Friday, November 20, 2009

Dance brother dance, among other things

On Wednesday I went to a boring mandatory meeting for the weekend job. The meeting literally sucked whatever energy I had from me. When it was over I hopped in Mia and started my journey back to the state job. As I was sitting at a light I was station switching till I came across one of my car groove songs, Alright by CeCe Winans. About half my energy was back! The radio is on full blast and I'm doing my drivers seat workout. As I'm waiting for the green light 3 men are walking on the sidewalk to my right. 2 walking together and 1 behind them. They gave off a homeless look. The first 2 dudes walk right by my car. The one behind them stopped mid stride, closed his eyes, threw his head back, and paused like we do when our song comes on, then started dancing! It was so cool. I couldn't take my eyes off him! I was getting it in the car and he was getting it on the sidewalk! LOL! I wish I had a camera/video phone cuz that man hyped & made my day.

I brought 8 brand new blouses for a buck each. *takes a bow* Now I gotta work on some cheap bottoms to go with the new additions to the wardrobe. :-)

Women are throwing themselves at Snookums. I'm glad some can see what I see and give him that ego boost, but I really wish they would stop.

Word to the wise, don't try to study laying down in your favorite spot on the bed. You will fall asleep and end up having to do something like get on the computer and blog to get your mind going again! LOL!


Jameil said...

i can't stand meetings. people drone on far longer than they need to, rarely accomplishing anything. where'd you get these cheap shirts? rashan's stalkers still try to holla at him. i don't really care. my bed is a seducer & the second i get on it i know my time w/open eyes will be a fight!

Rashan Jamal said...

not an impromptu homeless dance off. LOL

$1 shirts just sounds like wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

How about I never even go in my bedroom unless I'm getting clothes or going to take a shower in that bathroom. I stay sleeping on my couch.

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

Oooh...I'm notorious for dancing and singing like no one's watching lol... Fun times... I've had people in cars next to mine dancing and singing too lol...(or looking at me like I'm crazy and rolling their windows up). Ehh...
My boyfriend's a member of K A Psi, so every once in awhile a groupie gets out of pocket and tries to flirt. I don't trip... good men know when they have something good at home, and they also know not to catch everything a chick is throwing at them!

Freaky Deaky said...

You making the homeless dance? I hope you at least gave him a tip.

Hopefully along with the cheap price they came from a good store and are made from good materials. If all three are cheap then I'd recommend wearing a t-shirt under those blouses. Otherwise great deal!

If any of those chicks are in MI I'll be glad to adopt a few strays for Team Freaky. :oD

Comfort and studying are mortal enemies just like water and electricity. They've been beefing for ages. Stay upright in a chair because your bed wants you weak and stupid. LOL. It's true.

E said...

So was the dude jamming to the same jam? I'm sure that helped get your energy back even more.

Great deal on the new blouses. I'm more than confident you'll find suitable matches for these.

It's cool that you're not letting the other women get you agitated, at least in their faces. Besides everybody needs that lil' ego boost, though if your boo gets too egotistical, be sure to play Beyonce's Ego with Kayne's remix...*LOL*.

blkbutterfly said...

lol @ Freaky saying your bed wants you weak and stupid. it is true! if i'm in the bed reading for class, i have to do something to make it slightly uncomfortable so i'll stay awake.

well, at least you had a pleasant with a (likely) homeless person this week! :-)

AR Gal said...

Meetings..ugh!! I think they should be banished from the world.

Where you get those blouses from? You know I'm all for a good deal!

Alright now, tell Snookums don't go getting the big head. lol

Ladynay said...

Jameil, Meetings suck! Walmart! The bed is great at seducing! LOL

Rashan, sort of. I'm prepared. Poor neglected bedroom *smh*

PrettyPacino, isn;t it fun? Most Kappa'a I know are pretty boys and love when folks recognize it!

FD, Yep though I didn't mean to. Tip??? For what? I didn't request that show! LOL!

Wally world hasn't done me wrong yet as far clothes.


ROFL@bed wanting me weak and stupid

E, yeah he was dancing to my radio and it totally got my energy up.

Hopefully you are right.

LOL, you silly!

BB, yeah reading a million printed internet pages while laying on your bed is a disaster waiting to happen!

ROFL, I'd take my experience over yours any day!

ARgal, a world without meetings is a happier world.

Wally world.

Too late. I should call him Right Said Fred cuz he's in the I'm too sexy for my....phase! LOL