Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year

It's a bit after nine and I'm SLEEPY!!!!!! I got to get this first blog of the year out the way though so hur' it be! :-P

Pooka was not with us on Christmas morning, which sucked stank booty. Her father made the argument that Pooka has always spent Christmas morning with me so he should have her this year. I hated the fact that he was right! LOL! My fam did enjoy watching Aunt Diva's son open up all his gifts though. Santa brought me some BabyPhat scrubs (who knew they came in fat girl size?), 2 coat/sweater thingys, some movies, and the standard underwear and winter gear. YAY! Didn't really do anything but see Sherlock Holmes, which was a lot better than I thought it was going to be btw! Outside of that I slept, ate, and chilled in rotation! Oh I did find out that my Snookums loves me! You know why? He cooked dinner and served it to me in bed *cheese*, he shared food from his do not share list (we have certain things that we simply don't share with anyone,LOL), he was cuddling up a storm (when I was interested in more of a *ahem* physical activity, but I LOVED LOVED LOVED it none the less) and I was just really feeling it for some reason. Merry Christmas to me!

New Year's Eve/New Years
Everyone was sleepy wayyyyyyyyyyyyy before Dick Clark's Rocking Eve started. We managed to stay awake long enough to kiss, drink a little something something, and pull the covers over our bodies! LOL The cycle of eating, sleeping, and chilling kept on keeping on! LOL!

Orientation Day @ Elon
That was today. They filled our heads with lots of info and gave us tons of paper work to look over. I got my financial aid check which looked so good! Too bad it's spent already. We were done earlier than expected and I was able to sew up all the hanging ends I had going. A big highlight for me was when the Director/Founder of the program stopped me and was like, "Aren't you the commuter from Raleigh with the child in elementary school? For some reason I remember you!" I was floored! She hasn't seen me since my interview last February and she interviewed 100 people personally! Tres tres cool! I also learned that out of exactly 300 applicants, 100 were interviewed and 38 got in. Again, very very cool! Another big highlight was the director telling me that I should hold off on buying a laptop because if I had a computer at home I should be okay! She said the staff try to encourage students not to bring their laptops to class because they tend to not pay attention to the lecture when they do. YAY! More funds to negate to other responsibilities!

I took a Myers-Briggs personality test that automatically made me think of the blogger E and the results of his test. Like him, I will post mine up once the results are back. The chick that gave us the test to take home will be back on the 25th to show us the results (she is going on vacation to see her new grandson). This leads me to another highlight. We were given the test and were told to complete it and turn it in to XYZ by Thursday. Since we got out of orientation early and I still had time after tying the loose ends, I decided to go to XYZ's office and take the test to get it out the way. When I was done the director of the program was talking to XYZ. When the director saw me she said "Ladynay (she called me by name, YAY!) you stayed behind and took the test?" I told her I went ahead and did it since I had time to kill. She smiled in approval and I just knew I did a great thing! YAY!

A not so great highlight was the professors emphasis to use the campus counseling center when we felt overly stressed. I know the program isn't a walk in the park, but when the faculty is stressing the counseling center off the top it scares me! I have also filtered out the list of potential clinical sites I would like to go to next year. The list is pretty long and there are quite a few locations in or near Raleigh, so I am confident I won't be shipped to Timbucktoo! LOL! I wonder what will be in store for us tomorrow, our first official day of class. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

That will be all for now. I catch up with yall in bit.


Freaky Deaky said...

You sure he didn't spike the food with something? If I share my coffee ice cream with someone chances are very high it has rat poison or windshield solvent in it. LOL. What?! Don't judge me.

You got some good swag and it's nice of you not to hog Pooka on Christmas day.

You know there's going to be a sequels for Sherlock Holmes right?

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! I keep forgetting to tell people that.

Ladynay said...

Yah know...he might have cuz I sure got my sleep on during my vacation. Hmmmmmmm. LOL!

I feel old. It took me a moment to figure out that you were saying I got some nice gifts! HAHAHAHAHA!

Word? I may have to check that whenever it comes out.


unityfalls said...

Happy new year. Sound like you're off to a good start at school. May it be a great one for you.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!

I was halfway sleep before midnight.

Ms. Insatiable said...

I am so happy your year ended and started on a positive note. Now you do the damn thing and handle your business.

And high five to Snookums for getting 'er done! LOL

Jameil said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! girl i'm still on the sleep & eat cycle but it's back to the grind tomorrow!! BAH HUMBUG. i think the stress thing is something they do in all advanced programs. you'll get it when you have multiple huge assignments due in 2 weeks. lol. if you stay on top of your schedule and try to get a lot of things accomplished before their due dates, you will deal with it a lot better. YAY LADYNAY!!

Ladynay said...

Unity, Hello! I hope I can stay on top of things. Thanks! Happy New Year!

Southern, not many folks were fully awake at midnight! LOL!

Mo, hopefully my 2010 will be positive from start to finish.

I'm on it! I am in the computer lab now half chatting it up with the 3rd years :-)

He can be "ight" at times, LOL!

Jameil, considering my first group presentation will be given a week from today, I think the stress teasers are rearing! LOL! Now get back on your game ma'am!