Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So much to jot down, so little time!

Santa has dropped Pooka's stuff off early and it in my closet for the time being. I am officially done with my major Christmas shopping! YAY!

Went to see A Christmas Carol in IMAX 3D this weekend. Long story short, GO SEE IT!

The Good: The movie displaying 3D effects the entire movie so even if you don't do IMAX go see it 3D. I mean since I did do the IMAX thing some parts of the movie really messed with my fear of standing heights. The animation. The spirit of Christmas past stirred chuckles out of many of us in the theater. I haven't read the book by Charles Dickens, but it felt like Disney stayed close to how Mr. Dickens wrote the book. There were a lot of scenes that are not in the typical animated renditions of this story. It's NOT a musical!

The Bad: The spirit of Christmas present. OMG! This dude freaked me out like the Burger King king does! Creepy, just creepy! It's not exactly a kid friendly movie at times. There were a few times during the movie where I told myself "Yep, Pooka's going to want to sleep with me tonight" and she did.

First spoken reactions while walking out the theater....

Mom: That was good.

Me: Yeah I liked it.

Pooka: It was kinda scary.

This weekend my coworker and I took the residents to the observation deck at the airport. One resident was having a behavior and I dealt with it (I work with adults with developmental disabilities) after the resident regained composure I took another resident up to get a better view of the planes. While watching the planes a random observer told me that I was "queen of the universe". I just laughed. It was so out the blue! It's interesting finding out what people think about you because you work with people who aren't "typical". Sometimes I'd rather work with people who are disabled than "normal" people. *shrug*

My coworker who just started a bit over a month ago is leaving. She is moving back home at the end of the month. That sucks cuz she was cool and we got along well. I hope whomever takes her spot is just as cool.

Yesterday was Ladynay, teacher's assistant, part 2! I walked in the classroom, said my hello's and went to get my instructions from the teacher. As I'm standing beside the teacher I felt these little arms wrap around me. I glanced down and it was Smarty Pants! Awwwwwwww. That was super sweet! My group for today was Smarty Pants, Pretty Braids, and the Good Twin (The twins went to Pooka's old daycare. Bad twin has/had a attitude problem and got suspended last year for putting her hands on a teacher. Bad twin now lives with her grandmother and goes to another school. Good Twin is the typical 3rd grader). Or Man ran up to the door to go with me and the teacher informed him he wasn't going with me this time. He looked so disappointed. I felt bad and wanted to tell the teacher he could come too but I know she probably has a reason for having him not go. The teacher did tell me that she will be rotating the students so that's good.

We go back to the same spot we went last week in the corner of the library and attempted get to work on Robin Hood. Before we could get the book open Good Twin speaks...

GT: Is Pooka in school today?
Me: Yes, didn't you see her in class?
GT: She musta been too quiet then. I don't remember seeing her.
Smarty (not to have a convo go on w/out him) : She drew me a ostrich and a dinosaur for me last week. They were awesome!
Me: That's nice, now let's open our books.

After getting the kids focused. I had them read a few pages out loud taking turns. After that I asked them questions like:

What happened?
Who are the characters?
What does that remind you of?
How does blah blah blah make you feel?

In the story they read how when Little John first met Robin, they were walking across a bridge and John pushed Robin in the water with his staff. I asked them what does that remind you of. Pretty braids told a story about how she fell into the pool. Then Smarty Pants told a story about somebody picking on Pooka during recess last week and how he was about to go push them. He said that Pooka was nice to everyone and didn't deserve to be messed with so he was going to push them down like John pushed Robin.

At this moment I realized speechless moments would occur often in my interactions with these children. LOL! I also realized that between the Tae Kwon Do classes Pooka takes and Smarty Pants having her back, Pooka will be just fine at school! :-) She didn't tell me anyone was messing with her last week. Guess she had it under control. *shrug*

We get through the assignment and head back upstairs to the class. I say my goodbyes and Pooka gives me hugs and kisses before I leave! I am enjoying this because I know the day will come when she will not want me to come to her school and she will definitely NOT show me affection in front of her peers! :-(


Rashan Jamal said...

I've yet to see anything in IMAX. I need to fix that, but it wont be A Christmas Carol.

LOL @ Queen of the Universe. Apparently the kids think you are the queen too. Good Job!

Ladynay said...

*gasp* I demand you scoop up Jameil and yall go see a movie at an IMAX theater! It don't have to be a 3D one for you to experience the coolness!

Nope, the teacher is the queen, I am the queen's helper once a week :-D

Freaky Deaky said...

I might go see a Christmas Carol but I'm pretty sure it won't be in IMAX 3D. That has to be approaching $20 a ticket, right? I can't pay that for what's probably a < 90 minute long cartoon and I love animation. If I don't see it in 3D at the regular theater than I'll wait until it's on DVD. I should have my nice LCD TV by then.

The spirit of Christmas present made you wet yourself didn't it? Truth is you wanted Pooka to sleep with you because YOU were scared. It's okay you can admit it.

All Pooka needs to do is kick that person one good time in the throat and that person will be giving up his/her lunch money for the rest of the year.

Ms. Insatiable said...

I am so going to see that movie. It looks awesome.

Isn't it amazing how mature Pooka is? For her not to say anything and be perfectly fine, that says alot. I don't think you have to worry much about her.

Ladynay said...

FD, nope. The movie was the regular IMAX price. IMAX didn't charge the extra 3D fee. You need to see it at the movies unless you're planning to buy a big assed LCD!

The spirit of Christmas present freaked me out, that's all I'm admitting to! LOL

Hopefully she will never have to get to the point of having to get physical to deal with folks.

Mo, See it in 3D no matter where you see it!

Yeah it's great she is learning how to hold her own and not run to mommy when someone is acting stupid, but part of me still wants to know what's going on whether it's under control or not. *sigh* Guess that's part of her starting to be independant. Not sure how I feel about that.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to IMAX in years. I do plan on going to see "This Is It" in IMAX this weekend.

I would love to be a teacher's assitant at O's school. Kids are so funny.

Ladynay said...

I still don't have a want to see MJ at the movies :-( Don't know why. Everyone that I know of that has seen it loved it.

I'm sure you'll be up at O's school volunteering/chaperoning/something and you'll have stories for days!

Nspired said...

I haven't seen anything in IMAX, and definitely nothing in 3d, something about that scares me a little.

Might a fear I will conquer in the before Christmas.

Ladynay said...

*gasp* no Imax??? *double gasp* no 3D???? Yeah we need to correct that and soon! LOL