Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween party

Momma worked 12 hours, went to the store to buy the drinks she said she'd bring, got home, washed, threw on fresh clothes and took her daughter to her TKD's annual Fall Festival. There were way too many folks there and Pooka had a GREAT time! Here are pix.

Face painting.

Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Na na Bat Girl!!!!!! Bat Girl is waiting for her giraffe balloon. I don't know who Marge Simpson is but she was FUN.NY!!!

Party goers.

More party goers.

Head Master playing with the guests.

Trini dude and his daughter mini Trini dudette bumblebee.

Master Kick your ass with one hand.

Head Master Kick your ass with one finger and his baby WTF. :-P

OK now, momma tired, good nite!


Freaky Deaky said...

So what did you go as? Was it someone in painfully tiny thong? What?! I think that's an excellent Halloween outfit.

You should've gotten a teddy bear painted on your forehead and in little letters next to it "Freaky Deaky is in my head." That's hot!

Glad everyone had fun.

Jameil said...

Okay that head master's baby is SCARY!!! LOLOLOL! My faves are the bumblebee and... bat girl! Yessss! Great costume!

Ladynay said...

I was Bat Girl's momma! Duh! LOL! Before you ask Bat Girl's momma don't wear painfully tiny thongs FD! LOL!

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah sure!

We all had a good time.

Jameil, yeah that's why I affectionately named it WTF! :-)

Admit it Bat Girl was the best...EVER!!!! *cheese*

Rashan Jamal said...

What in the heck is the headmaster's mask? That joint looks like a bad acid trip...not that I would know... Bat girl was so cute!

Ladynay said...

I don't know but it's cool as hell!*side eye* You don't know about acid trips...riiiiiiight!

Bat Girl was the BESTestestestest ever! LOL!