Sunday, July 05, 2009

Looking out for numero uno

3 keys on my keyboard dont work so bare w/me.

Yesterday at work there was a problem. Coworker one had a funeral they wanted to attend. They were talkin to my supervisor on and off about it and during the last conversation the coworker told our supervisor they were not going. My Saturday hours are from 11a-3p, as I was on my way to work annd coworker one called me asking if I would mind staying till 7 so they could go to a funeral. I told her I didnt mind but to call our supervisor to see what she thought about it. See, my supervisor just had a talk with me this past Tursday about how se wanted me to only work the hours assined to me because she was tired of the other staff askin me to alter my schedule to fit their needs. My coworker says that shed call and see what the supervisor says. I get to work and coworker 1 says she couldnt get up with the supervisor, tells me about te conversation they had that morning and about how her mind was messin with her and the decision not to o. Coworker 1 tried 2 additional times to call the supervisor then left.

Since this was an alter in my hours I called the supervisor myself and like coworker 1, didnt get trough, so I did the next best thing, called te manager. I told her what the situation was and asked her if se wanted me to leave at my scheduled time or stay until coworker 1s shift ended at 7. Since the manager wasnt aware of the talk coworker 1 ad w/supervisor she didnt want to make a decision w/out speakin w/supervisor. Se stated she would call me back. Cool.

Now before all this, coworker 2 tells me that we were going to take w and x to te park. I tell her that in the talk I had with supervisor Thursday, that we are not supposed to leave a staff member at the residence with 2 people that use weelcairs (y and z). To that coworker 2 puts her hands on her hips and says if she has to bring y or z then she was not going anywere. Ummmm wow! Then she goes on about the extra effort it takes to get y or z into the van and this that and the other. So I offered to deal with y or z myself and she wouldnt have to worry about anything. She said she would think about it, then decided that we were not going. Now at this point I could have taken (w or x) and (y or z) to the park, but w or x ave conditions that requires someone to watch them at all times when out in public.

Coworker 2 then says, if ws mom calls and asks for me tell her Im in te bathroom and that w went to the pool. I said ok.

Time passes and our supervisor calls. She repeats that the last time she spoke with coworker 1 coworker 1 said she was not going. Asked me questions like what time she leave, did she say she was comin back, etc...all to which I answered honestly. Then she asked me if we took te crew out. I told her coworker 2 and w been to te pool (lie). She asked if I was there alone wit 2 people that used weelcairs. I knew what she was tryin to ask me, but I answered the exact question she asked and said that coworker 2 was currently there with me. I guess she cauht my drift because the subject went back to coworker 1. She stated that shed been tryin to et up with her but she would not answer te phone. She asked me to tell coworker 1 to give her a call if she came back to work. I said okay and that was that.

I put the phone back on the base and here comes coworker 2 bitchin about how the supervisor was the last person I was supposed to tell she took w out one on one, how I dont have to be by the book and other stuff. I tuned her out and was thinking in my head that she was the one who said to say w went to the pool. I wasnt going to say I went anywere with anybody and I didnt. I made te choice right then that I wasnt lying for nobody else. Shes still talkin and the phone rings. It is ws mom. She asked for coworker 2. I said hold on and ave coworker 2 the phone. She asks me who it was and I tell her. her eyes bug out and she gives me this oh shit look. I wasnt oin to lie and say she was in the bathroom and I wasnt goin to lie to ws mom about w going to the pool. If coworker 2 dont like talking to ws mom then she is old enough to tell her so or find a way to cut the convo short. After they talk I guess she wasnt happy with me so se went to hang out in ws room while I chilled in my favorite recliner flippin channels for a bit.

Time passes and to my surprise coworker one comes back in. I relay the message from our supervisor and ask about how te service was. Se replied but I dont know if she was unappy with me or unhappy she had to come back cuz there was ugly all up in her voice. At that point I didnt care enough to ask, so I clock out, say my goodbyes and left.

I am the youngest and newest person to join the staff. I dont have close bonds or friendships with nobody there. Up until yesterday I never lied for a coworker and didnt like the feeling I got when I did it yesterday. No, everything does not have to be by the book, but when someone wants me to alter my hours expecially after the talk me and the supervisor had, best believe I am going to call a higer up and get their permission. When they look over the hours before our next pay period I dont want to get a call asking why I worked from such and such to such and such instead of the ours they told me to work. Or them asking me about an outing that I never went on. It sounds selfish, but I am looking out for me. I will not be held accountable for someone elses actions. Sorry!


Freaky Deaky said...

Is Ladynay going to have flex her pimp hand? Does Ladynay even know how to flex her pimp? Can she handle the ramifications of flexing her pimp hand? Stay tuned for the next episode of "As the New Booty Gets Tested" brought to you by thongs, dental floss for your booty, and the letter 'G' as in GTFOH! Mmm booty!

Methinks you should just start reciting random quotes from the Rock at your co-workers like, "No your role and shut your mouth", "It doesn't matter what you think", "Shut your mouth, jabroni", etc. They'll either think you're badass or crazy and won't ask you for anything.

My guesses for the wayward keys are g, h, and '. Do I win a prize? It better be money and lots of it. x( *warms up my pimp hand*

AR Gal said...

Freaky, those are my guesses at the keys too. Reading through this post, at times it kinda read how someone with a Jamaican accent would sound. lol

I don't blame you at all. It's not selfish, it's you being responsible. Sounds like they would stab you in the back given the right opportunity. I wouldn't do those shady chicks any more favors.

Rashan Jamal said...

I was gonna guess g and h, and sometimes A?

I'm all for worker solidarity, but not when it jeopardizes me... You are not responsible for them.

Insatiable One said...

You did the right thing because you don't want that to grounds for them letting you. I don't let ANYBODY play when it comes to my money. Unless they want to start tricking on the corner to compensate your loss, then they need to keep it moving.

blkbutterfly said...

I was guessing the same letters as my blog husband. I remember when 2 computers ago, my "e" and "o" keys weren't working. It drove me insane. I hope you get them fixed soon!

At the end of the day, you're there to do a job and do it well, not to make friends. Your co-workers may not like your honesty, but they'll respect you for it (sooner or later).

Ladynay said...

FD, You have issues.

I am not going to start talking like The Rock! LOL!

Yes those keys are not working...along with others now. :-(

ARgal, I am part Jamaican (not really)

Most of the people who work there always have something bad to say about someone else. They probably talk about me too but I really don't care. People have a different way of doing different things and if someone doesn't do whatever in the same fashion they do it's wrong *shm*

Rashan, and I never will be responsible for them or what they do or say. I refuse to be apart of it. Unfortunately I have to treat it like my state job. I go, I do what I am supposed to, then I leave. *sigh*

Mo, that's one of my sayings! I am not confrontational....until you mess with my money! LOL!

BB, not sure if I'll get a new keyboard or just go into debt and buy a laptop.

At this point I don't care what they think or say. I'm going to just do me.