Friday, December 11, 2009

Another holiday function complete

I got a birthday party @ a club on the 18 then something on the 19th that I can't remember right now, then I am DONE with functions for a minute.

Tonight was the industrial rehab's holiday dinner. No pix cuz I forgot my camera. We met at this fancy smancy restaurant where there no prices on the menu. When I ordered my peach tea the president of the company asked me why I wasn't drinking! LOL! I told her that I was okay and didn't want a drink. She insisted for a moment that I at least get a glass of wine. I declined.

I ordered (yall food folks like Darius and Jameil forgive my spelling) lobster bisque soup, gorgonzola lamb chops, and peachberry crostada to finish! All of it was THE BOMB!!!!! I got some serious itis going on rite bout nah! The stuff my coworkers ordered looked good too!

As we were finishing our meals it was time for the Pres and VP to pass out Christmas gifts! This year they came in envelopes! YEAAAAAH BUDDY!!! All I will say is that there were 3 digits in front of that decimal point. *insert Holy Spirit dance here*. I should have known a blessing was coming when the VP shot me an offline msg on the system we use asking if I brought my books already. It was random, out the blue, and I thought nothing of it until after I peeped the contents of the envelope tonight.

In conversation I was asked if I was commuting to Elon. I said yeah but I only have to commute 4 days a week since we don't have classes on Wednesday. My president goes "oh reaaaaaaally now?". I told her she can call me. LOL! Looks like I really don't have to worry about how I am going to make an extra dollar here and there! I am happy that my employers appreciate what I do for them.

The rehab spot is the only place that I can say that I will truly miss working there. Next week is my last week. :-( Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


blkbutterfly said...

Hooray for extra money!

Your meal sounds lovely.

It's so strange to me how ppl are so taken aback when you say you don't drink. I went out w/ my classmates last night and before finally pouring a cup of something, i was asked at least 5 times, "do you want something?" smh...

Freaky Deaky said...

You got wasted didn't you? Stumble down drunk. Blasted. It's okay you can admit it I won't tell anyone but I will point at you and give you a Nelson laugh.

So can I have $10? LOL

Methinks you have all those jobs so you can go to all of those Christmas parties. The Jamaicans would be pleased.

Jameil said...

Yeah food!! I'm so glad you didn't get chicken!! And you spelled everything correctly! Lobster bisque is one of my faves!!! Mmmmmm!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

That meal sounds awesome. I wish my job would give a Christmas bonus. Don't care if it was just a $10 gift card to WalMart, I would take it.

Anonymous said...

Your meal sounds delicious!

My job gives us nothing for the holidays. I'm so jelly!

Ladynay said...

bb, YAY!

It was yummy!

I know right! It's like a social misstep if you don't get an adult beverage or something! LOL

FD, Nope, stuck with the peach tea all night.

Ummmmmm NO! LOL

Yep, that's exactly why I did it! LOL

Jameil, I got chicken at home! When I am out on someone else's dime I need to venture out! :-) I don't know where this food been all my life! De-dang-licious!

Rashan, we got some days before Christmas still so that gift card may be coming!

Southern, it was! MMMMMM

I am fortunate to have a job that was able to give out gifts this year. Most employers handed out pink slips.