Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Money well spent

On Sunday I had a fat girl moment. On my way to my car to leave my weekend job I noticed the person who parked their pretty black sports car next to my driver's side parked way too close. There were about 6 or 7 people hanging out shooting the breeze not far from where I was. At first I thought I'd go back in and wait for the sporty black car to move, but that car could be there overnight so no go. Then I thought I'd get in on the passenger side and move over, but that would be too entertaining to the young college folks hanging out to witness, so no. I chose to give them an even better show. I some how managed to squeeze and wiggle myself in my car on the drivers side. I can only imagine what I looked like! LOL! As soon as I secured my spot I looked in my rear view mirror and sure enough the crew were all smiling from ear to ear looking in my direction! Great!

With my ears literally starting to burn I drove away image conscience and tried to put it behind me. I mean skinny folks can have folks park too close and they'd have to maneuver as well right? But my mental being could not let it go. I told myself for the 14,305,683,723 time it was time to hit the gym and make more use of that year long membership I brought back in January. Make that money I put down way back when money well spent. So far so good. I didn't know I'd actually miss being in the gym! Go figure! The current plan is to continue to make use of the gym Monday-Friday between 5 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.! Why 5? Cuz it's a proven fact that once I get home after work it's very hard to get myself motivated to go workout. :-P

*imaging what I could be looking like at this very moment had I been hitting the gym hard since January* *sigh* Oh well, no day like the present to work on my dime pieceness. Yeah, dime pieceness, shut up! LOL!


AR Gal said...

Why does crap like that always happen when people are present?? UGH!!!

If I had a dime for every time I imagined what I'd look like had I worked out consistently I'd be rich. Then I wouldn't care because I could just pay to get my body right. LMAO

Call it a hunch but I have strong feeling Freaky's response is going to involve you running those dudes over with your car. lol

Rashan Jamal said...

i believe the word is dimepiecenessocity. I think I would have went the passenger side route myself.

Ladynay said...

Because that is the way the world works! I was probably a paragraph in one of the crews blogs entries Monday, LOL!

ROFL! Right!

Who knows, that or I should have thrown a brick at them or something. Tee hee hee

Rashan, Ahhhhhhhhhh dimepiecenessocity! Thank you for the correction, I appreciate it! LOL!

In hind sight it would have been the better option, but at that moment my mind didn't think so! *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I would have flipped them off! lol

Unbreakable said...

All the best with the Gym.If you really want to loose weight you just have to stick with it. wiggle wigle wiggle just could imagine it happening. we have to laugh at our selves at times don't be too hard on yourself

Freaky Deaky said...

*glares at AR Gal* No I would've told her to do about 2 dozen jumping jacks on the hood of that jackass' car. :op

Who in their right mind parks their "expensive" sports car that close to someone's car. My doors are heavy as hell and sometimes they just swing open and slam into someone's car. -_- Now if my grip slips a few times trying to close my door then oh well. If there are no witnesses I'd vandalize the car and leave them a "nice" note. I'm going to start carrying something so I can quickly and easily pierce tires. I say one on each side should be good.

So if you quit I want a donation equal to your gym membership in my Freaky Deaky Fund asap. I'll post a pic of what I buy with your money. :oD

Ladynay said...

Southern, it didn't even cross my mind! Shoot! LOL!

Unbreakable, I, like most folks, knows what it takes to get right, doing it is the problem! LOL!

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself to keep from going off the deep end! :-P

FD, OKAY!!!! I've seen people with new or tricked out cars that park damn near in the back of a lot just so nobody parks near them! UGH! Forget doing one on each side, pierce all 4 of 'em!

All funds from now until my student loans are paid off will go to the gov't! I need to post about that too! *sigh*

Ms. Insatiable said...

Girl they were smiling at your ass. Don't worry abotu them but I would have "accidentally on purpose" let my car door hit the black car. You were in the way, now you pay.

Ladynay said...

There were too many witnesses to do damage. Had I chipped some paint or scratched the car the owner would have had plenty of witnesses to tell them who done it! Shoot for all I know one of the crew could have owned the car!