Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Monday

Next time I plan a me only day. I will go to a cheap motel. My Saturday didn't go as I had planned it in my head, but whatever. Pooka is now a yellow belt and she is happy.

Found out Pooka likes to drink things from a bottle. I brought a 48 pack of bottled drinking water. I originally got it for a function but ended up not needing it. I took them out the car and put them in the fridge Friday. How about there are only10 left? I asked where the water was and my mom said Pooka had been drinking them! I knew she liked water but I never seen her consume it like that! I gotta go get me another case! LOL!

I have nothing to do outside of finishing up those 2 papers for Elon. All the books are read and I got most of both done, I just got to finish them. I hate writing papers. I'd much rather do a presentation or something.

Yesterday I officially worked my last scheduled shift at the weekend job. Can't say that I will miss the work but I will miss one particular resident. She just so happens to be the one that gave me the most hell behavior wise during my employment there. Throughout the shift me and the lady I was working with was telling her that she wasn't going to see me every weekend anymore. She didn't react. She is non verbal like the other residents but they all have their way of communicating. At the end of the shift she gave me a bear hug and wouldn't let me go for anything. It took my coworkers help to pry her off. As I was at the door talking to the coworkers coming in for the next shift the resident went in her room, got her coat and hat, came to the door, and grabbed my arm and pulled it as in saying "let's go" Awwwwwwwwwwwww :-( Maybe I'll see her again soon.

Right now I am not liking the financial adjustments I have to make. It is all for a great cause because in the end I will be living comfortably in my own home and doing what I want. I also understand that sometimes we all must sacrifice for the greater good. But 3 yrs on a super tight budget is just scary!

Speaking of homes, I was watching My First Home yesterday. It's a show that follows people as they try to find their first home from going to get pre-approval up to getting the keys. So of course I got into I want a house mode! LOL! I sent Snookums a text about it and he texted something about as long as the house has a no females allowed man cave for when he comes to visit. First, some air came out my balloon cuz I was thinking more along the lines of us having a home whenever that time came down the line. Second, why would I have a home where no females are allowed? LOL! That's just silly!

Christmas is this Friday. I am supposed to trek to MD on Wednesday. Mommy woke me up too early this morning and said MD got about 12-16 inches of snow!!! If my homegirl who drove up there yesterday tells me the hwys are not up to par and my grandmother tells me the side streets aren't cool round her way, my travel plans will change. I do not have the skill of driving in snow, sleet and/or ice. I don't really care to learn how to either! Esp. not in Mia! LOL! No thank you!


Freaky Deaky said...

Don't be deflated. I think most men especially when they're going to be outnumbered by females want a room that is pretty much for them to do whatever and be whatever. I'd imagine it would be the same if you were the only woman and he had a son or a few sons. As for the living together maybe you two were having slightly different conversations. LOL. I actually watch My First Home. I love me some HGTV.

Aww, the resident didn't want you to leave. That's always better than her grabbing a knife, running you out, and slamming the door when you leave.

Damn, that's a lot of water to be drinking.

The Albino Annihilation Machine has another colored belt. Run Albinos run!

The road conditions could and should change in a few days so unless your area is as broke, lazy, and bad as Detroit the streets should be straight.

Ladynay said...

Shoot I currently live with 2 females and want a room pretty much for me to be and do whatever! It was my room at first, but they just come in as they please now *sigh* I've been known to talk to someone and have a different conversation before so that might be the case. It mostly happens over the internet or text too! So yeah, you may be right.

My First House.YAY! HGTV. YAY!

Yeah getting run out by somebody slanging a knife is not a way I prefer to leave a building! LOL!

That's what I'm saying! I am shocked she hasn't floated away yet!

They teach self control at her academy so she is being trained not to use what she learns on anybody unless she has to! SO THERE! LOL!

I have my fingers crossed I don't have to change my plans.

AR Gal said...

I want a woman cave! LOL

Yay Pooka!!!

Jameil said...

That sucks that your me-only day didn't go well. Booooo. You should probably learn just a few defensive driving in snow/ice tips since you are still going up there just in case! Drive slowly on uncleared roads even if people honk. They can go around you. I hope you're recycling all those bottles! Lol. My mom's obsessive about recycling. I have to write a paper, too. It's nice to feel appreciated at work. I need to put myself on a budget, too.

Rashan Jamal said...

Man Caves are awesome...well in theory. I don't know anybody who actually has one. But I totally want one.

I like bottled water, but I'm good with the tap. Its an unnecessary expense for me.

All I know is it bet not snow on my way to Charlotte! White Christmas is for tv

Ladynay said...

AR, I want a LadyNay cave! LOL YAY!

Jameil, want to finish my papers for me? Please! I don't have a time limit so if I gotta go the speed limit or slower to get to MD safe, so be it! Budgets suck, but most can't function without one :-( We recycle!

Rashan, I want one too! Nothing wrong with the tap and as far as the weather folks are concerned here, you don't have to worry about snow in the Queen City.

Jameil said...

i know NOTHING abt your field. pretty sure you don't want me writing those! lolol. yay recycling!

Ladynay said...

Sure I do, just write a paper about some medical related movie you saw! LOL!