Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanks for the cyber love

I'm a bit better.

Went to the gym, over did it, and caught a back spasm *sigh* Ive been treating it like I'm supposed to and it should go away soon.

Southerns b-day is 3 days after mine! YAY!

Pooka called me to tell me the power went out. After talking for a few minutes the power came back on. Se immediately got off the pone with me. Felt good knowing she only called cuz there was no disney channel to watch *eyeroll*

If your watching porn and the chicks been down on dude for 4 minutes and 30 seconds and every time it goes out her mouth its not stiff.....there is a problem

Been watching too much porn lately.

I took the 12hr shift on the weekends. I have my doubts that I will last long doing this, but Ill try.

Tylenol has not posted up the scholarsip recipients yet, its getting on my nerves!!!!!!!


Freaky Deaky said...

I've been thinking about joining a gym. I look at one online and besides not being able to tell what half the equipment was I wasn't really impressed with the layout. Guess I need to go in person and explore for myself. :o(

Um you failed to mention my birthday. What?!

Maybe next time she wants something like food or a hug you should point her to the Disney Channel. What?!

You so nasty! Your new name is Ladynasty. :oP

So how many hours a week you working now 102?

They're supposed to do that, it's Tylenol. Eventually you'll get some Tylenol in the mail and a congratulations letter. LOL.

AR Gal said...

Glad to read your feeling a bit better. :)

Spasm....OUCH!!! My doctor told me about a back exercise that's been helpful. Before you get out of bed each morning, lay flat on your back and pull your legs (one at a time) up to or close to your chest. Do about 10 repetitions of this stretch to help loosen up the muscles in your lower back (I'm assuming that's where your spasm is). It's been really effective for me so far.

My b-day is not in July but I will go ahead and add myself to the summer bunny birthday list since it is in August. lol

LOL @ porn chick. Was it even at attention before she got started? lol

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

LMAO on the porn observation! I also find it funny that these dudes have to squeeze it so that it is firm enough to put in! I guess I have watched too much porn in my life too!

Insatiable One said...

Obviously you and porn have been spending alot of time together if you know it's 4:30 and it's still limp! LOL

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Birthdays coming up!! Any plans?

I went through a faze last yr of alot of porn watching. I was watching it so much, I started critique it. lol

Ladynay said...

FD, yeah go look at the place b4 u put any money into a gym

Happy early birthday Freaky!!!!

I don't have the Disney channel to offer, LOL!

Too many hours.

I called Tylenol to find out if they posted the winners and 3 different people later I still had no answer! UGH!

AR, :-)

Yeah they are not fun, it's mostly gone now and I am back in the gym.

Cool! Pooka's b-day is 8/27!

Nope he was chilling from the start :-(

2nd 68, Now I don't feel so bad :-P

Mo, I only know the time because this particular session was being watched online so the time lapse was at the bottom.

Southern, if it's boring it will be critiqued!!!

I'm getting out of Raleigh that's for sure. Outside of that I don't know. Still gotta get up with you if you're still around when I get back.