Saturday, May 30, 2009

Deep Fried Reese Cups

I only thought I could find such heart stopping greasiness in October during the state fair, but no, our department of agriculture is having a festival that's sorta like a mini state fair! YAY! One of my coworkers told me about it yesterday and since parking and admission were free, Pooka and I didn't have anything planned last evening, and I got paid from all 3 jobs, it made sense to me to go check it out. Being that we went right after I picked Pooka up from after school hardly nobody was there when we got there! Double YAY! Pooka was even fortunate enough to ride a few rides more than once on the same tickets because nobody was in line to get on next! I always love more bang for the buck! LOL!

At the festival I got to pet a camel and for the first time ever, I've seen a porcupine and a carabara (sp). They never have those types of animals at the state fair. That was pretty cool! They had some cut carrots in a sandwich bag for a buck. I got Pooka a bag and she had a ball feeding the animals. She said it tickled. Mommy took a pass on feeding the animals. LOL!

While waiting for Pooka to finish one of the rides I texted all my local peeps to let them know about the festival, for some reason the media didn't advertise it very heavy. I got some responses back asking when I was going and suggesting we go together. I felt kinda bad telling them that I was already there. If I gave it more thought I would have tried to make it a group outing. *shrug* However truth be told, it was hot as a summer's day in NC usually is and all I was interested in was having Pooka ride what she wanted, getting my corn, my deep fried something, and leaving. They didn't have my corn (darnit!).

On another note, I wish I was a different person sometimes. I say this because every time there is a holiday that I have off, I get paid incorrectly, in my favor! This has happened on at least 3 occasions and every time when I notice I was over paid I call the payroll lady and we correct everything. Normally the error is that I'm paid 8 hours for the holiday like the employees on salary, but I am part time and do not suppose to have that benefit. Okay, so Memorial Day came and went. I had that day off. Why was I paid 16 hours over what I was supposed to? SIXTEEN!!!!! LOL! I swear if I was another person I would have acted like everything was honky dory and kept my mouth shut, but I couldn't! *sigh*

This weekend I'm working, sleeping, and will catch a movie or 3. I want to see Drag me to Hell and Up 3D. Pooka wants to see Up 3D and Night at the Museum 2. Depending on how I feel me and Pooka may do a double feature together then I drop her off somewhere so I can see Drag me to Hell, we'll see.

Where this movie watching thing is coming from I don't know! LOL!

I'll have to blog about the weekend job on a later date. I am still learing and I have a feeling a few post will mention the residents in the home I'm in. :-P


blkbutterfly said...

it's good that you tell them abt the mistake. they're bound to figure it out later on and then you'd end up owing your job money, and that's not a good look.

our school went on a trip to a farm and i also passed on feeding the animals. LOL!

i'm planning to see a movie too. i'm actually more interested in the movie popcorn over the movie. :-)

Ladynay said...

Exactly! Or one pay day I'll wonder why they took 99% of my check and start to cuss folks out! LOL

I ain't mad at you! Maybe the farmer jane vibe will hit us and we'll participate in such activities in the future, LOL!

Let's cross our fingers in hope that the popcorn is fresh and hot when you get it :-D

Freaky Deaky said...

Admit it you're scared of the petting zoo critters aren't you. So what did you get me? I know there's at least a cone of fries waiting to be shipped to Michigan right? Right?! x(

Don't feel bad. You're not the community mommy. If they really wanted to go with you that badly they could've got the kids together and headed out there.

I might go see UP this weekend. If not I definitely plan to catch it on Monday. Well, assuming nobody alters my plans. I may wait for Drag Me to Hell on DVD or something. I don't care what Hollywood says the violence in PG-13 horror movies isn't even close to that of an R.

You should've kept the money and donated it to the Freaky Deaky Fund but no you have to be sensible, practical, and responsible. Boo hiss boo! Booooo!

Have a good weekend.

Ladynay said...

I'm not scared of them, just wasn't in the mood to have animal tongue licking my palm, LOL!

I got you 2 deep fried reese cups but since I knew they'd be cold and not as good when you received them I did you a favor and ate them :-)

I don't think it was the want to go with me, it was more of a let's try to go as a group thing in both situations.

I agree about the PG-13 horrors, but I still wanna see it.

You have a good weekend too.

AR Gal said...

Oh how I love the corn at the fair. It's soooo yummy!

Sounds like Miss Pooka had tons of fun...and Mommy Ladynay too. :)

You did the right thing regarding the pay. I would have done the same. I firm believer in not creating unnecessary problems. lol

Where this movie watching thing is coming from I don't know!

I ain't one to gossip but I heard Freaky is to blame for this! lol lol

Ladynay said...

Yeah I was kinda disappointed that they had many of the fair staples, but not the corn :-(

We both had a great time, indeed!

I still wish I was a different person sometimes and keep my mouth shut when it happens! *sigh*

Yeah, I'll blame Freaky and Jameil! Great! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

You did right telling they about the extra money bc nothing good would come from it if you would have kept it.

We were suppose to see Up yesterday but my child was showing his azz. So I told him we weren't going. Hopefully we can see it Friday.

Darius T. Williams said...

deep fried?!

and don't take a pass on feeding the animals time do it and take a picture.

Ladynay said...

SG, I know I did the right thing but mannnnnnnnnn some times I wish I didn't even knowing it would come back and bite my butt!

Up is cute. Try to see it in 3D if you have that option.

Darius, number 1 I got the email about the cupcakes....can we all say YAY? I will be making a purchase soon, believe that! LOL!

Yep, at our fair type events you can find deep fried everything! Basically you take a frozen whatever, coat it in funnel cake batter and deep fry it for a few minutes! Yummmmmmmmmy!