Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting over the crud

When I woke up Saturday morning I felt like crap. I was hot, then cold, then hot, then cold. My nose was runny and all those other cold like symptoms. I went to work and did nothing. I stayed in my little corner watching tv. Sunday was a repeat of Saturday.

Today I feel like I am functioning at about 70-75%. I got time to go to the gym, but I think I am going to lay down before I hit up the industrial rehab spot.

Went to the MD this morning. I swear the next time a health care professional tells me I need to lose weight I am going to act shocked. Like I had no earthly clue! Just for shits and giggles! LOL! I came out the womb 11lbs 1oz. Every doctor's appt. I ever been to that I can remember I've been told to lose weight. If I don't know anything else about my health, one would think I know THAT much! Sometimes I wish medical folks would skip the down right obvious stuff! LOL!

Nap time!


WhiteChocolateCandyisDandy said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better....I feel the same way about the DR...every time they say the same thing..they should spend that energy making a pill we can take to lose weight!!!!!

Ladynay said...

Thanks. Now that I am not blowing my nose or coughing up nastiness every 10 minutes my voice is jacked up and it hurts to swallow! UGH!

They have pills out there that work, they just mess up your heart and or liver*cheese*

WhiteChocolateCandyisDandy said...

I am going to make my blog private..if you send me you email address I will invite you so you can read when you like.

Rashan Jamal said...

Ladynay got cooties!!! Everybody point and stare at her... Dang you was a big baby.

Jameil said...

now you know they have to tell you that! behave! you're gonna be telling someone that in a few years! lol. 11lbs 1oz.??? let's talk about babies i DON'T want to have. my friend's mom is just barely 100 lbs. & had THREE 9+ lb. babies. i think 2 were over 10 lbs. NO. after the 2nd one i would've had to cry uncle. glad you're feeling better!

WhiteChocolateCandyisDandy said...

Here is my email....send me your email address and I will invite you to my blog.

Have an amazing day!!

Ladynay said...

Candy, you have mail

Rashan, I do have cooties. I can't front. Yep! My mom had me with no drugs too! How bout them apples?

Jameil, I know they do but I still! When it's my turn to state the obvious I am going to put it differently somehow. LOL! Once you pop out 1 nine pounder what's to stop you? Your female parts are going to hurt whether the baby is 6lbs or 10lbs! If the baby gotta big ole head you probably going to rip up anyway! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Got a good visual going? Now go and make a baby! *cheese*

Jameil said...

i just vomited all over your blog.

Ladynay said...