Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tomorrow is Wednesday

For some reason it didn't really sink in that tomorrow is Wednesday till this morning! I am supposed to be on the road in a little more than 24 hours! I have not packed, have not done my hair, have not done NOTHING! I had a whole day yesterday to get my act right and I treated it like I had nothing on my to do list. Like this trip was next week or something. Now I gotta rush tonight! AGH! My fault.

I am not in Christmas mode, yet I keep getting "presents". A few of my peoples are getting rid of stuff prepping for the new stuff coming to them. The old stuff stuff works and guess who is getting most of it? ME! So far I've got movies, an all in one printer, a newer monitor (which is on time cuz the computer monitor I use now is starting to short), and a griddle! Since 2010 is the year of me cooking it up to save money the griddle comes in handy! The movies are one's I have not seen before so when I am home and need to get my head out the books, I have something free to get my head off body parts and function! Merry Christmas to meeeeeeeeeeeee!

In a few hours I will know if I will have to quit the state job. I am going to ask my supervisor if it's cool I work Wednesday's starting in February (for the first month I have to be on campus on Wednesdays :-( ) and the occasional Saturday. They have been so accommodating these last 7-8 years, I don't see why they would say no now. Ok so I went and talked to my admin, who is over my supervisor that I planned on speaking w/first but she still not here yet. On my way to her office I saw her in the hall, she wished me a Merry Christmas, gave me a hug, asked about Pooka and what Santa had for her, so forth and so on. We chat and I tell her that she was the one I wanted to see. We go in her office and I shut the door behind me.

"I'm not letting you quit, so if that's what you have to tell me you can gon' walk back out the door" my super. said jokingly in her stereotypical sweet at pie older country white woman voice.

"Ummmmm not really." I replied through a smile because she pretty much answered my question.

"It's not bad news is it?"

I sat down in the super comfy chair that rests in front of her big cherry wood desk. "Yes and No."

I explained to her my deal and before I could ask her if everything was cool she said...

"Ladynay do what you got to do. You know how I feel about education and you know you'll always have a spot as long as I'm the one making decisions around here. Just let me know when you are here and not going to be here so I know when to look for you."

The work sucks, but I love my administrator! :-D

This morning I heard a song by Wale (sp) called Pretty Girls. It's a go-go song. I commend Russ Parr for playing him at 7:15 this morning cuz I needed a boost. It's rare to hear go-go music in NC unless someone is pumping a cd they got. I give the artist Wale the side eye for putting Gucci Man on the darn track! WTF? For real? It's a go-go song! I know music is doing a lot of crossing but nahhhhhhhh man! I was in the car getting my dance on getting all prepped to go up north and took a pause when Gucci started rapping. I just don't get it! Go Go artist can take rap songs (and any other songs) and put some percussion behind it and that's great and acceptable. Just leave the rap artist out of the record. It's just wrong for some reason. I can't explain it! I also can't explain why folks that did not grow up in the DC metro area can't get into go go music. Something wrong with them! LOL!


Freaky Deaky said...

Wait for the remix with Young Money, Young Jeezy, Akon, & T-Pain. I defy you not to stop where you are driving so you can climb on the roof of your car and start jamming. You can't do it, I know you can't. LOL.

Why you're doing all of this cooking can you make me some peach jello? I really want some and if you do I'll be your best friend...til the jello runs out. :oD

Your new name is Last Minute Ladynay. Bad Ladynay! Bad! I expect your packing to be finished within 90 minutes of you getting home or...or you will feel my glare from here. x( Go on now! Get I said! Get!

Jameil said...

gogo is an acquired taste. when you don't grow up on it it just sounds like noise. when i first heard it i was like WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THAT MESS!??! TURN IT OFF!!! & my first roomie was from the area... so she had it on... a lot. i didn't learn to like it until we had a band made of students my sr. year. still don't love it but it reminds me of college. if wale can do go-go why can't gucci? lol. i wish people would drop some "presents" on me! glad things are working out w/the job!

blkbutterfly said...

I know how you feel about your job. my job's so-so, but my manager is great and really accommodates/supports me and my school schedule.

i'll also be on the road is less than 24 hours and have done nothing but a few loads of laundry. i figure since i'm on vacation i don't need to be on a schedule.

Ladynay said...

FD, *gag* You know I can't and I know I can't so we good! LOL!

Peach jello? Sure! I don't know if it ships well though! HAHAHAHA

Considering I got to pack for Pooka too (a.k.a. look over what she packed) I may just really be done 90 minutes after I get home today!

Jameil, you're right. It's aquired. You did go to Hampton didn't you so you know 'bout it. Is Wale a rapper? I never heard of him till this morning!I thought he was a go go artist remaking a go go song! LOL! You are getting brand new presents for Christmas so you straight! :-)

Ladynay said...

Ummmmm BB, we gotta do better with this packing thing! :-)I don't know where my mind was yesterday. I could have got everything done! *smh*

Having a supportive high level management is a blessing for sure. Lord knows I need every buck I can hussle.

AR Gal said...

Man, I wish we were all as lucky to have such a great boss!

We are supposed to head out to Memphis for a couple of days tomorrow. I haven't packed either. Truth be told I don't even feel like going. I just got back Sunday. Sheesh!

Ladynay said...

AR, She's great! When I finally leave this place I am going to get her something really nice.

I was bout to ask if if you even got home from the first trip! LOL! If the clothes in your suitcase are clean consider yourself packed! :-D

Rashan Jamal said...

I can't stand go-go.. so I'm one of those people you don't understand. I'm glad the job is being accomodating. Good stuff.

I always wait til the last minute to pack and I hit the road every 2 weeks. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now.

Ladynay said...

Rashan, WEIRDO!!!! LOL!

I'm fortunate to work for the people I do even though I don't like the work itself. Good stuff indeed.

Ummm yeah I'm going to need you to keep a bag packed at all times. When you folding your laundry out the dryer, just go head and put the stuff in your suitcase or bag! LOL!

E said...

Don't even remind me about packing. I so need to pack myself. Luckily I"m off tomorrow and aside from having to run a few errands I should hopefully have enough time to squeeze packing in.