Thursday, June 18, 2009


I don't remember which Stephen King book SSDD is from. I don't even believe I was hooked on Stephen King books at one point in my life. I should really pick up a book soon!

Anywho, I have avoided the blog world long enough. No excuses, just didn't feel like sitting down and typing anything really. *shrug*

Tomorrow will make an official week that Pooka has been in MD with my mom. Everyone keeps asking me if I miss her. Hmmmmm it hasn't set in yet. I mean the first night at home totally alone sorta scared me a tad, especially when I heard a noise and couldn't automatically think it's Pooka in her room. But I got over it quick. As I type she is at the mall with her father. YAY! I like knowing she's doing things I didn't get to do with my father. I got her report card in the mail yesterday and she is officially a 3rd grader! YAY! A few of her grades went up (including math, thank you Jesus) some stayed the same and her social studies went down. I am cool with it because the overall card was good. Along with the card I got her supply list for next year. I think I will knock it out next weekend. Why wait for tax free weekend?

Has anyone had lupini beans before? If so what do they taste like? I brought some and started the soaking process *sigh* From what I've read online they are worth the wait and time to prepare. We'll see.

Since Pooka started her vacation I have been pretty much all about me. Working, working out, eating and sleeping. I am feeling pretty good but most will think I am ignoring them because I have been to myself doing my own thing lately.

My supervisor at my industrial rehab job is pregnant. She found out from her doctor this morning. I, along with another coworker, told her she needed to piss on the stick 2 daggone weeks ago when she was having multiple symptoms. *smh*

I am loving the fact that my career choice is in demand. This week I took the very last part of my NCI training for my weekend job. One day I had on my NCCU shirt. One of the trainers asked me if I went there then asked me the basic questions that follow (when you graduate, what was your major, etc....) while the first trainer was asking me stuff the second trainer said that she knew I was glad I was done with school. To that I told I was glad I graduated, but I was going back in January. She asked the normal questions (where you going, what for, etc....) and when I answered she said that they'd wait for me. I started to laugh and with a straight face she said she was serious! WHAT! Many people in the field have told me that once I pass the board everything is smooth sailing and I am continuously learning that they are right! YAY!

Next month is my birthday month. I'll be 29 years old! Why is that not really clicking with me? I won't be going out of the country like I told myself I would around my birthday last year, but I will make it my business to enjoy myself anyways.

Why oh why has Pooka's paternal grandmother been texting me FORWARDS like nobodies business ever since she got my cell phone number? Hasn't anyone told her that I don't care for forwards in email or text message form unless they are really really good? I don't want that "it's beautiful sisters day so send this to 20 million sisters or you'll die" stuff! *sigh*

Call me dumb, but why are a lot of people pressed for the government to apologize for slavery. I don't understand.

I don't understand why TLC is trying to create buzz about Jon and Kate's announcement on Monday. Who gives a flying donkey.

Why was the media all over that Michigan man who swore out he was that baby stolen in NY back in the day? Now that it has been proven he not that kidnapped kid will he be invited to his real families family reunion? LOL!

I am slowly gaining an addiction to the card game Phase 10. I play it during the down times at the weekend job. It's so great I brought my own deck recently! Now if I can find Pick Up Stix it will be on a popping!


Freaky Deaky said...

What is SSDD? I've tried reading a few of Mr. King's books but honestly I have more fun picking scabs. I did read Thinner and I think I may have read Misery though.

Et tu, Ladynay?

I know I've been on your blog yesterday and today and I'm just now seeing this post. Tell your blog if it keeps playing with me I'm gonna brick slap her.

I gagged as soon as I read beans. I'm sure Pooka will be thankful that she isn't there now. LOL.

You know you're giving TLC and Jon & Kate publicity right? Watch that be the highest rated show on cable this week.

I'm the Michigan man who was kidnapped from Bill Gates. Can you say back child support and missed holidays? Cha-ching!

You know that means I get to spank 40 times right? Oh yeah!

I have had Phase 10 for the longest and never played it. :o(

Have a good weekend and make sure you don't miss the major announcement next week on Jon & Kate followed by a blockbuster major announcement at Freakytopia. What?!

blkbutterfly said...

i cracked up @ "it's beautiful sisters day so send this to 20 million sisters or you'll die"! sadly, i think i've gotten a forward like that before.

what a blessing that your job is in high demand already!

yes, get it out of the way now! during tax free weekend everyone and their mama will be out and about. the tax you'd spend now is well worth the price of your sanity. LOL!

never had lupini beans before. i've also never cooked beans. i'm not good at planning well enough ahead of schedule to do the whole soaking thing. but, i hope they turn out well!

Ladynay said...

Sexy Siren Drinking Dick juice! LOL! Nah it stands for Same Shit Different Day. I will admit that some of the books I read had a very slow start.

I started this entry the day before but my computer started acting up before I could finish. I was too lazy to reboot and finish! LOL!

Beans are good, yes it's gas producing but they are good for you.

It will be the highest rated show that night which is what TLC is looking for.

Good luck with that child support, if you get it may I have a dollar or few hundred?

Ummmmm how you get 40 out of 29? LOL! *bends over* I'd take the extra spanks though *wink wink*

Awwww man, it's fun depending on who you play with! So far I've played with a bunch of junk talkers.

Let me guess, your giving away liquid Freaky for 75% off? LOL!

BB, seeeeeee these forwards are out of control. You would think people would get the picture that they are not going to die, the love of their life is going to notice them, or any of that other stuff will happen just because they forwarded an email to some people! HELLOOOOOOOOO!

Folks that deal with the sick and the dead will always be in demand. :-P

EXACTLY! I remember going to Target last tax free weekend and wanted to SCREAM!!!! I never spend big bucks that weekend anyway so I am not missing that much of a financial break.

Beans in general are easy to prepare. These darn lupini beans take 2 WEEKS to prepare! It's crazy! I hope they are as good as people have said.

Freaky Deaky said...

You'll have to come by to find out about my announcement. *Plays dramatic cliffhanger-y music*

*pulls down my pants* What?! I spank better without pants. Oh yeah! There's 29 for your years outside + 1 (well about) for the time in the womb + 1 to grow on + 1 for bending over + 3 for being nasty + 5 to beat some of that wickedness out of of you and because it pleases me. :o)

I thought the SSDD was the title to some book I never heard of. LOL.

Depends on how you tryin' to earn that money. ;o)

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

My son has been gone for almost 3 weeks. I miss him but I'm enjoying myself too b/c he will be back. lol

I don't get forward texts. They are so annoying!

AR Gal said...

I know you are enjoying your break. Alone time is always good. :D

I hate text and email forwards. The main culprit is in rehab now...yeah that friend.

I've never heard of lupini beans. I'll have to Google them.

29....the last hoorah. Enjoy it girl!! I've been reading your blog a good while now 'cause I remember when you turned 26 (or was it 27?)

Ladynay said...

FD, just read your announcements *smh*

SSDD was an acronym one of his characters used in one of his book, can't remember which one.

Southern, yeah I was telling someone that I miss her now, but will be waiting to ship her off again once she gets back! LOL! I gotta find somemore stuff to do while she is vacationing.

95% of forwards are pointless, they all are pointless if you text them to me! LOL!

AR, I don't like too much alone time...too quiet!

They are a bean you apparently eat like sunflower seeds once you take the 2 weeks or so to prepare them!

I think I've been blogging since '05 so both could be correct. I'll check that in a minute.