Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm sorta scared

I am at work, with a slight buzz. I allowed myself 2 glasses of wine with my porno and Dance Your Ass Off online last night. I felt relaxed, but no buzz or nothing. Before I shut down I snacked on some guacamole and chips. I went to sleep and woke up this morning slightly delayed! This is abnormal.

OMG! I don't like this.

Thank God I work a desk job today.

Edit: I'm back to normal finally! :-D


Freaky Deaky said...

Drunk. Lush. Wino. Boozehound. Alcoholic. OMG, hide the cough syrup Ladynay is coming over! LOL! That's what you get for not sharing. :op That is all.

Ladynay said...


Hey, I share! Most of the bottle is still in my fridge, you are welcomed to have some! *cheese*

LsbnMom said...

I really dont know how to respond to this... never encountered this before... at least not from you!

Ok! Got it! I know what to say now... how come you didnt share with me??? C'mon now! I share with you! I wanna buzz like that. You can keep the porno though! Just wish I was up to making my own... perhaps if I had some of what HAD, I might get the urge... but I doubt it!

Welcome back to... EARTH, My friend!

(and maybe invest in AAA for the lockouts! Or send me a spare key too! ha!)