Monday, June 29, 2009

And the socializing begins...

This morning on my way out the door I grabbed my cell and turned it on. Unlike most days I had a text message waiting to be read. It was from the blogger Marlon asking me if I was up. Given the time my first thought was that something was wrong. Turns out the blogger Fuzzy was in town and they thought of me at the last minute to do breakfast. By time I checked my messages they had already eaten at some spot I don't care for so I happily missed breakfast. After some exchanges we decided on a time I would just come over and say hi, get a hug, and let Fuzzy get back on the hwy to go back north.

I get to Marlon's and my first impression was that Fuzzy was little, as in slender little, and stood about my height. From his photos I imagined him to be a tad bit thicker and shorter. He was dressed very nicely and has a sweet smile. The 3 of us made chit chat for awhile, watched the spoof of the shenaynay (sp)/wanda movie which those 2 strongly wish would become a real movie, I don't, and chit chatted some more. After Charlie, the dog, made a few attempts to make me a doggie treat we went outside in the heat to wash Fuzzy's car. Well not we, but I needed my car vacuumed badly and I had mad time to kill before work so I went with the fellas. I was expecting to vacuum my own car out but once I pulled up to the spot, M-dubb through some change in the machine and got to work! Did I stop him? Heck nah! I already had sweat buckets pouring down my face from standing outside alone! LOL! After doing the best he could, I backed out the spot so they could get to real work on their vehicles.

Being that the job is like....1/8th of a mile, if that, from Marlon's place I was trying to find more of a reason to procrastinate, but I really didn't feel like being outside any longer. So I said my goodbyes and came on to work in the AC.

So I said my goodbye to Marlon who's moving to GA this week, and got to meet another blogger out the blue :-) YAY! Seems like July is going to be my month of being social! Got a friend coming in on business next week, SouthernGal's coming through the state, made an invite to my peers at Elon to go see the fireworks. (I want to go this year, just not alone), birthday fun, and I know either Lsbnmom, Kat, or Party Girls crew will have a cookout sometime this month...I feel it! LOL! If they don't I may have to host a gathering myself! Who knows! I've been talking about doing it for the longest time!


Freaky Deaky said...

You doing another Blogger world tour or something? You can always come up hear and clean out my truck if you feel deprived of the "joy" of it. Let me know when you'll be here and I'll leave some keys for you.

You know there's going to be meat at a cookout right? Meat calling your name while the scent slowly seduces your nose, eyes, & tummy. Mmm meat!

Ladynay said...

Nope, this time folks are coming to NC so I don't have to go where they are :-)

Ummmm, no thank you but if you wanna come wash and detail Mia I would appreciate it.

I've been to plenty of cookouts and even helped prepare the meat and it didn't bother me. So I don't mind the smell. It can look and smell great but it don't mean anything.