Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Tuesday!

Must mean it's time to blog again! LOL! It seems this is going to be my blog day on the real!

Let's see...nothing has really changed from the last post work wise.

It seems like the majority of folks around me have a cold or the flu! *knocks on wood* hopefully I won't pick any of that mess up. The last thing I need is to be sick!

As I type, Pooka is waiting for the bus or just getting on the bus headed for her first day of school. Her and my mom did not leave my place till 7:45, but at 6:00 Pooka was dressed and walking around with her book bag on! LOL! Last night she painted her finger and toe nails and asked if she could wear some of my smell good lotion today. Can you say someone is excited? LOL! She swears she's cute with her fresh braids and new outfit on! Between you and me I think she's cute too! :-P

Speaking of braids, Pooka has been getting her hair braided every 2 weeks while on summer vacation. So when I picked her up her hair was braided. It was in a zigzag pattern going back and had extra hair added so it was a tad passed her shoulder. Cute. Late last week my mom decided to take Pooka's braids out and her fingers got tired before she could finish taking the last 2 out. One on each side of her head. My mom takes a break and leaves the room. Pooka, trying to help out, grabs the scissors my mom was using to cut the ends off the braids and cuts the braids out her hair...the entire braid...with her hair still braided in...*moment of silence* So now my baby is a little short on the sides! LOL! I braided in way it's not that obvious but still! LOL! Pooka has learned her lesson and that's all that counts! HAHAHAHAHA!

Today is also her first day of martial arts after school care. I hope that she decides to stick with it once it starts to get challenging. We'll see.

Mom is trying to stay till June now. If she sticks to that plan that will work perfectly with Pooka's school schedule and I won't have to worry about rushing in the mornings to get to Elon come January.

As for me, I need sugar and sex, not in that order and not necessarily separate! STAT! LOL!


How about my mom called me and told me the bus came at 8:37 this morning! Bus driver man was running a bit late. Mommy said everyone at the stop was standing there sweating! LOL

How about I told my weekend job I could help them out today starting at 6, totally forgetting that I have to start picking my child up from afterschool now! So I called my supervisor up and let her know I could come help at 7 vs. 6 cuz I have to pick the seed up. She didn't sound to happy about it but hey, taking care of my child and making sure she is situated comes before taking care of someone else's child(ren). I'm sorry! Besides I'm doing them a favor by coming in today! It's not my scheduled work day. It's not my fault folks are getting sick and calling out. It really isn't! Keep that attitude cuz I could have said I wasn't coming in at all!



Anonymous said...

I love to hear kids being excited about school. Yay Pooka!

Kids think they are grown. Pooka done cut her hair. lol

Good deal about your mom staying till June. I bet that will help you out a whole lot.

Ladynay said...

Me too! Now if the kids can stay excited through the year that would be even better! LOL!

Yeah she did! I bet she won't have no scissors around her hair again anytime soon! HAHAHAHAHA!

It actually helps me out more than I thought. I had originally asked her to change her plan to come in August to January but she wanted to come August and I'm glad she did........for the most part

Insatiable One said...

I thnk my heart stopped when you said Pookah cut her braids out. Bless her heart for trying to be helpful, but lawd, let your granny take them a loose. Whew!

That's good that your mom is there and can help you out. she lives in B-more right?

Can't wait to hear what Pookah think about karate class. Should be fun.

Freaky Deaky said...

This just in from the albino broadcast system: Pookie is taking martial arts classes. Do not make eye contact with or approach her. *repeat 3x*

I think all girls have to jack up their hair once before they get too serious about their hair game.

Wow, think someone was too damn excited about school. LOL. Well, enjoy her being excited by and loving school for as long as you can. I bet you wanted to hide her backpack and tell her she can't go to school until she finds it, didn't you? Don't say I'm the only one who would derive joy out of that scenario.

What do you mean for the most part? You better not be mean to Mamanay. X(

Freaky Deaky said...

Don't ask me why the hell I typed Pookie insted of Pooka. Must of had a hood flashback or something. LOL. Then again the way she handles albinos might have caused it.

AR Gal said...

LOL @ Pooka's mishap. Poor baby! I bet she's still got it going on!

Sugar and sex ay? Hmmmmmmmm, you've got the wheels turning over here. lol

Ladynay said...

Mo,Pooka learned her lesson!

My peeps live about 45 mins away from B-more.

So far she is lovin da Tai Kwon Do (sp)

Freaky, hush! lol

You maybe on 2 sometin bout the hair cuz Ive sure messed up mine back in the day.

I feel bad for your kids already! LOL

I am not bein mean 3 her, I am playin nice! LOL

Pookie???? Ummmmmmm you been in the hood 2 much!

AR, she is still cute.

Suga & sex is the bomb!