Thursday, February 05, 2009

Nothing going on....

But I feel like I should blog anyways.

Since I blogged about Slim Shady I guess I can update on what I know. Well, at the moment new babydaddy is back at his mom's house. She hit the annual "ghetto lottery" and brought herself a big screen tv which is part of the reason Slim kicked dude out again. When he saw what she brought he cut up, she called the police, he showed out in front of the police, didn't get locked up, now at momma's house. I am kinda happy she brought the tv because according to her she hasn't brought anything for herself in the 3 years they've been together. She also brought a lot of things the baby will need and she knew this would be the only time she'd have enough money to buy them. Like I said, I am happy she is thinking st8 at the moment.

On my side of the road nothing is happening. I officially start my volunteering at the other hospital on Monday. Truth be told I am not excited about it like I was when I was about to start the first hospital. I put my name on the dotted line and committed 3 months of my time to them so I am going to go. Plus it looks good to PT schools and we want to look good to them right?

I have my first review with the Industrial Rehab job tomorrow. Even though I know I'm doing okay I hate those things!

At the state job we had a meeting and I kinda spoke a lot and gave the impression that certain people (mainhater and common denominator) were wasting our time going on and on about bullshit. Later that day my administrator told me she was glad I was back with the implications of "ladynay, nobody has been shutting them down since you left and I can't do it because I am the boss" type manner. LOL! It was great Then another coworker said in the next meeting, and believe me there will be another meeting about the same ole BS sometime soon, he was going to have my back and be like "Yeah!" LOL! So silly! I really don't understand why things are in the condition they are in, example:

when I came back we were 1800 units behind...3 weeks later we are 600+ units behind

when I handled a certain bi weekly procedure it took me 45min-1hour from start to it take TWO people 3-4 hours WHYYYYY. It's not nice to brag but come on people why not go the B route to get to C. Yah know A, B, C! Nooooooooooooo yall have to go A, Z,Y,X,W on backwards to get to C. COME ON!!!!!!! UGH!

I'm focused on getting myself better this year. 2010 is going to be a fabulous year for me, not to say 09 isn't, I'm just still laying the foundation down and setting things up so I can take off worry free next year!

My father's wife and family is coming this way this weekend and wants to take Pooka and I to Frankies (the place Pooka had her last birthday party) with them. She's treating so of course we are going! LOL! I don't know if my father will be there or not.

Just read Freaky's blog and remembered I haven't done and monthly themed post topic in ages! So the January/February topic is losing your virginity. Tell us about it, good, bad, in between, whatever. I need you to set the stage and everything!

Um what else? I haven't been on the computer longer than it takes to check my email when I've been getting home so you haven't been seeing me on your sitemeters or comment boxes. I've made it plan to catch up with you guys before I go to Frankies on Saturday, okay? Okay, great! LOL!


AR Gal said...

So I guess he thought he was supposed to get the lottery winnings huh? People in hell want ice water....LMAO I hope she keeps him out of her crib. *says a prayer*

Yep, do what you can to continue to make that resume look good. You're practically a shoe in as it is but a little more won't hurt. :-)

I can't stand reviews either. Mine is coming up in April...UGH!

Whaaaaaaaa Ladynay checkin folks in the meeting?! To be a fly on that wall. lol

Anonymous said...

Ole boy needs to stay on the curb. How he gonna cut up b/c she brought a tv with her money? Nuccas and flies!

My coworkers and I would be having a come to Jesus meeting.

Ladynay said...

Girl I don't know! LOL I guess was supposed to give it to him! She says she arranged for him to pick his son up at a neutral location so we'll see what happens.

I wouldn't say a shoe in, but I am doing what I can.

Reviews suck! Period.

That part of me likes to come out when certain coworkers are around!

Southern, it's all about control. Nuccas are crazy!

The problem is we meet too darn much as is. I am tired of meetings called by the same folks over the same bs, time and time again.