Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cha ching!

I found my weekend job working with people with developmental disabilities on craigslist.

Early last week just browsing through the jobs (not looking for anything else, but looking out of habit I guess) and I saw where my company is still hiring for a particular shift. I noticed in the posting that they were giving a sign on bonus. During training I vaguely remembered someone saying something about one, but I thought it was just for full time staff.

Being the curious being I am, I called my manager and asked if the sign on bonus applied to me as well. I wasn't really looking forward to it cuz I only work 8 hours a weekend. (4 Sat, 4 Sun) She wasn't sure and told me she'd get back with me once she got an answer.

Fast forward to yesterday. I had miscalculated something in my checkbook, a check I wrote still hadn't cleared, thus left me hoping and praying that I did not get hit with an overdraft fee. I nervously checked my account this morning and the check I was worried about didn't clear last night YAY! I got everything back on track, balanced, covered. *whew*

Flash forward to about 30 minutes ago. I get a call on my cell from the supervisor of the weekend gig asking me about my thoughts on somethings. After the brief chat she says, "oh yeah, *insert managers name* wanted me to tell you your sign on check is here and ready to be picked up"

*me, like a dummy* "What?" It took a second to connect the dots. "OH! Wow, umm okay!"

Here I was waiting to hear if I got one, assuming I didn't because of my limited hours and these folks done cut the check! YAY! It's not a whole bunch of money, but it's a great addition to have!

Pooka's last day of school is today and we are going to MD this weekend so she can start her summer with grandma/daddy. I guess I can take a lil bit of the sign on money and do something fun! I wonder what she will choose to do.....


Freaky Deaky said...

So can I get a couple of dollars now? Please? I'll be your best friend. No? You really don't want me as your worst enemy. No ma'am you do not. *glares at you*

Congrats on the bonus. Glad you didn't get raped by overdraft fees, although I'm sure someone in accounting is highly upset.

Insatiable One said...

Yay for the money! And can Baby Boy and I join you guys for the celebration? You paying right? LOL

Jameil said...

random checks are grrreat! yeah!!