Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Por que?

While I'm in the break room trying to rest my eyes from the computer screen I overhear a conversation. It's Slim Shady and some new girls talking about income tax refunds.

It's November 4th, why are we mentally spending our refunds all ready and for non necessary stuff at that? The only one out the group making sense was a coworker that will be dropping twins next year, bless her heart. Any money she get will go to get them situated, as it should IMO.

Why are they planning to go to *insert tax service* in the near future to get the refund process started? I thought preparation places started that "give us your last paycheck and walk away with cash" junk in December!

Why haven't they realized that those services rip you off?

Why haven't they realized that a huge refund is NOT a good thing! Change your tax docs around, put your money in a interest bearing account and make the ish multiply throughout the year! Or gee I don't know, spend that "extra money" during the year and not wait till the beginning of the year to be close to or in the black! Just a thought.

I just kept my mouth shut.

We love the "black lottery" don't we?


Oh since the rest of yall have seen what I'm looking like these days, I guess I can share this now...

0:27 far left and 1:00 right after they show the money and tickets on the table. Don't blink.


Rashan Jamal said...

Yo they planning... they planning stupidly, but they are planning. Give them a break.

For real, its hard for people who have not been taught fiscal responsibility to know what to do. I know my mom messed me up with finances.

Freaky Deaky said...

I think they start the holiday loans in mid-November. If they read the fine print and say what the rates they'd charge you if for whatever reason your tax return ends up less than estimated then they'd run not walk away. It's a good racket that plays on people's greed, impatience, and poor financial planning. Then again considering some of the asses I had to deal with I think they deserve to be raped by the tax prep services.

Damn that purse!

Ladynay said...

Nope, the newbies can get a break but me and Slim had this conversation last year! I'd admit it took a few people to tell me and a little reading on my part to understand what I need to do as far as taxes are concerned, but come on!

Ladynay said...

Really Freaky? That soon? Well I guess it makes sense that they want to get that money before Christmas so they can buy Ray Ray and 'em that $300 toy that they will play with till New Years! LOL!

Gotta love my bag! Bwahahahahahahaa!

Jameil said...

dummies. lol @ rashan give them a break. at least you have your business in order (or know what you need to do to get it in order). that's all that matters!

blkbutterfly said...

a friend of mine and i were talking about the tax return thing back in the summer and she was lamenting the fact that she never got a huge tax return. i had to tell her it was because she was doing the right thing with her money! she seemed relieved after i gave her a quick run down of why that was the case.

Ladynay said...

Jameil, true but still, each one teach one right?

BB, like I said...each one teach one! :-)

Anonymous said...

I've had to have a few *spirited* discussions with folk about why it's bad to get a huuuge refund. Le sigh.

At least you know what you gotta do to keep your business in order, though.

CANDICE said...

watched the video!! you are a star!!