Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free time over bitch!!!!

This afternoon I picked up my mail and saw an envelope from Elon. My guess was that it was a letter telling us about orientation next year. I already got my financial aid statement which pretty much said that even with the money I am getting that I don't have to pay back, I will still owe somebody some money for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time after graduation. I get in, put my stuff down, open the letter up and basically read a 2 paged, duplexed letter from the doctor chick that will be teaching and showing me how to cut up and play with dead humans in January. The letter basically said free time over bitch! LOL! Check this out. This is what I need to complete before the first day of school.....

1) Complete 8 chapter exams. If I get an 85% or higher on at least 6 of the 8 I don't have to take the final which will be given next year.

2) Read 2 of 3 novels and write a paper on them answering specific questions. This means all my smart, English loving, word manipulating, editor at heart friends should be hearing from good ole Ladynay again real soon! *smile* I'mmmmm baaaaaaaack! Don't run! Yall know me and proper written English don't get along very well. It don't like me and I don't like it!

and 3) Buy 4 books. Well, 3 books because I already own 1 that's on the list *holy spirit dance*. Found 2 used on Amazon for cheap *holy spirit dance pt. 2* and 1 I can't seem to find online.....yet *pout*.

I already ran out and picked up one of the novels from the library. It's 308 pages of small print. YAY! My plan is to have the paper done and out for review in 3 weeks then start on the online chapters and exams. I want to have the exams done by time I go home for Christmas. I will consider that my gift to my damn self! LOL!

So if I am not commenting or visiting your site very often, it's not because I don't like your site anymore, it's just that a sista gotta read and start getting her head prepped for learning how to play with dead people like Dr. G does on tv! I heart some Dr. G!


Jameil said...

i need to get on a serious plan, too! apr 2010 will be here before i know it!

AR Gal said...

All that BEFORE school...Sheesh!

You'll get it done though because this is something that you really want. We always strive to do our best when that is the case.

Anonymous said...

Did you say before school starts?!

Freaky Deaky said...

So if you're doing all of that before school starts what will you actually be doing when school starts? Personally, I'd look at her side eyed if she even hands me any kind of work at that point.

It does mean you don't like our sites! Calm down Freakytopia, don't kick that basket of kittens named after Ladynay. Why?! Why?! Why?! Oh the humanity! Put down the brick Freakytopia! Put it down now! Damn you Ladynay! You did this!

Three weeks you say? My keyboard will accidentally get ran over by my truck that day. ROFL What?!

Rashan Jamal said...

Nope don't accept that! Blogging is not free time... it's me time. LOL

Seriously, get on that grind. Good luck with pre-school.

Ms. Insatiable said...

Geez, before classes even start? That's ridiculous. Good luck with it all though.

blkbutterfly said...

yep, wave goodbye to your free time! when i do get some, i treasure it like money!

i like Dr. G too. unfortunately, we don't get the Discovery Health channel. :-(

Nspired said...

Hi girl! You will do it!

Just wondering if you got my vm.


Ladynay said...

Jameil, gotta have a plan!

AR, Yep and exactly. I've already started the 2nd novel and started on the paper just using info from the first book.

Southern, sure did! :-(

FD, right now I don't wanna know, just want to get the pre stuff complete. I can't look at her side eyed cuz she sent it through the mail! LOL!

No, you did it, Kicking kittens is all a Freaky Deaky thing! LOL!

Come on dude! You know you wanna help me again! *pouting and batting eyelashes*

Rashan, of course it is! LOL

I'm on it and thanks look like I may need that luck.

Mo, yep that's how they get down! LOL! Thanks!

BB, but I don't wanna say or wave goodbye to it! *stopping foot* LOL!

I don't have cable so I only watch it at work on the weekends! I missed this weekend cuz I was reading the novel!:-(

Nspired! HEYYYYYYYYYY! Got you msg. I sent you an email, it may have been sent to one you don't use anymore! LOL!

Ladynay said...
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JoanieV said... helped me save big bucks on books. I hope you find that elusive book.