Tuesday, August 18, 2009

District 919

I didn't see District 9 but I just read a review of it and thought the title was cool, me being in the 919 area code and all.

Am I a once a week blogger now? Dang!

Everything is everything on my end. In my last post Freaky mentioned me working 90 hours, well last week I pulled 83! Insanity I swear! The next check from my "weekend job" will look nice as hell though. Too bad the money is spent. How come every time I think I'm getting some petty cash something comes up? It's just not right!!! LOL!

The new expense I have now is Pooka's martial arts class. I picked her up this weekend (my mom 2) and my baby is ROUND!!!!! When I first saw her my mouth dropped because she looks just like me when I was her age! Height, complexion, features, roundness, everything! I was just in shock and it took me a minute to get over it! My mom thought it was funny and just kept laughing! LOL! I already mentioned that I didn't want Pooka growing up the same sizes I were growing up and been doing a pretty good job keeping her in a decent range....but that's all out the window at the moment.

When I asked her what activity she wanted to get into she thought about it for a moment and said marital arts. So I got online and found an after school program that will pick her up from school, help her with her homework, then they get on with the martial arts. It costs more than the after school care at her school, but I need her to be more active to get some of that summer weight off. Part of me thinks she chose martial arts because her father loves it and she knows other children that do it. Today after work we are going to check the place out. At this place, the first couple of visits are free so the kids can see if they really want to do it or not b4 the parents start shelling out money. I like that.

Pooka isn't the only person getting on track to get right. Both me and my mom are round as well and plan to use this time to get it together. It's a family affair! YAY!

Pooka has a new wardrobe! YAY! I went to one of the huge thrift stores in MD and lost my mind!!!! I was not planning to do it, it just happened! LOL! This particular location has a lot of name brand items with the tags and stickers still on it for cheap! It's real stuff too! My baby is going to be styling almost everyday and nobody will know how much I paid for it! HAHAHAHAHAHAH I love it!

In hanging up her new threads I realized I needed to clean her closet out. There is no reason for me to still have a baby bed, 2 car seats, a booster seat, her baby monitor, and all the clothes I thought she'd be able to wear when she came back and can't. NONE! I'm taking it all to Goodwill after we check out the martial arts spot.

Other than that, everything is the same with me. I'm just super glad to have my baby back home.

Oh while I'm thinking about it, as I was walking towards my car this morning I waved at my neighbor who was in her car about to leave. She rolled her window down and said, "I'm so glad I saw you today because you were in a dream I had last night"

I must have looked at her funny or something and she went on...

"I dreamt that you lived in *the apt directly across from me* and was banging on the window pleading for help"

As my face contorted even more I replied "Oh my"! I told her that everything was good with me, she laughed and said "good" as I shook my head and opened my car door. Weird!


Freaky Deaky said...

Has the Albino community been made aware of Pooka's interest in martial arts? Poor kids.

So do I get a cash prize for making you aware of the fact that you work like a Chinese kid in a sweatshop? *sticks my hand out & bats my eyelashes*

What no Craigslist to try to make some money off of Pooka's old stuff? Is Ladynay slipping?

I wonder why your mom found it so funny? I'd be annoyed if I expressed something I was seriously concerned about and they were ignored to the point that they became reality. Would you like to borrow a couple of bricks? I'm just saying sometimes people need to get clapped before they understand or more importantly obey. :oD

My word verification was "woody". Methinks your blog is a pervert.

Ladynay said...

I think you are the only blogger that remembers the story about the albino kid! LOL!

Nope! No cash prizes. You can donate to the cause. Like supply my bonus or something! LOL! My employers would LOVE that!

I thought about selling the stuff off, but I want it all out my house today.

Nah, no bricks. Could I really expect them to feed my child any different than they fed me when I lived there? I'll just fix what I can and not have her there for the entire summer again.

My blog gives perverted passwords to the perverted bloggers that comment, that's all! LOL

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I will be putting O in martial arts and swimming this fall. I swear kids are expensive.

My son will be wearing a uniform. Just spent $70 on a few shirts and a few pants. Glad I'm done shopping for clothes. lol

Ladynay said...

Heck yeah they are! You going to do martial arts and swimming at the same time? Must be nice! Can I have a dollar? LOL!

I like the uniform idea but Pooka's school doesn't have it.:-( Either way I would have had to buy her new clothes. Double :-(

Insatiable One said...

Martial arts? Well gone little mama! I'm sure she'll have a blast.

Yes, make fitness a family affair. Makes it more fun and seem like less of a chore.

Wait, a baby monitor? Well, you know my son is moving to his own room at the end of the month and I kinda don't have one of those. I'm just saying.... LOL If you're looking to get rid of it, I could sure use. Name your price.

83 hours? I'mma need you to sit down somewhere and make some time for you. How long is your mom going to be around?

Ladynay said...

She is very excited about starting. I hope this works out well for her.

I am hoping that this will keep me motivated as well as my mom and Pooka.

I already dropped the stuff off at Goodwill, but if I still had it I would have sent it to you for nothing. I just wanted to get rid of it! LOL!

My mom supposed to be here till Christmas, but this morning she was talking about staying till June! So I don't know. My mom changes her mind all the time so only she knows the real answer to that question! HAHAHAHA!

AR Gal said...

83 hours? Bless you!!

I would have given my mama a strong side-eye for laughing (not beat her down like Freaky suggested, lmao). Parents STILL don't understand sometimes. I speak from experience 'cause honey my mama is as special as they come. lol

Yay to you all making strides as a family to achieve physical fitness. I love it!

I would have given my neighbor a strong side-eye as well about that dream business. I mean I know she can't control it but that doesn't make it sound any less weird. lol

And yes the freaky word verif's only go to the freaky commenters because mine was 'mitionb'. lol