Tuesday, July 07, 2009

about 23 weeks and 3 days

Until my last day at the state job. I love the supplemental income, but man! I am remembering all those posts I did about the job I typed up last year and all those feelings are coming back. I would strongly prefer to go home. The main thing keeping me here other than the check I want next week is the fact that I know this is temporary. We are not supposed to wear ear phones but I am about to crank up my MP3 and zone out! *sigh*

I really want to watch the memorial for MJ today, but I'm glad I'll miss it at the same time. Does that make sense? I can't explain it.

When will side woman learn that the husband will never leave the wife? When will the women of celebrities/sports stars/etc learn that when you do what they do, money, drugs, and sex comes very easy and that it's not common for that star to succumb to the temptations?

Elon sent me an email asking me what size and color golf shirt I wanted. Why are we getting golf shirts? *shrug* After I responded part of me thought that I should learn how to golf outside of the Wii console. Most of the veteran PT's I know of play. hmmmmmmmm They probably want us to have a similar shirt for a group pic or something, but I still need to learn how to play just to have the skill set handy if I need it.

Speaking of Wii, my next purchase will be the Punch out game! I LOVED the original even though I never got to fight Mike Tyson! LOL! I used to kill those red buttons!

18 days till my birthday. The other half asked me what I wanted and I had no clue. Still don't. Not really expecting anything this year for various reasons. Grand diva and my mom will send a card with cash. The one from my grandmother will have 29 bucks in it! :-P My mom's varies. I know I'm getting myself a pedi, my hair done, a small cake made by an associate who bakes her behind off, and that I am leaving Raleigh. That's for sure!

A friend of mine is in town and got kinda rubbed the wrong way that I wasn't all HEY STRIKE UP THE BAND SO AND SO IS IN TOWN!!!!!! I don't understand. Just because I am not doing flips doesn't mean I don't care.

Did I mention I wanted to go home?


Freaky Deaky said...

*using voice of the robot in the Chi-Chi's commercial* I want a golf shirt! I want a golf shirt! I want a golf shirt! Did you ask for purple because everyone knows purple rules and other colors drool like a toothless prostitute filming a ghetto gaggers movie. What?! I'm just saying...

I don't understand anything about golf.

One of the Internet shows I watch on TiVo did a preview of the game. The Wii boxing was a work out so Punch Out is going to be a beast!

I know if I ever come to Raleigh you're going to have a midget Calypso band with multi-colored locs to greet me or I'm going to be pissed. It's true.

I'm telling your boss. You can't go home. Just stare at the chicks' phatties and have inappropriate thoughts about them. Well, it works for me.

Ladynay said...

Nope the options were black or white and I chose black.

I get the basics on the Wii, that's about it! LOL!

It looks like a beast! That's why I want it! My upper body strength sucks badly!

Band, midgets, locs.....got it! *eyeroll*

Ummmm there's only one man with booty worth watching and he not here today! :-(

Insatiable One said...

golf shirt? Maybe it a uniform requirement?

Girl that place you're at is off the chain. Just too much drama. You hang in there. Time will pass. Keep stacking your cash and doing your thing.

Ladynay said...

Mo, there is no uniform requirement.

This is a different job, LOL! There is the state job, the weekend job, and the industrial rehab job and volunteering at the hospital. I don't see myself complaining about the hospital though. The other post was about the weekend job. This is about the state job. Either way I will keep doing me till I can bounce up and out of here.

blkbutterfly said...

lol @ "I'd strongly prefer to go home." That's a professional way of putting it!

The other half... aww... how cute! I hope you find something fun to do for your special day. Your bday is the day before my mother's. There are some things abt you (or your online self) that remind me of her...

I felt the same way abt teaching summer school. The supplemental income is nice, but the stuff you have to put up with to get it is not so nice!

Ladynay said...

bb, Your mom was a Leo? She must have been the coolest ever because Leo's are simply the best! *cheese* I like to think my blog self is close to my offline self with the exception of me being more vocal on my blog. I'll have to ask folks that know me on and offline to be sure.

Yeah, I'm very much over being here but will suck it up and try not to complain too much about it. At least not out loud.

The Brown Blogger said...

I need that Punch Out workout...

feels good b n FREE said...

u just gave me a great idea...well, i'ma copy ur idea, the punch out game.
it's so funny because i just saw a commercial for it and was like...is that mike tyson?? in 2009?? lol

and about golf, i suck even on the wii...but i hear that the golf course is where all the money transactions are going down...so i better get my game up 2...lol

i love reading your blogs

AR Gal said...

state job, the weekend job, and the industrial rehab job and volunteering at the hospital.

Ya know, I know you are superwoman but seeing all that you do on the work front in black & white.....girl you are freakin awesome!!! And it just confirms that I'm lazy as hell....*sigh*

I know nothing about golf except for a few notable golfers names and some keywords. I imagine if nothing else the game will be a good networking tool for you. I say golf it up! :)

I strongly prefer to go home everyday I'm at work. lol I need to figure out a good reason for me to work from home.

lol @ your friend. You know some folks just thrive on attention...they can't help it.

Ladynay said...

Hassan, most of us do! Come 2010 I will have some guns! :-)

Free, yeah big business happens on the course (so I hear) so it wouldn't hurt to know how to play.

Too bad we all live in different places cuz a Punch Out tourney would have been sweet to throw!

ARgal, all that confirms only one thing...I HAVE NO LIFE!!! :-(

Networking is a golden word. In many organizations it's not what you know, it's who you know. If I know what I'm talking about AND know the right people I simply can't lose!

I could not work from home cuz nothing would get done! I don't think I am focused enough to do it in my home.

Right! I am guilty of it too but still.