Tuesday, June 23, 2009

6/25/05-relationship still going strong

OMG! This coming Thursday will make 4 years of me blogging! WOW! I would have never thought to look but ARgal made a comment that I was curious about and I realized I was coming up on an anniversary! Given that I currently have no motivation to work and on Thursday I will be working where it's really not a good idea to blog, I'm celebrating early! YAY!

This time in '05 I was about to turn 25 *laughing to self*

Wow, the bloggers I've met in person, folks I've interacted with outside of blogger but never met, and life changes I've been through since I first started this thing have been just......just wow!

Some folks have been following me through my exciting times and mostly boring times, have read my blog when I had tons to type and my one sentence entries. Some have even been watching my life through these brown eyes since I chose to start sharing what I saw or how I saw it! That's awesome!

All of you are fan freaking tastic! Thanks for checking up on me how ever often you do!


Freaky Deaky said...

Happy early anniversary!

I'm fan Freaky tastic but thanks for noticing. :oD

One day I will beat you in my mostly imaginary battle for blog posts supremacy. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

*steps away from Ladynay while she's laughing to herself and looks to use the next person to comment as my human shield if she snaps*

I'm pretty sure I've read all of your blog. Thanks for giving me something to read. Now let's celebrate in that dark room. You know with the big, solid wooden desk. *snaps my belt* Go on now! Git, I said git!

Insatiable One said...

Congrats to you love! happy anniversary!

Ladynay said...



Well so far I am at 8 something teen, 15 I think so there's your goal! :-P

Thanks for not being a lurker.

Wow, haven't got an invite to the dark room in awhile *wink*

Monique, Tx! It really doesn't seem like I've been blogging that long.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Hopefully we have a chance to meet when I'm that way before the summer end.

Ladynay said...

Southern, TX and keep me posted.

Steez said...

Happy anniversary!!! Hope I can make it that long....well I guess I hope I have enough to say and people reading it...lol

But you are the first blog I've ever responded to(something about monster trucks) and you are the first to comment me....so we are forever linked in cyberspace

blkbutterfly said...

I was trying to wait until the 25th, but it'll be my luck that i forget. So... happy (early) blogiversary!

i remember when i 1st read your blog, i was nervous to comment. it felt like i was invading a family reunion! :-D

AR Gal said...

I had no idea you were going four blogging years strong. YAY!!!I would have been just a few celebratory months behind you had my first attempt at blogging totaled more than 3 posts. lol

25.....*sigh* Sometimes I miss that age and sometimes, weeeeeeeeeeelll I just don't. lol

Happy 4th Blogaversary!!!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Happy official anniversary! Now where's the cake, ice-cream, punch, and chicks that can't handle their liquor? Woohoo!

I can't spoil you by inviting you to the dark room all the time or you'll get a big head. :oD

Ladynay said...

Steez, oh wow! I encouraged you to get "vocal" yay! Yeah you came on when me and Pooka went to see Monster Jam! That was fun!

BB, Thank you! Family reunion? ROFL! Nah I just usually treat folks like they my cousin and 'em that's all :-)

ARgal, but you are blogging now and that's what matters! How would I get to the good and funny YouTube videos if you did pick blogging back up?

I don't miss 25.

FD, I sent them over to Freakytopia :-P

You got it twisted...you'll be the one with the big...ummm....head *grin*

E said...

Yay! Belated congrats on your 4 years of blogging. I hit my 4 year anniversary on April 2nd.

I swear...I think a bunch of folks starting blogging around 2005. That's when it really took off.

I'm looking forward to reading more from you.