Monday, November 23, 2009

Random as usual

I am not ready for Turkey Day or Christmas.

I've completed my Christmas shopping yet Pooka keeps adding stuff to her list on the fridge. The latest thing is a Zuzu (sp) hamster. According to my coworker the pet itself is pretty cheap, it just the pieces that go with it that will hurt your pocket.

Mommy still isn't sure what she is going to do come January. I am ready either way.

My coworker on the weekend job may not be leaving as soon as she thought. That makes me happy.

The residents at the weekend spot gave me and my coworker a hard time. There are 4 residents and 2 staff per shift. The 2 I mainly deal with were a trip! One tried to fight me and the other staff in an effort to try to get her way. When it dawned on her that she STILL was not going to get her way after her attempt, she ripped her shirt open Hulk Hogan style! Lord have mercy! Then the other one I deal with can not walk and wears an adult diaper. All the residents wear them, but the other 3 can sit on the toilet and handle their business. My resident must be changed like a baby. She is on her cycle and had diarrhea. Oh what a lovely weekend it was for me!

I worked 4 extra hours Sunday night and I worked with one of the newer staff that I'd never worked with before. We made chit chat and some how some way she ends of telling me this deep serious stuff about her and her family. After she tells me all this she goes "I don't know why I just told you that, I don't really tell anyone about that" This happens to me ever so often. For some strange reason people tell me stuff that I don't inquire about. Something similar happened last week with my coworker at the weekend spot. We were watching a movie where a chick was put in a bad situation. I made a comment about how I didn't know what I'd do if that was me. Turns out my coworker had been in that situation. I told her that I'd never guess that she'd went through a situation like that and commended her ability to move forward. That was supposed to be the end of the conversation. It wasn't. She told me the whole story from start to finish then told me how a lot of people don't know her story because of the way she carries herself. Maybe these people feel the need to tell their story and I am random enough to share those things with. I find the whole thing interesting.

Pooka went to the dentist today. 8 years with no cavities! YAY! I told her I was happy about her having no cavities and she asked me why she didn't have cavities. It was a strange question, but I told her it because she brushes her teeth a lot. She has an abnormal obsession with the children's mouth wash that stains your teeth so you'd know where to brush and see the spots you missed. I swear I think she drinks the stuff. I buy her a big bottle just about every week. In the same trip I brought the shirts, I brought her her another bottle. It's already less than half way empty. Whomever thought up this idea about teeth marking mouth wash was a genius!!!!

Tomorrow is Pooka's classes Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner. They are out of school Wed, Thurs., and Fri. I'm bringing the popcorn! If you don't know what A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner consists of. Shame on you and go find it on YouTube somewhere!

My coworker at the industrial rehab job delivered her baby today. She was just days into her third trimester. Let me just say that everybody is fine. Now let's back track to this passed Friday. She came in not feeling so well with a bad headache. She checks her blood pressure and apparently got numbers she didn't like so she asked me to check it behind her. I took it and it was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up there esp. since her blood pressure usually runs low. She calls her MD and the nurse tells her to come in and a few moments later she is walking out the door. A few hours pass and she calls the office and I picked up. She tells me that her BP won't go down and her MD is sending her to the hospital to be monitored. You could hear the fear in her voice. It was cracking and everything. So that was that.

In my mind they were going to get her BP down and send her home. I go in today and first thing I notice is that her car or her husband's car that she drives every now and again wasn't in the lot. I park and go in and as I'm booting up my computer the company VP comes and tells me her and the President went to see my coworker on Sunday. The hospital sent my coworker, who is my manager, to UNC Chapel Hill (another hospital with equipment to handle babies being born that early), she would be there until she delivered, and that they were going to deliver her at 34 weeks if she made it that long.

Ok cool. That means about 6 weeks or so of hospital bed rest. How boring! I made my plan to go to the store, buy her some crafty stuff, coloring books, and crayons and take it to her after work so she'd have something to do once the mandatory bed sentence started to annoy her. Towards the end of the day I called the hospital so I could pick with her and to see if she was up for company this afternoon. Her husband picked up and after a brief catch up with him I asked to speak with my coworker. He tells me hold on and I hear him say "telephone". I hear her voice say something that I couldn't make out and he gets back on and starts chit chatting with me again all calm like. Then he tells me that they just got back in the room from delivery....


"* insert co worker's name* delivered today"

"*gasp*, is, she alright? Is the baby okay? OMG! Are you okay? Everything alright?"

I still could hear another gentleman voice speaking.

"Everyone is good. Things just been happening so fast. The doctor just came in."

"Well get off the phone man!!!!"

"okay, *insert coworkers name* says hi"

We end the conversation and I am blown away first by the news and second in how calm her husband was! LOL I mean from interacting with him in the past and from the stories my coworker tells me, it takes A LOT for him to show an emotion outside of chill. Damn it if your baby being born a trimester early don't stir you up than I don't know what will!!!! He did say that everything was happening fast so maybe everything that has been going on hasn't really had the time to hit him yet. I dunno *shrug* Anyway, I ditched my plan to go see my coworker this evening because I am sure between her big family and her big family of in-laws, family was going to be there tonight visiting in full force. I don't need to be there right now.

Turkey Day is in the country as always this year. For the first time since we started having our big Thanksgiving celebrations there is no theme. That kinda makes me sad. I am also going to do a drive by visit to my father's house. My step sister from my father's second marriage is supposed to be there. Pooka was like 2 or 3 the last time I saw or spoke to her. She is like 16 or 17 now. This should be interesting. According to my father's wife, my step sister doesn't fool with my father for the same reasons I don't. That should really tell her something!

I made a deal with my mom and Pooka that Friday morning is my sleep in morning. I am going to sleep until my body wakes me up and my bladder makes me get up to use the restroom. Normally on the days I have to sleep in someone always wakes me up and breaks my sleep before my body has a chance to wake up on it's own! It bothers me when I am awaken for something that I don't need to awakened for. For example. Pooka will wake me up just to tell me good morning......*sigh* yeahhhhhhhhhhh you really could have waited ma'am! *double sigh*

I got my plan for Friday. I am going to force myself to finish my paper. I put my very rough draft in Word and haven't touched it since. I gotta do better. I will fine tune it into some kind of readable English then get some different eyes to look at it. Then I think we are hitting the movies. Mommy wants to see Precious. I want to see Ninja Assassin. Pooka wants to go to the drop off center that she hasn't been to in a long time! I gotta see if they are open Friday and if they are, I think we can all have our wants satisfied! YAY!


Jameil said...

I saw those hamsters are the hotness for the kiddos. better you than me on the residents................. people tell my mom everything!! i'm like yeah kids please don't tell me stuff. every time a parent talks about lack of sleep my uterus involuntarily shuts down. fine with me.

Ladynay said...

And they will be the hotness right on those shelves too! I already got her a life like pet with that darn Fur Real Cat! One fake pet is enough! LOL!

I had too many Calgon moments dealing with the residents this past weekend. I just wanted to disappear.

I'm sure your mom don't want or need to know what they tell her as well.

ROFL@your uterus shuts down!

Freaky Deaky said...

Eww @ your job. Glad I don't work there or otherwise you'd be cleaning up vomit too. Smells are my trigger and I can't imagine that stench. Well actually I can but I'm really trying not to. :o(

Yeah, I heard people are buying up those hamsters and trying to make it big on Ebay. One year I'm going to hop on board and price gouge desperate, overindulgent parents for giggles and profit. What?! Freaky gotta get paid.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving dinner? That sounds bootleg? You know that right? I just hope Pooka doesn't snap and start super kicking Albinos in the throat. Well, on second thought that would be funny as hell so I rescind my previous comment. :oD

I predict you'll be wide awake by 9am on Friday at the latest.

Ninja Assassin, yeah! Precious? Um not so much.

Anonymous said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth reading about your patient.

O's school had Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving Dinner too!

Ladynay said...

FD Trust me, I gagged a few times but I couldn't let her lay in her own waste no matter how nasty the scene.

I want a 99.9% cut! LOL! Sharing is caring! *cheese*

A Charlie Brown Turkey Day is super cute and was super fun thankyouverymuch! It was not boot leg!

I am not a late sleeper so I may be up at 9, but at least I would have got up on my own and not because someone woke me up!

Southern, yeah nice visual huh? LOL!

YAY! O's school rocks!

Ms. Insatiable said...

I'm glad your coworker is ok from the delivery. Wow!

Ladynay said...

I am too! As of a few hours ago everyone was still doing okay. They are just trying to get the baby to feed and breathe on her own. I suspect that the baby is going to be in the hospital for a little while getting her petite 1 1/2 pound self developed more.

Ladynay said...

***update in the comment section***

Just got off the phone with my coworker. Everyone is still doing fine. Her husband is kinda lost in space but doing well. The baby has started breathing on her own and once she gets her independant eating on and her weight up she will be transferred to my coworkers local hospital. My coworker is scheduled to go home next week.

Nspired said...

Girl there is alot here, and I read every word, I am not going to comment on anything, except I hope your co worker and little bundle are fine, and I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanks Giving.

Ladynay said...

Yeah, every now and again I gotta put out a long post :-)

You too! Don't eat too much!