Wednesday, December 23, 2009

On my momma, on my hood....

Chalie Boy's "I Look Good Video" (Performed by Marques)

I am going to need yall to go to You Tube and look at my lil cousin. Yes he is my blood cousin and yes he knows his alphabet! LOL! His daddy turned embedding off and his daddy also can't dance like that! LOL!

It's 3:19 a.m. I am awake and up. *insert curse words*

I am packed.

Pooka and mom are packed.

Santa Clause is packed in the trunk already. Do you know how hard it is to move a Fur Real Kitten that purrs and meows with movement sensation or light changes from my closet to my trunk without a nosy little girl busting out her room asking "what was that?" DO YOU????

Grand Diva's kids and grand kids are buying her a new vehicle for her b-day in April or Mommy's Day in May. I already can't wait to see her reaction!

I wish I could wiggle my nose like the chick in Bewitched and already be in MD.

Hardly no one will be at work today. Maybe 5-10 out of 40. :-( I miss paid vacation days.

I'll tighten my hair @ Grand Diva's.

Gotta repolish the toe's too.

Yellow and Blue make Green! Green like the Green Bay Packers. I am currently beating my boyfriend in online football. YAY! He'll crush me next time, as usual, so I must celebrate while I can! LOL! So was not what I was going to type. Y + B = G was supposed to be solo. Oh well.

Is this what it feels like to be on drugs?

I went to Target and brought a box of TheraFlu the other day. The chick at the counter carded me. That was a first! Mommy said Rite Aid in MD carded her for some cold meds too! Drug addicts are making life harder for everybody! Sheesh!

My grandma doesn't have a computer at her house so this might be my last post of the year. Please pray for our safe travels. I hope and pray everyone has a safe, fun, blog worthy good time the next couple weeks. Happy/Merry *insert holiday of choice*!!!!!!!!!


LsbnMom said...

Your neices have the Fur Real Pig and Sheep! LOL Good luck on the drive. Please let me know when you get there! Love ya, Pooka, and Mama! See all THREE when you get back! LOL

*why is my word verification "hoitiess"? Is that even a real word? LOL

Ladynay said...

I didn't even know they had the sheep and pig option! Cool! Lil man needs a fake me out real pet too! I'm thinking I'll get there sometime around 12 and 2 depending on how heavy traffic is. I'll just texts folks before I pass out at my grandma's. :-D

All 3? We'll see. LOL!

Merry Christmas! Save me a plate!

It's a word if you want it to be. *thumbs up*

Freaky Deaky said...

I was looking forward to using the belt. *pouts* Oh well, I'm sure you will procrastinate again sometime.

What kind of car is she getting?

Booooo! What about Fur Real Puppy? Everybody knows Puppies > Kittens. I just hope it isn't the ultra rare Fur Real Albino Kitten. LMAO!

If you had that power please wiggle your nose and get me a blizzard, a large, lakefront home, and about 10 million in my bank account.

I'll be checking the news for boyfriend chokes woman over football taunting/trash talking. LOL

If this is your last post of the year then Happy Holidays!

Ladynay said...

I'm procrastinating big time on finishing my Elon papers so don't pout! LOL!

Right now we thinking a Kia Sport. She is used to having a small SUV.

You gonna leave my child alone or else random 8 year olds are going to jump you next time you go outside! LOL!

Ummmmm since I don't have that ability I will say YEAH! :-P

*shm* It won't happen. If you see that story it won't be about me!

Thanks! Same to you!

Freaky Deaky said...

I'll be slapping wrestling holds on every little 8 year old that runs up on me and their parents too if they have a problem with it. *smirks* The very thought amuses me. :oD

Ladynay, I'm your Grand Diva. I've been blogging as a dude from Detroit so I could spy on you and get all up in your business. Oh yeah, I need to give you my new address so you know where to send my new ride. :oD

Ladynay said...

*smh* these won't be ordinary kids, these will be children trained in the martial arts! LOL

Ummm Grandma, I know where you live. I did live in your home for about 10 years. I think I got the address down pact! HAHAHAHA

Freaky Deaky said...

I don't karate but I know crazy them kids better ask somebody.

No Puddin' Head, I didn't want to tell you this because I know how you like visiting me every Christmas but I hit my numbers a few years ago and moved. I only stay there when you come to visit.

You should get that nice Freaky fella an LCD TV. I like him.

Ladynay said...

Me thinks you should have asked Santa for that TV! No wait, you've been naughty all year so you get coal!!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

If we don't blog see each other again, then Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I usually only get the medicine they don't card you for. In Atlanta, the rest you have to wait for some one to get it for you.

If you learn the trick for nose wiggling, go head and teach it to me. I'm working on teleportation, so I'll put you on if I figure it out. LOL

Jameil said...

last post of the year??? that's not gonna work. ROTFL @ what was that!? was that my Christmas present, momma? Did you get me a kitten, for real?? Lolol. I must say i can imagine being tempted to snatch the batteries out that mug! Oops. IDK why it's not working.

AR Gal said...

I hope you all have safe travels.

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a merry Christmas!!!

E said...

Happy New Year Ladynay! I hope you had a good holiday. Sounds like you were quite busy with all the preparations for travel.