Sunday, June 28, 2009

"My name is Eddie, and this is what I do"

That line from Eddie Levert and Guy being on stage together again (the mic's SUCKED) was the best part of the BET awards. The rest of it was very award showish and I don't care for award shows. The only reason I watched was because I was curious how the entertainers would alter their acts in such a short time to include MJ and show their respects.

Billy Mays died today. It's not supposed to come in 4's!!!!! *sigh* If you don't know who Billy Mays is than you never seen a commercial....OxyClean, them slider things, Orange glow, some garden utensil I can think of...if you saw him you'd know him! R.I.P.


AR Gal said...

That was funny what he said!

I also only watched to see the tribute but it looks like they just stretched it out over all the acts instead of having one big one (like I thought they would). I knew not to expect to much but damn BET is still as low-rate as ever.

And I just have to ask. WTF was Beyonce Knowles up there doing with that tiara, veil, and DIY 'skirt' (if you can call it that) on? She looked like a damn fool. And to top it off, she didn't even sing one of his songs. *RME*

As far as tributes go, Neyo actually did the best.

I saw that online about Billy Mays yesterday. I didn't realize he was so young. RIP

Freaky Deaky said...

From what little I saw it sucked but then again it was BET so why would anyone with more than few working brain cells think it would be otherwise?

I heard about it on Twitter and on the news. He made those infomercials fun. I'm sure he'll live on in them for awhile but they just won't be the same for me. R.I.P. to one of the great pitchmen.

Tanyetta said...

I liked the musical tribute to the OJays :)

Insatiable One said...

The O'Jays ripped it and Eddie was just being Eddie. he couldn't help it. I fell out laughing too.

Anonymous said...

Overall the BET was a mess. They really didn't do a tribute.

I'm still mad at Lil Wayne, Drake, and the kids' mommas for allowing those little girls on stage while singing "f&ck every girl in the world".

Ladynay said...

It was, I was tickled even more because the person in charge of bleeping that stuff out kept missing the words! LOL!

Did you see that there is going to be another channel for us! I forgot what it's called already. I want to say it starts with a C. I am hoping they do a tad better than BET has done thus far.

Yeah, I had to wonder about B's performance.

I was tired of hearing Neyo and Jamie sing. Neyo did do good though.

Yeah, the OxyClean man is gone :-(

FD, because a music legend died so I kinda had some hope they would do the situation proper even in the short time they had to do so.

They will not be the same :0(

Tanyetta, well hello! Welcome to my spot! Take your shoes off and stay awhile! :-)

The O'Jays tribute could have been better w/o Trey Songs and his vibrating voice but it was okay all in all.

Monique, again, one of my favorite moments!

Southern, I stopped watching at 11 o'clock so I missed the lil wayne performance, but from what I hear, nobody is happy about him having little girls on stage while he was singing that song.