Saturday, February 07, 2009

The mad house a.k.a. Frankie's

Today in Raleigh we hit or was very close to 70 degrees! OMG it was nice outside. Kinda hard to believe we had a dusting of snow this week.

Today I met up with my father's wife, mother, brother, sister, and 2 kids at Frankie's. My father's wife called me at 7 something on my cell phone at the same exact time my mother was calling me on my land line. Why did I answer both phones at the same time? LOL! It was weird. Anyways, I told my FW (father's wife) that I'd meet her at Frankies @ 2. Cool! Pooka and I leave the house at 2:12 running a tad behind and my FW was calling to see where we were. That made me laugh. I told her we just walked out the door and I'd be there in 10-15 minutes. Ten minutes later she is calling me to see where I was and to let me know where they were. Frankie's is kinda big so I understood the call. We get there and as soon as I walk in I am ready to leave. I have NEVER been in Frankie's when it's not crowded. I think since the weather was nice everyone and their momma chose to go to Frankie's! UGH! The kids ran themselves silly which was great.

They have this fun house where it starts at the bottom of the building and goes all the way to the top. During Pooka's birthday party she was all over that thing. How come this time she wouldn't go passed the 3rd level and said that she was scared of heights. I was confused! Why did she have a Frankie's employee crawl up to the 5th level with her so she could slide down the slide? Why was the grown folks, including myself, laughing at that! I mean most children would find an older kid already in there and ask them for help. Not Pooka, she wants an employee to go with her! ROFL! While I am thinking about the employee, the employee was already in the fun house sitting on the first level because this little girl got her foot stuck in the bottom of the fun house. I can't find the words to explain how the bottom part of the fun house is, but there are little open squares so the parents can find their children and her tiny little foot got in the opening. Why was she there with her father? Why was she screaming for her mother? Why when I say screaming I really mean her foot just fell off? Why wasn't it that serious? Why do I know she was probably scared so screaming was first instinct? Why no matter what, most times if a child gets hurt, no matter who they are with, they calling for mommy? Why does this remind me of a few years ago when Pooka was with my mom and I was home and Pooka caught a cramp in her foot? From what I heard my baby was crying for me and kept saying "I want my mommy" over and over again through the tears. My fam called me after they got the cramp under control and I talked to her. It broke my heart.

Pooka, her "aunt" (who's 5 yrs old) and "uncle" (who's Pooka's age) got to ride go carts for the first time today. It was so cute. I had my camera but I left it in the car because I'm brilliant! LOL! My baby's car just shut itself slam off in the middle of the first lap! The way she was moving her body trying to get the car to go was FUN-NY! Again, leaving us grown folks in laughter. The guy pulls some cord and she was off and running. If her first go cart drive was any indication of what's to come once some state gives her a license at 16, I see speeding tickets in her future! LOL! It's not funny cuz a speeding, inexperienced driver is deadly, but yall get what I'm saying.

Frankie's has 3 different go cart tracks: one for the little kids, one for teens, and one for grown folks and grown folks that want to ride with their kid. After the kids got off their track the grown folks (minus me and my FW) got in line for the grown track. My FW asked me if I was going to go, I said "nah" and my 5 year old sister says....

"She's too big, she'd break the car down"

She really wasn't trying to be mean, she is just a child and children are brutally honest sometimes. Being that that was not the first comment made about my weight this week the comment kinda stung hard. I played it off and gave her another reason why, even tho' my weight was a factor. I saw another big girl smush herself in a cart and it was nowhere near cute. I chose to leave the whole situation alone. LOL!

I know what I look like, I don't care for the look myself, and I am working on it, so my feelings were repaired knowing that I have already started fixing on the issue.

We stay at Frankie's until everyone is pretty much hungry and we decide on a restaurant. The kids want to ride with me so after they grabbed their seats we walked the longest walk to Mia who was parked in the last line of parking spaces away from the building. My FW parked up front because my FW is wheel chair bound. I don't know if I blogged about what happened to her but let's just say there is a jacked up reason why she is in a wheelchair.

**Breaking news** My daughter just entered the room and was very excited to tell me that she brushed the plastic vampire teeth she got as a prize today. When I asked her if she brushed her real teeth she gave a look that read "now why would I do that?"

*sideways look*

Anyways, me and the kids get to Mia, get the boosters situated, and go to the restaurant that's about 15 mins away. Why when we were at the stop light right before the restaurant my FW called me wanting to know if we were okay. I laughed internally at her. She's so sweet and momma like she can't help it. I reminded her that because we had some extra steps we had to take (getting to the car, booster seats, getting out of the hell of a parking lot) that we were a few minutes behind them.

We ate, got full, talked a lot, got asked a lot of questions, got the itis, said our goodbyes and got in out perspective cars and went about our separate ways. Pooka wasn't ready to leave and cried in the car. I was sleepy but I wasn't really ready to leave them either. They don't know Pooka and I very well but they are just some loving people. Especially my FW and my "little sister". As soon as my LS (little sister) saw me at Frankie's she was either holding my hand or standing in front of me hugging me with them tiny arms while looking up at me with a smile that displayed each and everyone of her teeth, or walked with her arm around Pooka's shoulder. She calls me sis and I am still trying to absorb that just like my FW calling me daughter. It's gonna take me a minute to get used to it. My FW's sister is cool and also lives in Raleigh. I think I may add her to my local circle of folks to hang with. I don't know yet. I am still trying to grasp that I spent the afternoon with my father's family...without my father! He is sick and at home this weekend. He called my FW darn near every hour though wanting to know what we were doing.

In spending more time with my FW I still can not figure out how someone like my father found and convinced someone like her to marry him...WOW! It really makes no sense to me.


Freaky Deaky said...

Sounds like you had fun at Frankie's. Did you "accidentally" trip your "little sister", walk her into a wall, or tell her that puppies are dead because she's stupid? What?

Maybe Pooka has inherited her mommy's scaredy cat genes. LOL.

You told her to brush her teeth. You didn't say which set. I have to put that on you. *snickers*

Ladynay said...

Everyone had a good time. I didn't have a reason to do anything mean to her. Her comment was innocent.

I am afraid of standing heights so she may have.

I did, I asked if she brushed her real teeth :-)

AR Gal said...

It's currently 73 outside right now. This weekend's weather has been wonderful!!

I need to open up a Frankie's around here. I'd be rich for life!! lol

LOL @ Pooka's first go-cart ride. I wouldn't mind goinf for a ride but the places around here that do have tracks suck! They are not very big at all. Booooo! lol

I know she didn't mean any harm but that hurt my feelings and I wasn't even the one she was talking to. :( Did mama correct her and tell her that was impolite? She needs to know that.

blkbutterfly said...

Pooka knows we're in a recession, so she's making the Frankie's employees work for every dollar they earn! LOL!

my hats go off to parents who take their kids to places like Frankie's. my class went to see Sesame Street Live on Friday, and i was too through! mind you, the kids were sitting down the whole time! lol...

Kasandra said...

Yes I know about kids being WAY too honest. My son is one of them. LOL.

Man it sounds like ya'll had fun. Me jealous. We too need something like that over here.

It's cool that you and your father's fam is getting along.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

What a nice family outing. Unless I missed you posting it, I didn't know you had younger siblings.

The Goddess said...

I guess you guys had a fabulous time. I love you FW, she seems like a really sweet lady. I love the lil sis big sis image of yall holding hands and her looking up. That's too cute.

Pooka is SO funny. LMAO at her and her little teeth. That's so like a little kid.

Rashan Jamal said...

70 degrees in the A! I was digging it.

LOL @ Pooka making the employee take her.

Sounds like a good time was had by all...

The Insatiable One said...

Frankie's sounds like fun.

Ladynay said...

Now it was only in the 70's more often....

I think there should be a fun place like that everywhere, shoot Chuck E Cheese or Showbiz is everywhere! LOL!

ARgal, nope she was not advised.

BB, I would take that as a compliment but I just took her to see Stomp last night which was mostly sitting.

Kasandra, hanging with them will take getting used to.

Southern, technically I don't have any blood siblings. I just met his new family in October. His wife's kids where from a previous marriage.

Goddess, she is a very sweet lady. I can see her being the old lady that gives out homemade cookies to all the kids.

Rashan, hey she wanted to slide, sometimes you gotta get the best help you can find to make that happen :-)

Mo, Frankies is fun...and expensive! LOL

Steez said...

i wish i had family gatherings like this.....