Tuesday, November 24, 2009

and I CHOSE to do this??!!??!!

So I get this nice thick packet from Elon in the mail today. There's all sorts of goodies inside. Stuff about orientation, insurance, parking decals, where to park, how I need to go ahead and join the national PT association (which I already knew I had join), about this bag of clinical "toys" I need to buy, other odd and ends, about a response I have to write about another book I will be copping from the library tomorrow, and NINE other books I need to cop for my personal use.....NINE additional books aside from the 4 I already brought! Now granted, these books will get me through my first year but damn! I was sitting in the living room with my peeps and every time I flipped a page I went "now they want me to buy *insert item*" and mommy would laugh! I found my 9 additional books online for the grand total of $360 which is awesome! I am still scared to tally up all the money I need to come up with to take care of all this stuff in this most recent pack of info!

In other school news, I just took my first online exam. Had 60 questions and 90 minutes to complete it. It took me 22 minutes and some seconds and I only missed 1! YAY! 5 more exams over 85% and I don't have to take the final! Yippee! I am blogging these things as a personal record keeper of sorts so don't mind me. :-)

Okay, I'm going to study now.


Jameil said...

you missed one? AND you don't have to take the final?? you betta do it! wooo hoooo!!!!!!

Ms. Insatiable said...

You sure did choose this so you better handle it. LOL Sounds like you're doing ok so far so hang in there!

Ladynay said...

Jameil, yeah I was kinda mad that I missed it at first ncuz I would have got it right if I took an extra moment to think about what they were asking me, but I decided to change me focus to getting anything over 85%. That's what's ultimately important. *whipering* still want that 100% though, LOL!

Yep, I claim that I will NOT have to take the final!

Mo, yes ma'am! LOL! So far so good thank goodness!

AR Gal said...

Study hard!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ladynay said...

I will...on Friday! LOL!

Happy Gobble Gobble to you too!

Freaky Deaky said...

So that means I shouldn't expect a PS3 from you because of those books? Boooooo @ education! *Hiss*

Okay I'm going to motivate you. For every question you get wrong you're getting a whooping plus I'm going to have to charge you $10. Now get to it Ms. 100% while I warm up my spank hand. LOL.

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Ladynay said...

First let me laugh at my original post and my first comment! Yall are good ones to understand what I be typing! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

FD, ROFL! I was going to buy you a PS3 like I was going to by Jameil a studio to produce her documentaries, Mo a house, ARgal whatever she may want! *cheese*

Charge 10 dollars? Do you take Monopoly money??? LOL!

Rashan Jamal said...

wait I'm confused... school hasn't started yet but you are taking tests??? That's a gang of books and a gang of money. good thing you got 7 jobs

blkbutterfly said...

I ask myself the same question at least once a week. between the costs and time spent, you start to wonder. but, there are little shining moments that make it worth it.

Ladynay said...

Rashan, yep taking test, reading books, writing papers, alladat! LOL! My fiddyleven jobs came in handy! All my books are in route as we speak cuz somebody decided to pay me b4 the holiday! YAY! :-)

BB, I haven't had my shining moment yet! I am currently afraid to check my mail because of Elon! HA!