Monday, October 12, 2009

Long Stories Short

You saw I read your blog today, but I will comment tomorrow cuz I am lazy.

Some people think that because I got paid I got money....and no bills! Sure I am a workaholic but that does NOT equate to balling out of control people!!!!!

I hate when people know where things are in my room. how do you know it was in my 3rd drawer under my blue socks????? I am fucking territorial! Stay the hell out my room!!!!!!

I have a love/hate relationship with being the provider of my current household.

A tooth in the front of my mouth is gone, never to return again unless I can come up with some kick ass insurance or a few thousand dollars. My smile was one of my better physical traits. Oh well.

I still don't have full vision in my right eye yet.

Almost a drawer full of socks and underwear magically disappeared from Pookas room! Dryer must have been hungry!

My child has her first bra and panty set now. *bows head* I am not ready.

I brought a 20 ounce SoBe drink and a gallon of juice, guess which has been opened and drunk and which one hasn't been touched. My fault, I should have specified that I brought the SoBe for me.

And how was your weekend?


Freaky Deaky said...

No you comment now!

Mmm hmm. Right. Can I hold a couple of hundred dollars? I got on the 32nd of Neverary.

Well be lucky they don't know what's in that box in the back of your closet. Nasty! LOL! Yeah, that would be annoying. I feel your outrage and annoyance.

Ouch! I hope you come up with that kick ass insurance since I assume it will be easier than raising a few thousand dollars.

What happened to the vision in your right eye? You were doing something nasty weren't you? Don't lie to me Ladynay! I'm in your head!

Your dryer wouldn't be from Chicago and nicknamed the Pied Piper would it?

The boys will be sniffing around in no time. Good luck with that.

I think you need to sit some people down and tell them to that some things are for the house and some things are for your tummy only. That's how families die eating & drinking your stuff. Yes, it is that serious.

Weekend was boring. :o(

blkbutterfly said...

I hate when people think because you got paid that you have a lot of money. uhm, no, ma'am, no, sir!

what happened to your right eye?

sorry to hear about your tooth. i'm also having dental issues. for some reason, it still amazes just how expensive dental work is.

you seem a little down, or at the very least, frustrated. i hope you get to feeling better.

my weekend was hectic and relaxing all at the same time.

AR Gal said...

Unlike some people who shall remain nameless *side-eyes Freaky*, I can wait for your comment.

Tell whoever is asking you for money to go get a job (or three) of their own so they won't have to ask.

3rd drawer under the blue socks? I'm over here crackin' up at the fact that someone was diggin that hard. Sheesh!

OMG, what happened??!! I hope that at least it didn't hurt and that you get some kick ass insurance. :( A couple of g's is a grip! ((HUGS))

Pooka has her training bra already??? Good-NESS, these kids are growing by leaps and bounds! I wouldn't be ready either. ((MORE HUGS))

Damn, first they are going through your sock drawer and now are drinking up your shit? sounds like you are going to have to lay down some ground rules. lol

Weekend was great! I stayed indoors a majority of the time with the exception of taking the dogs walking and the concert.

Rashan Jamal said...

LMAO @ Freaky's R Kelly reference.. now to your post..

My money is my money.. don't be all up in my biz like that.

Umm... what did I miss about your eye?

The SoBe? LOL

Jameil said...

what happened to your eye??? bills are the worst. they should be banished. i reeeeally hope you get some insurance. what happened to your tooth?? the missing food is a reason why i'm glad i live alone. i almost lost it when my sister ate the last burger.

Ladynay said...

FD, I have commented.

Yep! I'll give up the dough on the 31st of Neverary!

*eyeroll* Silly!

My dryer might be, I need to ask it some questions!

If by Good Luck you mean buy a gun? Thanks, I will!

I know! My weekend was crappy and all the little things kept really pissing me off. They could have gotten cursed out Sunday!

BB, OK! I need folks to leave my financial affairs alone!

I was frustrated, I'm better today. Thanks!

ARgal, nope didn't hurt. Chalk it up to wrong place wrong time. That was the theme to my weekend.

Yep, my baby has a bra.*sigh*

I tell folks how I feel and they don't seem to care. They will soon if they turn me into the bitch they are trying to turn me into.

Rashan, RIGHT! Stay out my wallet!

See the above post.

The SoBe drinkage was not a funny matter, don't laugh! LOL!

Jameil, Hear hear! Bills should be banished forever and ever! No cup of milk nor emergency dentist could salvage my mouth.:-( I have never lived alone, but just started having this issue an a continuous basis! *sigh* I bet you had your mouth set on that burger too!