Friday, November 06, 2009


I ordered all the books I know that I need so far and brought some new scrubs for anatomy! YAY! Like I told someone, or may have already blogged it, the goal is to get on top and stay on top of my PT game! I am thinking about stepping up my fashion game and work that pseudo high maintenance look for the first module of school since the rest of the modules will require me to be in scrubs or tee shirt and shorts/sweatpants. I brought 3 new super cute blouses already!

At first my FaceBook page was just going to be for interacting with the Elon folks. Then a cousin found me...then a member of my neighborhood wayyyyyyyyy back in elementary school days found me....then another cousin found me. I couldn't really reject their requests cuz I dunno, just didn't seem right! LOL! Through the 2nd cousin that found me my Aunt Diva found me. Through my aunt the whole flippin' world has found me and shot me a request. So much for staying on the low! *shm* LadyKat just started her page this week and shot me a request. I felt special cuz that means she looked for me vs. seeing me on somebody else's page! :-) It's the little things that make you smile sometimes! Then I got a request from LadyKat's mom! LOL! Yeah, it's getting out of hand!

After work tomorrow I am planning to take Pooka to get her Bakugon toy because she fulfilled her end of a deal we made. I think she forgot about it cuz she has not mentioned it! I'm going to keep my end of the deal though. It's the right thing to do. Then after that I am taking her and my mom to see A Christmas Carol in IMAX 3D! YAY! I'm excited. I love IMAX movies and enjoy some good 3D work so I can't wait!

Jay Z is coming to Greensboro in February and tix go on sale next Saturday. I would love to go see him, but I already know I am not going to love the price live nation's going to give me. *sigh*

Why is KEM in concert here tonight and I am not there? They did not announce this on the radio or nothing! At least not when I was listening! :-(

Now for the original reason I was going to post. LOL

At the state job I deal with money. Unclaimed money. Every now and again I will do a post reminding folks to look their names up in every state that they have ever lived in or used an address in that state. Since nothing exciting is happening on this end and I haven't done the post in awhile here it is! :-)

For those who live, have lived, or have used an NC address check out if you see your name send me an email and I'll help you out. Well, that is if you get up with me before the end of December. After that I can't do nothing for yah! :0)

Everyone else check out . Find your state and manipulate the site to find their unclaimed/escheated property search and go from there. is an easy way to look as well but not all the states are on missing money. We used to be up until this year.

Please note that unclaimed property scams are out there and the best way to tell a scam from the real deal is that there is NO CHARGE for services. The only time you may have to pay a fee is when we have the contents of a safety deposit box and you still have to pay the box fee before your merchandise is released. But for the sake of this warning. THERE IS NO FEE INVOLVED.

Merry Christmas!


Freaky Deaky said...

No unclaimed money for me. Why are they hiding it? I'm an African Prince named Bambolimufastahoelle N'mdgofume [insert tongue clicks and guttural sounds] surely you and your readers have heard of me. I sent you many e-mails but you have not answered. Please it is urgent and I humbly implore you to help me reclaim the vast fortune that is rightfully mine. I'll be your best friend. LOL!

I'm trying to save my Facebook for people I actually know instead of having a few hundred people I've never met and never will. I have two sisters on Facebook and we haven't friended each other. I don't know how I'd feel about my mom muscling in my friends. What?! I'm possessive of my things.

I had a $10 off LiveNation coupon but since I don't really do concerts I deleted it. :o(

So are you going to do a movie review?

It's November 7th silly, not Christmas. *giggles* What would Smarty Pants say?

spchrist said...

It is too early for and I have no missing money. I wish I did though.

Anonymous said...

Booo...I have no missing money. Neither do my parents. Yep, I looked up their name just in case they had any I could get a cut for helping them out. lol

I don't understand people who want to be friends and don't know each other. I get requests from folks I don't know. I always send a message to them asking do we know each other. If I get a respond like "no but we have a friend in common", they will be ignored.

Jameil said...

yay for being prepared for school! i started my fb page for school, too. yeah... i now have like 400 friends and maybe 3% are from UF. mess. i do ignore people on the regular, tho. we're not friends. quit playin. lolol. i never have unclaimed money. boooo.

Rashan Jamal said...

Kem is coming to Atlanta with Will Downing and Kindred the Family Stone... I call it, "The Fall Asleep in Your Chair Tour."

You probably posted about something else too , but just the mere mention of Kem put me into a narcoleptic trance, so I can't focus. LOL

Nspired said...

Can you help a Canadian girl out? lol.

Good that your keeping your end of the deal with the little diva.

AR Gal said...

None for me either but I have bookmarked the site just in case. :D

Ladynay said...


Yeah I feel you on the FB thing. Would you accept your sisters invite if they sent you one?

Boooooooooooo! I love a discount!

I did a quick one :-)

He would say that and then some! LOL

SP, Christmas is 40+ days away! Blink twice and it will be here!

Southern, the thing is I actually know these people. My aunt functioned more like my older sister and I got to hang out with her and her friends like the little sister when we went out. My friends mom and I have conversations when she's in town, but I didn't think she'd holla at me on FB! LOL!

Jameil, never say never, all the states update there sites on the regular! Besides not having anything means you kept a good eye on your money.

Rashan, leave Kem alone. His music is.....soothing! LOL

Nspired, bout to ask my coworker in a minute.

ARgal, yeah do that and check it out every blue moon.

Freaky Deaky said...

I don't know if I'd accept them. One I don't really know too much about and the other probably doesn't want me knowing her business like that. Now if they have some cute friends it might make a difference in my eyes.