Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I came THIS close to happily performing vehicular manslaughter

When did I get comments on the last post? Where have I been?

Nobody, the advance on my credit card is less than a G unfortunately. I am not balling like some folks I know. :-)

Rashan, right now I have 2 jobs and volunteer at a hospital. This new gig (if I get it) will be on the weekends. I am also employed at 2 agencies as a caregiver but since my hours are funky they never call me for assignments. Make sense? :-) Oh I tried to comment on your blog but it's not liking me at the moment :-(

Argal, my fathers wife may be up to something. I don't know. We didn't hang out Monday. She was in pain after her appt so she rainchecked it. Pooka and I go see CCBB tomorrow. I also brought Wizard of Oz tickets (I can NEVER go to a box office and by tickets for ONE flipping show!!!! UGH!!!!) but she don't know about that yet.

TZ, Imma call you....one day....promise! :-)

Can't remember the other comments at the moment and this is my blog so if I wanna respond outside the comment section I can do that! LOL!

OK, let me get to what happened on my way home from the Dr. I was at a red light and decided to look for something in my bag. Not paying attention I missed the light turning green and by time I got to the intersection the light was red again. The white guy in the pretty silver caddy did not like this AT ALL! He blew, held on to his horn, and made a lot of road rage gestures. Many of which I didn't bother to look at in my rear view. Now mind you, he could have honked the horn to get my attention a few seconds after the car in front of me started moving, but anyways. He's pissed and just then a song I liked came on so I was bobbing my head to it, no longer thinking about the man still probably gesturing at me. The light goes green and he holds his horn for 10 seconds (I counted) even though I made sure to go once the light turned green. I made a left and the guy got into the lane to my right. I figured he was going to go around me so I slowed up. He was driving my same speed for a good little while and I made it a point not to look right and keep jamming to my music so I have no idea what he could have said or did. I did ask God for him not to pull a gun and shoot me (I've read stories). I guessed Mr. Man was even more irritated that I did not receive the messages he was sending so he tried to run me off the road. I maneuvered and started laughing (don't ask why cuz I don't know). Since I was already slowing up to let him pass my foot was on the brake, but if I would have hit my gas and kept straight I would have hit the drivers side of his car and he would have been dead or seriously hurt.

Part of me deep down wishes I hit him. If I did it wouldn't have been vehicular manslaughter because it wasn't reckless driving on my part....it would have been voluntary manslaughter because part of me had intent to harm him. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Is getting your road rage across enough reason to risk your own physical health or life? Is missing a light? Really dude? We both have cars with pretty bodies and you 'bout to jack them both up because I made you miss a light? Really? For real?

I guess he was satisfied with me showing evidence of me noticing him because after I got back in my lane he sped off and almost hit a UPS truck, got in the next lane to the left, cut off this burgundy car, then worked his way out of my sight.

Since it wasn't in the plans for me to kill him, I guess I'll hope he made it to where ever he needed to be this afternoon.


blkbutterfly said...

1. lol @ you responding to comments in a completely unrelated blog. it's your blog and clearly you'll do what you want!

2. hmmmm.... i'm concerned that you're fully aware of the different btw. vehicular manslaughter and voluntary manslaughter. lol... if you ever need an attorney, i know a guy. well, just hold off 'til after July. ;-)

3. i am super quick to blow my horn if someone's slow about taking their foot off the break. but, Silver Caddy was a mess. ppl like to act like they've never made a mistake while driving.

Ladynay said...

1. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, crrrrry if I want to! LOL!

2. The question is, would he give me a discount??? You know I don't like paying full price for anything!

3. Yes he had issues. Period dot.

AR Gal said...

I hate crazy MF'ers on the road. Granted I have my moments but d@mn, this ain't the Dukes of Hazzard. I would have gotten his plate number and called it in. They may not do sh*t with it but it would have made me feel better. lol

Anonymous said...

I am a horn blower. But dude in the Caddy took it to far.

YBandDL has got Chris Brown's back said...

Now I'm not sure if I can comment on this...based offmy 3times in drivers reinforcement classes orderd by the court and DMV, I've been tested, that I have road rage. However I rarely get into situations like this. However I have been in them. On both sides of the spectrum actually. THe one cursing and honking and the one being cursed out.

I know that I'm covered by the blood, and I'm thakful nothing has turned tragic. However one time I cut a Jimmy Chonga mofo, and he thought he was going to initmidate me, by getting out of his car yelling at me in mexican, at the stop light. All I have to say is act like you about to run his ass down, and they will get back in the car, quick fast and in a hurry!

Other than that, actually quite sweet!

Ms. Liryc said...

1. LMFAO @ you responding on the blog page, you do what you want... LOL

2..um, you were straight going to murder homey. I think if he had continued for just a little bit longer.. BAMMMMMM that's it.. and then we'd be reading your blog while you sat down saying.... oh sorry was on a rant... LOL LOL
glad you got control.. Good going.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

All I have to say is he is lucky it was not me. You know me. Im never in those situations. All it takes is for me to turn and look them right in the eye. Or better yet chasing his ass down. The last time someone tried to run me of the road............ lets just say they was on the news. Ya feel me!

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Oh yeah! U betta call me!