Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fashion Advice/Naked pics

I have a VERY special interview next week. I won't say what for or who it's with but it's important. Being that I wanted to sport something new I went to a big girl store to find me a suit. The 2 I liked didn't look good on me so I walked over to the clearance rack to see what's up. I came across the square necked knitted top pictured above and was like hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The price tag had a marked down price on it and the rack itself had an 80% off sign. To ease my confusion I asked the associate what price I needed to go by because people will put something in the wrong place in a minute. After she told me the top was $3.99 I had to have it. After browsing the 80% off rack I found a $9.99 shirt (pictured above too), 2 more work shirts @ $9.99 and 2pair of hosiery @ $3.99. Grand total....44 dollars and change tax included! YAY! I haven't been shopping for myself in forever so it was long overdue! But anyway, I am thinking about sporting my new $14 outfit to this very important interview next week and wanted an outside opinion to see if you guys thought it's important interview worthy. I also thought about wearing the top with some nice black slacks I already have since the weather may be chilly if the weather folks are right. I really wanted to rock the solid suit/solid blouse outfit but I can't find one I can still wear or looked good on me in the store. *sigh*

As for the naked pictures....ummmm I took the picture of the outfit to put up on the blog right. I turn the computer on and once it boots up I plug the camera in. This is Pooka's camera that was handed down to her from her father who purchased a bigger and better camera last year. Normally I go the explore route to view the pictures but this time I chose the pop up route. Going the pop up route I saw all the pictures from various things and then towards the bottom I saw some that I nor Pooka took. Some were of Babydaddy, some were of some chick, and some of them were of them "together". I was stuck for a moment, like for real. Turns out these pics were in the "trash" folder that he forgot to delete when he cleared the camera out. I deleted the pictures from existence but now I am wondering if I should mention it to him the next time he calls to talk to Pooka. To tell the truth he probably wouldn't care. The majority of me says to leave it alone and act like I never saw anything...but that itty bitty part says to say something.


blkbutterfly said...

i feel you on keeping a mum's the word policy re: the interview details. anyway, as for the shirt, i like the color (i'm a sucker for red), but idk about the style for an interview. maybe it's the long sleeves that are throwing me off. that being said, if that's what you have, wear it. it's a nice blouse and it's still professional.

now, on to the pics. *crickets* ok, now that i've gotten over my initial shock, i'd say you should ask yourself why you're telling them about them. is it b/c it'll benefit Pooka or is there another reason? if you don't think it'll benefit her, i say keep that to yourself. after all, he did try to delete them; he just didn't know the trash lingered.

Ladynay said...
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AR Gal said...

A suit is always best IMO but red is a power color so YAY! :) Do you have a white collared shirt you can put underneath? That would still be a good mix. The interview is not until next week though. I would try looking around at other places to see what you can find. You still may be able to score a suit between now and then. Good luck, I know you'll do great!!

Why am I not surprised that Babydaddy forgot about his playboy pics? Men can be so freakin careless. lol Knowing me I'd probably crack a joke about finding the playboy pics. lol

Freaky Deaky said...

I say wear a thong. What? It could even be a power thong.

That was a stupid, tacky, and careless thing to do not making sure any "special" pictures were deleted especially since he gave the picture to his daughter. I'd let him know that he should make sure that he's gone through and taken off anything that isn't appropriate for his little girl to see. If you don't mention it next time you talk to him then bring it up the next time he wants to pass down some tech stuff.

Ladynay said...

BB, See, IDK either, hence asking for an opinion.

I deleted my previous response becuase I didn't read your comment properly. At first it was just something that I thought he should know, but after reading more comments, other people who receive tech stuff from him could benefit from it in the end.

ARgal, I wanted a suit but it's not looking like I will be getting one. I have a white collared shirt and will try that out when I try the outfit on as a whole this weekend once I buy my shoes.

To be honest, if he looked up his pics the way I usually do he would have never known they were still up there. Once I saw them it took me a moment to find the folder they were sitting in and delete them. Nobody really checks the trash. So I don't think it was careless, just not thorough enough given the situation.


That's a good idea. I'll shoot him an FYI so it'll lessen the chance Pooka gets anymore material she don't need to know about or see.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I like ARGal suggest about adding a white collared shirt. That would spruce the oufit up.

As for babydaddy, I would say jokingly like the next time you give something to our daughter make sure you get your naked pictures.

kasandra said...

Well I hope the best for this interview. It's a nice outfit.

WOW @ babydaddy!!!! I would mention it to him, but as long as Pooka didn't see it, then no reason to get upset.

Ladynay said...

Southern, I've just finished my solo fashion show and have decided to rock the shirt with my slacks and a suit jacket I already had in the wayyyy back of my closet. I tried the white collared shirt but it wasn't the best option.

Kasandra, Thanks and I am not upset about it, just wondering if I should let him know that he made a boo boo

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

show some skin - lol

The Goddess said...

I heard red is a good color to interview in. It's hard to really tell the over all look of the outfit. You've got to put it on and take a pic.

LMAO on the naked pics. Thank goodness you found them and not pooka. That would have been horrible. I would have had to save the pics for blackmail later. Lol. Just kidding. I don't know if I'd say anything.

Ladynay said...

Torrance, it was too cold to have any skin out! LOL!

Goddess, I ended up wearing the shirt with a black suit jacket and slacks.

I told him he left some pix on the camera. He didn't ask about content so I didn't say. At the very least he knows to be better at wiping stuff clean.