Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday entry

I received my cupcakes from Darius. They were as good as I expected them to be. I could tell the icing was not from the store. If it was it was definitely modified. The cupcake itself was soft, yummy, and moist! The only thing that would have made it better is if I could have had one while it was still warm.

I am a pack rat. Sometimes it comes in handy and sometimes it bothers me. I think I'll find a happy medium by throwing stuff away more often. I had lost a document I have to submit to Elon before December. In looking through my paper work I saw every homework assignment and test I completed for Physics I and II! I know I kept that stuff to study while I was taking those courses and I kept the stuff from the first course to help me prep for the second course (which I never ended up looking at) but why did I have this stuff now? I've went through about 3/4ths through my papers and so far I've thrown away about half of what I had.

The local pool does not open for "open swim" until 1pm today. It's open right now for lane swimmers. Pooka is not a lane swimmer. I really wish she was because I have an itch to be in the water, like now. A bath tub is not going to do it.

I splurged on myself and brought me 4 pairs of pants that I really didn't have to have right now. One of those pair included a 40 dollar pair of jeans! I never spent that much on pants/jeans! I am a penny pinching/cheap/fugal/whatever you want to call it type person, so this is sooooo not like me! LOL! I originally brought 3 pair and walked out the store determined that I wasn't going to pay 40 bucks for the jeans I left behind. But that night and the following day I kept thinking about them so I had to go back and buy them! So sad.

This time next week I'll be getting ready to go to my old church. After services my cousin will be christened. As soon as the service is over I am hitting the hwy and coming back to NC.

When I get back to NC I am going to begin a personal 9 week challenge. Kinda like other people are doing, I am going to step my physical health game up BIG TIME!!!!! After the 9 weeks I am going to take my physical for Elon and get that out the way. I have travel plans and cookouts to attend within those 9 weeks so there are going to be obstacles, but I got this! :-)

My father and his family maybe moving to Raleigh next month. The only reason I like the idea is because my *deep breath* step mother is cool, Pooka will have more kids around her age to play with, and that I'll have another option when I need a babysitter. In talking about this last night I actually referenced my father's wife as step mother. It shocked the heck out of me. I guess I am slowly coming around. It stunned me even further when my mom referenced her as such a few days ago. Don't ask me why this is still an issue with me.

After next week I think my hours for my weekend job will change for the second time. Hopefully after this next change that may come things will become a tad more routine. The job itself is very easy. I basically work in a group home type setting for four people with developmental disabilities. The residents themselves are a pretty cool bunch of folks in my opinion. The various staff was surprised that they took to me so well because they usually show out when new staff comes. Yesterday was the first time I went on an outing with 2 of the residents and a coworker. It only took one verbal prompt from me for them to do what ever it was I told them to do. My coworker told me on the way back to the residence that outings don't usually flow that smoothly and how she was surprised that one certain resident didn't try me. That made me feel great. Hopefully things will stay this way.

My cousin added me as her friend on facebook. Being that I used my NCCU email acct. (which I only use for business and school stuff) I wonder how she found me. I know you can look by name, but we are not close enough for her to actually look me up specifically. Hmmmmm


Freaky Deaky said...

I feel you on the pack rat thing. I'm going to tackle cleaning up my bedroom one of these days and I have my eyes on some things to throw out too.

Boo @ lane swimmers!

You always look up family when you're on one of those social media sites. It's family, exes, former friends, celebrities, and Satan the dark lord and master. Not necessarily in that order but...

Were any of those jeans the really, really tight ones with no pockets, no waist, and scream grab me? I like those jeans. Mmm hoochie gear! *drools*

I'm glad you finally made that breakthrough. Not give stepmommy a big hug next time you see her. LOL.

AR Gal said...

Okay, you're like the 4th or 5th blog I've read that is raving about the cupcakes. Looks like I'm gonna have to place an order. :)

I'm bad about filing bills away after they've been paid. The office has paper stacks from stuff I just toss in there so it won't clutter up the other rooms. lol

Ain't a durn thing wrong with treating yourself. With all the hard work you've put in with motherhood, school, AND work, you MORE than deserve it. It's not sad to have thought about those jeans like that. I've done that more times than I care to mention. Hey, it just means you really, really liked them. No harm in that :)

Social network sites made it easy for folks to be nosey. lol When I log into myspace all I do is look around. I can't remember the last time I left a comment. lol

It's nice to read about you and your step moms relationship growing stronger.

blkbutterfly said...

Do you and your cousin have any mutual friends? If so, that might be how she found you. or, someone might have mentioned your name and that caused her to wonder about you.

you remind me of a friend of mine regarding money. i bought some sandals that she complimented me on. when she asked where i got them and i told her Payless she said Payless was too expensive and she refused to pay more than $10 for shoes! i said, alright, girl, you just keep buying pair after pair after pair. LOL!

that being said, i'm glad to hear you splurged on yourself. every now and again you have to purchase wants and not just the needs.

Darius T. Williams said...

YES! I'm glad they made it safely and that they tasted good. YES - that frosting is homemade - no store bought stuff here. I tried out a new packaging method - did they hold up in the shipping? let me know -

Ladynay said...

Freaky, if you are like me get you a big ole black trash bag for that job! LOL!

I don't look for family.

No hoochie gear sorry! LOL! It fits but not like that!

I am ignoring you.

ARgal, do so! Help a cooking/baking brotha out! :-)

Sounds like you need a trash bag and some time to sort through the office. I am sure you don't need your light bill from last year!

Yeah I really like them. Still don't know when I am going to officially break them in :-)

Comment? We are supposed to comment on social sites? ROFL!

Yeah, I guess. It would be even better if my relationship with my blood connected father was getting stronger as well. I think I get along with his wife more because she is the same age as most of my friends. Matter of fact, she is younger than you! Seriously.

BB, we do not have any mutual friends on FB. The only people I am friends with on there are the Elon DPT folks.

ROFLMBBBO@your girl saying Payless was EXPENSIVE!!!!! Now that is a first for me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Duuuurius, check your email.

labellanoire said...

I used to be a packrat also, but then I kept having to move so that whole keeping things until kingdom come went out the window.

Girl we are *right here* on the frugality thing. If I can avoid spending more money than necessary, I do.

I'm jealous about the cupcakes. I think cake should be a separate food group, so that should say enough.

Ladynay said...

bella, I think moving often would break me of the packrat habit as well.

ROFL! Separate food group????? HAHAHAHAHA!