Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I will bandwagon them this week, then after that I won't like them cuz their PT program didn't choose me. LOL! The game itself wasn't that exciting and I watched till the end. Despite my brackets being ripped to shreds I did pick UNC to take home the trophy. YAY me!

The computer system we use at work is down again, so hey it's blog time! My computer at home is still PMS'ing :-(

There still isn't much going on on my side of town. Working, volunteering, and chilling. I did take Pooka up state to my mom an'ems house. It's her week long spring break. She is being spoiled rotten already. My grandmother brought her an Easter basket that's almost as big as she is! She brought one from the store and put extra stuff in it!!!! Who's gonna eat all that sweet yumminess? Neither one of us need to! It's bad enough I've been off my better eating pattern for like a week now *sigh* Aunt Diva and her crew already snatched her up and took her to the zoo and her daddy got plans for her too. I wonder if she is going to want to come back when I go back up there to get her? LOL!

Why is go go music going down the toilet like most other music types? Every time I go home I get excited when I can get the local metro stations because I know sometime between 9 and 10 they are going to be playing go go music. This time around, like the last time, I was disappointed. You can't even hear what they are saying anymore! :-(

I think I will be buying Brittany Spears' album tho'. I like Womanizer, Circus, and that new joint she has about seeking Amy or something like that.

After I dropped a G on Elon, they sent me a packet talking about how I need x,y, and z. It will cost me about 200 to get it all done and I have until December to do it. I could wait but I want to go on and get it out the way now while it's fresh in my memory.

Why am I using my credit card like I don't have to pay the money back? It's gonna bite me in the booty. I am paying that sucka off at the end of the month and hiding it in the toilet! Nah, not for real, but I am going to free it from my wallet again. That's for sure.

My uncle is in the hospital and depressed. I love him to death but I don't have anything to talk about with him. When I called him up I was pretty much out of things to say and funny things to share after five minutes. I feel like I need to go see him since he gave me his room number repeatedly, which to me is an indication he would like some company, but I have nothing to say so if I make that hour and change drive all I would be doing is sitting there. *shrug* Maybe that will be enough. I don't know. I know that it's a slim chance that he'll be going home. He is close to losing the one leg that he has and my aunt isn't able to care for his condition and ever growing ailments on her own.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was cute. According to the reviews it wasn't all that if you saw the original movie. I nor Pooka seen the original movie so we enjoyed the performance. :-)

We are going to check out The Wizard of Oz and Bob the Builder in May. I Ladynay solemnly swear not to buy any more tickets to anything else this year. Okay, let me change that...I, Ladynay swear that I will try VERY HARD not to buy any more tickets to any more events this year. Budget, budget, budget!!!!!!


blkbutterfly said...

do you think it's a problem with the computer itself or does the browser need to be updated? i was having problems w/ Firefox until i updated it. IE is always a mess, so i don't even fool w/ it.

so, wait, when does your program actually start?

i wish we were on Spring Break. :-( but, i'll take a Good Friday off!

wow... Easter baskets... i haven't seen one of those in a minute.

i freed my credit card from my wallet/purse many moons ago. i recently acquired an Ann Taylor card and after one trip to the mall i needed to liberate her from my wallet as well.

Ladynay said...

I think the browser needs to be updated.

The program starts January 5th. It's a calendar year program :-) I graduate on 12/9/12.

Yall were just on Spring Break so you've had your turn! LOL!

Fun and yummy Easter baskets! Oh yeah! Pooka gets one every year from my grandmother. Back in the day I got one every year and couldn't open it until we got home from crack of dawn service! I used to hate that cuz you know the preacher stretches the Easter Sundays "He's Risen" sermon for what seems like FOREVER!!!!! ROFL!!!!!

AR Gal said...

Congrats to UNC! I missed the game though.

I want a Dyson vacuum cleaner and have been fighting the urge to use my cc. I've been saving the cash for it but dangit my patience is wearing thin. lol I want it now!!

I'm thinking about dying some Eggs this year and then I think...what for?

I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope he gets better soon. I can understand you not wanting to visit. Utilize that room number and send him a nice card or flower arrangement instead. :-)

Rashan Jamal said...

Brackets? what brackets. I sucked majorly this year.

I don't like visiting people in the hospital, it's way too depressing.

Aww man. I forgot I dont have any kids around me this year, so no Easter baskets. Think it would be strange for a 34 year old man to color Easter eggs by himself? LOL

Ms. Liryc said...

Let us not talk about brackets, memphis, duke, only one saving is UNC, other than that, i'm chopped and screwed royally!!

There are no more spring breaks for me.. I wish there was though,I need some rest, and relaxation! I need to free my credit cards and just not use them. Its going to be tough but I can do it

Hey JUMP BACK on your healthy eating habits!!! You can do it!

blkbutterfly said...

yeah, yeah, yeah, to the fact we had ours a few weeks ago. :-p Spring Break should be long like Christmas break.

now it all makes sense when you said you had a while to get your financial affairs in order b4 it was time to go to school. wow... you're a much better planner than me! lol... i'm scrambling to get my life together within the next few months!

aaahh, yes, i remember those sunrise services. again, something i haven't seen in a loooong time. it always seemed like despite having an early service, we still only got out of church 30 minutes earlier. it wasn't the sermon, it was those Easter "speeches"!

oh, and i forgot to mention last time that i think you should visit your uncle. i understand that you feel like you have nothing to say. but, it'd do his heart good, esp. since he probably won't be going home. can you take something fun for ya'll to do while you're there? just a thought...

Anonymous said...

For the second yr in the row, I won the bracket challenge at my job.

I'm thinking bout dying eggs since I haven't done it with my son. Neither of us eat boil eggs so that would be a waste of money. We in a recession! Then again, they may be dying eggs at his school.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


but i can congraulate you

The Ghost of Freaky said...

Boooooo @ North Carolina for winning. Sure MSU played scared, brand new, and got dominated but still it was not cool. I literally rolled over in my grave and cried. So in effect you made me cry Ladynay. X( Meanie! Boo Ladynay!

So you graduate a bout a week and a half before the world will end? Am I the only one who has figured out that you graduating will destroy the world? For the love of Sweet Baby Jeebus don't graduate!