Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thoughts on a Tuesday

I don't believe I spent that much for sweet treat. I know that what I got and the method I'm getting it costs money, but man! LOL!

Must do an extra 30 minutes of DDR to make up for the yumminess coming.

Is yumminess a word? It's my blog so yeah it is. :-)

I wish God would turn the temp down about 10-20 degrees or add a consistent cool breeze around here.

Why does the little girl swim suits at Walmart look like stripper outfits?

I don't feel like working today.

Pooka's paternal grandmother talks a lot. The only reason I called her was to make sure the address I had for her was still good before I sent her Pooka's school picture. All I needed her to do was to say yes I'm still there or no here's my new address and that's it. I don't know Babydaddy's cousin so and so therefore I don't care he is back from Iraq. I am thankful he went over there to do whatever he did, like I thank and respect the US military, but come on.

That call took 34 minutes! 30 of it was of me trying to end the conversation.

I stopped by Pooka's school to pay off her meals for the year (come on June 10th!) and ran into her class while they were on their way to lunch. Most of her class loves me. All of them waving and yelling "hey Ms. Pooka's mom/mommy". I felt like a celebrity for a moment. :-P Pooka grabbed my hand and I walked with the class to the cafeteria. The little girl in line behind Pooka made my day. She asked me if I was Pooka's mother. I said yes, and she told me I was pretty. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. *blush*. As we were walking, Saturn's son (remember when I blogged about Saturn??? Saturn was best friends with Leggz, the chick whose son I was baby sitting for a hot minute before they moved to Jersey? The chick who gave me my first taste of wine out the box? You remember? No? Oh well) well anyway, Saturn's son is in Pooka's class and he was telling me about how his baby brother is starting to talk and carrying on. When we got to the lunch line Saturn's son grabbed my hand and asked if he could sit beside me during lunch. I wasn't eating lunch with Pooka today so I told him so and he looked deflated. Awwwwww. Now that I am back at work I wish I had taken a long lunch, ate with Pooka, the girl who said I was pretty and Saturn's son, then brought them all some ice cream from the ala carte. *sigh*

I haven't been blogging about this little girl in Pooka's class that says mean things to her. But long story short about twice a month Pooka tells me about some stupid or mean stuff this girl has told her. She's told Pooka that she was ugly because only girls with boyfriends are cute, that she was stupid because she didn't do well on a math test, that she was poor because Pooka didn't wear named brand clothes everyday, etc etc etc. Every time Pooka tells me about what this girl says to her I ask her what did she say or do in response and it's always proper. *whew* I'm thankful this little girl hasn't ruined the esteem my child has. So before I left the cafeteria I whispered in Pooka's ear to show me this little girl, I just had to see what she looked like. Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the little she pointed out was a regular plain jane looking girl. It was the same little girl I saw the teacher "politely and professionally jack up" *smile* when I first saw them in the hallway. Part of me wanted to say something to the little girl but I couldn't think of a "polite and professional" way to tell her to stop talking nonsense to my child. It's the end of the year and my fingers are crossed they don't get the same teacher next year.


blkbutterfly said...

what sweet treat did you get? i want a sweet treat! :-)

my grandmother talks a lot too. maybe she's lonely. or maybe, like my grandmother, she's just a Chatty Cathy!

oh, you made me miss (SOME of) my kids with your story! :-)

lol @ "politely and professionally jack up"! girl, i know about that all TOO well!

it's good that you've empowered Pooka to handle the problem w/ her classmate on her own. if (and hopefully they won't be) are in the same class next year, you'll probably want to let the teacher know if baby girl is still picking at Pooka. Chances are, she's doing it to other girls too and they might not be as strong as your child.

Ladynay said...

I brought some cupcakes from the blogger Darius. :-) You can have one or three. Pooka and I don't need all 12!

I think it maybe the chatty cathy cuz she always extends the convo.

Yeah (some) kids are super sweet at that age. I am going to enjoy it now because in a few years Pooka will not be happy to see me come to the school unknowingly and her classmates are not going to greet me with those missing tooth smiles and love! LOL!

Do they teach yall how to do that when your in school to be a teacher? I mean she jacked her up enough to get her point across but not enough to get in trouble with the public! I loved it!

I am trying. Middle school is usually when the really vicious students try to break their peers down, so I have to do my part to enforce in her the things she'll need to get through it without falling apart or falling apart too badly.

Ladynay said...

If little miss mean is in Pooka's class next year I'll wait for Pooka to tell me she's talking crazy again before I fill the teacher in about this year. Who knows, maybe some little kid will hand her her tail during the summer and she'll get herself together.

Since she got jacked by the teacher and had to hold the teachers hand to lunch I assume that she isn't the sweetest child on a daily basis.

blkbutterfly said...

ok, i'll take 3, please! :-D

no, they don't teach us how to do that in our training. i don't know where it comes from; some of my best lines came from the top of my head!

God bless the teachers and parents of middle school students! I'll stick with the little ones! And even with them, I've had a few girls try to tease one another about not being popular. key word, of course, is: try. I shut that down w/ a quickness. it's hard to argue about being popular when you can't even spell the word. Ha!

AR Gal said...

I'm tired of the hot temps too. I hate summer like weather. UGH!!!

I don't ever feel like working. lol

Most of my phone conversations with my granny were between 2-10 minutes long but only when she called me. lol She was a stickler for not wanting to run up a bill.

Tell Pooka to pernch (yes pernch) that little girl in the mouth. Just kidding. lol It's good to know that Ms. Pooka is a lady and handles herself accordingly (at such a young age no less) unlike the little mean girl.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - they're on the way - lol. And you know that overnight shipping ain't NO JOKE!

Ladynay said...

BB, okie doke, 3 it is!


ROFL@fussing over popularity when they can't even spell it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Argal, right! I'd like spring better if the bugs were gonna and the plants didn't have sex and spew their pollen everywhere! Summer is just plain HAWT! :-(

Your granny will talk to you all day long if it was on your dime tho huh? LOL!

Nah, I don't need to be called to the school because Pooka done put her hands on somebody (first), but that girls momma needs to pop that girl in the mouth a few times. Maybe that would help.


Yeah I know it isn't a joke! I looked it up on USPS and I understood why your set up is the way it is! I estimated cost of ingredients, labor/profit, and shipping before I placed the order. Can't help it, I'm cheap and I prefer to know what I'm paying for ;-P

Anonymous said...

I will be ordering my cupcakes from Darius tomorrow. I have a feeling I will be ordering quiet often. lol I love cupcakes!

Good for Pooka!

Ladynay said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cupcakes! I love them as well. :-)

Freaky Deaky said...

Tell Pooka to flex her pimp hand and chop that little hoe in the throat. After she gets out of the ER there will be no more teasing. Of course you may have to put your hands on her mama but that might be fun to watch.

I have never been able to stand chatty people. They literally give me a dull migraine but I'm rude if I tell them to shut up? How does that work?

It's in the 60s here. Honestly I hope summer is below normal temperature wise. I can't stand heat.

It's not just the swim suits that look like stripper clothes. I'm going to start selling mini stripper poles for the 5-10 year old set. I'm going to be rich. :o)

Ladynay said...

Ummmm no throat chopping and no female on female parent fighting. Sorry, gotta find your violence elsewhere! :-)

Shut up is rude.....hush, be quiet, or even let me get back with you later is better. LOL!

I wish we were in the 60's! We upper 80's low 90's all flippin WEEK! Ugh! Me no likey hawt temps either!

I bet there are parents that would buy it too! Then post the child up on YouTube talking about "datz my baby swingin' up derr!"

Insatiable One said...

OMG you ordered cupcakes from Darius? Lawd how I would love to try some but I'm sticking to the diet.

I can't believe that little girl but I'm happy Pooka kept her cool and kept it moving. The makes of a lady.

Ladynay said...

Good for you! You stick to that diet and get that pre baby body back!

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