Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jacked up plans and girl scouts

Last night my agenda for the day was kinda simple...

Switch shower lining in Pooka's bathroom
Get the car inspected and have the oil changed
Go eat at this buffet style soup and salad spot
Get a pedi and Pooka get her nails painted
Pick up some produce from the grocery store
Drop the food off
Go workout
Relax in the pool

Simple right?

How about the service dept. over at the dealership is closed on Sundays? Thank goodness I called before I drove out there! So no oil change

How about Mai Wan Yu and 'em up the skreet are closed on Sundays? So no pedi

I could have gone to a more upscale place for my pedi but I don't feel like driving over there. Lei Po is literally up the street! Since the dealership is closed I decided not to go to the soup and salad spot that's near them. For food I decide that we were going to go to one of the food spots in the strip the grocery store is in. One place didn't take cards (I don't carry much cash if any at all), one place didn't open till 4 (it was 11), and neither I nor Pooka was feeling the carry out. So grocery shopping it was.

Never go grocery shopping with a full check in the bank and an empty stomach. I knew better to do it, but I did it anyways and spent too much money. I got my produce and just about everything else! LOL! After we finally made it out of the grocery store one of the most beautiful sights I only see annually filled my eyes...

little girls with their girl scout cookie booth set up for business. YES!!!!

As I'm pulling out the only cash I had, a five dollar bill, I asked for my standard order of 2 boxes of thin mints. Little Megan Joe with her happy brown eyes said "that will be 7 dollars please."


"But girl scout cookies are only $2.50 a box." The little girl looked old enough to know that $2.50 plus $2.50 equalled $5.00, but I was willing to help with her addition.

"They are $3.50 a box this year"

"For real?" I asked as my heart tore.

The adult with the girls told me about how they had to go up and yadda yadda yadda. I was still stuck on what the little girl said. After the news sunk in I asked for my single box, got my buck fifty back and walked away happy I had some cookies, but sad I only had one box.

Girl scouts...Imma need you to do better, despite local folks telling me they've been $3.50 for years now! LOL!

As far as my plans, I don't feel like the gym or the pool today. My motivation to leave my place again has completely left the building. I guess I'll be doing another workout at home. *sigh*


blkbutterfly said...

maybe the NC Girl Scouts are just now feeling the effects of inflation b/c the boxes have been $3.50 since last year. well, at least in Houston.

lol @ you be willing to help the child w/ her addition. good looking out! :-)

The Goddess said...

I do NOT like girl scout cookies, but I buy them yearly for my girl scout cookie lovin family. Not only did the price go up, but they short you on cookies. I remember reading or hearing somewhere that this year there will be two less cookies in the box. Lol

I think I only paid $3 per box this year.

Ladynay said...

BB, the head girl scout person needs to go to Washington and ask Obama for a bail out, things are just getting out of hand! LOL!

HAHAHAHA gotta help the teachers teach the babies. *wink*

Goddess, you are the first person I know of that doesn't like girl scout cookies period. WOW!

I'm kinda pissed my single box maybe missing 2 cookies, not that I need them, but still. I WANT MY 2 COOKIES BACK! LOL!

Lemme find out the cookies are like gas prices. Over here they one price and over there it's something different *shm*

AR Gal said...

Hey on the bright side you saved money by not going to the other places. lol

I see I need to do some drive-bys past Wally World and Kroger today since the kids are out of school. I MUST get some thin mints and somoas this year. My heart was crushed that I missed out last year.

Steez said...

yeah, girl scout cookie inflation is the pits. when i have days like that i always think that there is some final destination type death awaiting me if try to persue those things. so i usually just fall back

Kasandra said...

Man you think $3.50 hurt you, try $4!!!!! Ridiculous? Indeed, but I needed my fix.

Girl don't tell me about going in a store when the fridge is COMPLETELY empty, I'm hungry, and I just deposited my check. LOL!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

would love to see that grocery list lol

Ladynay said...

Argal, I still got to spend the money for an oil change this weekend so it didn't balance out :-(

The girls are out in full force so you are bound to find you some cookies.

Steez, ROFL@final destination. I liked the first one and haven't seen the others. I guess you could be on to something cuz I didn't need 2 boxes of cookies so I wasn't allowed to get 2 :-(

Kasandra, I dare the Raleigh girls to go up to 4 buck next year...I double dare 'em! LOL!

It's a bad situation all around. I have food for a good while now!

Torrance, the receipt is in the trash. Just know it had a lil bit of everything on it! LOL