shaking it" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

The video just tickles me so!

Freaky Deaky said...

Why are you getting snow and I've been snow free? That's just not right. Enjoy violated the fresh fallen snow if the neighborhood kids don't get to it first. Don't forget the hot cocoa.

Holy psychedelic rainbow warriors Batman! I'm mad there was no video of you doing what the song instructed. x( "Shake your ass bitch" will be the title of a future post so I'll blame you in advance. :op

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Please keep the snow that way.

No words for that video! lol

Ladynay said...

You have had snow snow and more snow this winter so you can't complain! LOL!

The hill was unviolated when Pooka and I went out back. The neighborhood can have at it if they want as long as they don't break nothing. My renters insurance won't cover it, at least that's what I'm going to say! LOL!

I hate to wonder what the actual post will be about! *smh*

Southern, it don't come by often so I don't mind keeping it for awhile :-)

It's great isn't it??? LOL!

Freaky Deaky said...

I can so complain. *pouts* I guess I'm glad you got some snow. Um wears video of the snow ball fight? I'm going to need you to go back outside and film that now. Chop, chop.

Ladynay said...

There was no snow ball fight and will not be one unless we hear a neighborhood snow ball fight going on, which I doubt will happen.

AR Gal said...

Deep snow!! I'm jealous!!! I kept looking at Pooka in the last vid thinking she was going to slide and you were the one going down the hill! Thanks for taking us on the fantastic voyage with you! lol

I so was not ready for that Teletubbies video!

Glad you liked US of Tara. I can't wait to see the other personality next week.

Ladynay said...

Oh she wasn't going to have all the fun! LOL! Free sled ride on me! :-)

I wasn't either when I came acrossed it, that's what made it even funnier!

Ladynay said...

I hope Showtime will let YouTube put up more episodes

*fingers crossed*

blkbutterfly said...

well, you know, fashion does come at a cost! LOL!

i haven't experienced a snow day since high school. i miss them. once when i was in middle school, i saw lots of snow on the ground, but still got dressed and ready to go to school. i was on my way to the bus stop b4 my sister came out and yelled there was no school today. i don't know what was thinking.

gosh, Pooka's tall! or maybe it's just the angle...

The Goddess said...

YOU ARE CRAZY!!!! I hate the snow. You did have a serious giggle fit coming down that hill. That was too funny. I had to laugh at YOU laughing. Lol

It was too cute the way Pooka was ever so careful so she didn't fall when she was trying to get on her sled and then even more cute the way she was trying to scoot to get down the hill.

Even with all the cuteness I still hate the snow.

Ladynay said...

BB, which is why I'm no fashionista! LOL!

Ummmm yeah, you were dedicated! If I was your sister I would have picked at you all day!

It may be the angle because she fits in height wise with the rest of her class.

Goddess, It was worse when I finally stopped! I couldn't stop giggling for a good minute! LOL!

Being that you guys are always in snow I'd imagine you wouldn't like it as much as those that don't get to see it or play in it that often.

Tasha said...

Yay snow days!!! I miss the snow back home, I'm jealous!! We've been lacking the snow around here

Ladynay said...

Tasha, snow days come so far and in between! It was 50+ degrees today so most of the pretty stuff is gone already. It was nice while it lasted, time to get back to work. :-(

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Who Pooka has gotten big. Pooka is about 3 or 4 times bigger than Jj. Nice. I havent seen snow like that in over 6 years! AND BELIEVE ME IM NOT MISSING IT! LOL Glad u got to enjoy it. Now for some real boots! LOL

Ladynay said...

They don't stop growing do they? :-)

You don't miss snow? Not even a lil? :-(

Since it won't snow for real for another few years I won't put buying snow suitable boots high on the priority list.