Tuesday, January 19, 2010

83's get degrees

In our program you must pass with a B plus, which is an 83 or higher. Basically anything lower can put you on academic probation. So far out of 2 quizzes, 3 papers (one hasn't been graded), 1 test and 1 presentation/paper (which grades haven't been posted either) that have been submitted, my lowest grade has been an 86. That has been the only grade in the 80's thus far and I would like to keep it that way. Most 2nd and 3rd years have told us to let go of the I gotta get an "A" mentality, but I am not ready to give that up just yet. LOL!

I am thinking about taking this optional "course" of sorts that teaches you conversational and medical Spanish. At the end of the year, everyone that has 140 hours gets the option to go to Coasta Rica and help treat patients. Can you say hell yeah? LOL!

While I am thinking about it, let me give a public thank you to the blogger Freaky Deaky. I shot him one of my "A" papers to edit and I guess I caught him at a time of bordem cuz I got the paper back with corrections and suggestions that same day! Marvelous!

My classmates are cool and social. There have been a lot of outings but the only one Pooka and I have attended thus far is dinner at this spot called Monterrey's. I had ONE margarita and was set for the night! It was bad! LOL!

Outside of anything school related I did manage to go see Ninja Assasin this weekend. All I can say is WOW! Lots of action and lots of overly red blood! I liked it a lot! LOL! I can see that the buck fiddy movie theater will be an academic get away for me often.

I am sitting here at the library trying of think of something to blog about that isn't Elon related, but nothing is coming. Guess that means I should try to catch up with you guys these last few minutes huh? LOL! Nothing is wrong with my computer at home and nothing better not be wrong with my laptop I got coming in the mail this week, but I needed to use something that I don't have on my home pc.


Freaky Deaky said...

You didn't end up hugging the restroom floor again did you? *snickers*

I don't understand your upperclassmen. If you need a B+ to pass why not shoot for the A? Consider the only grades you can get without being on probation are an A, A-, or B+ then you almost kind of have to get an A. *shrugs*

Ninja Assassin was good. The blood was crazy but I was surprised at how gory the movie was. If people can't stomach Saw then I would've loved to see how they reacted to this.

You're welcome. Um do I get to go to Costa Rica too? As long as they have Off, A/C, pizza, and cable wherever you put me up then I'll be cool. :oD

Ladynay said...

Yah know, when I was at the library I typed a pretty good comment on your blog and since I didn't enter my email it erased it! :-(

I didn't get drunk but if I had anymore alcohol I would have definitely been tipsy!

They meant not to freak out when you don't get a 100% or don't have that 4.0 when you graduate.

Me too!

Ummmm you have to ask the HNIC over there! tee hee hee

Monique said...

Aww, that was really nice of Freaky to edit your paper for you. See, when he's not leering or wanting to attend Sex Rehab to tempt the inmates, he's as sweet as honey. I loves my Twittaboo!

Best of luck to you with school. Hang in there!

AR Gal said...

This damn 'puter ate my comment! *growls*

Anonymous said...

Why not shot for an A?! I'm with Freaky on that!

One margarita, ladynay?! LOL I need about 3 of them.

Anonymous said...

I don't get your upperclassmen either. If you know you have to get a B, why not shoot for an A? That gives you some "cushion" for a bad grade on a test here or there.

Jameil said...

I haven't given up my A philosophy either and last semester I finally got straight As. All you can do is try by working really hard, right? Rock it out!

gee said...

Ninja Assassin...ugh.

Toy Couture said...

That option to Coasta Rica has me wanting to sign up!!!

Ladynay said...

Everyone, What they were trying to tell us was not to freak out if we don't get that 4.0, not to not strive for the A's! LOL!

Southern, The one I had was in a bowl glass and was heavy on the tequila! LOL!

Gee, Yep! Go see it!

Toy, Howdy and welcome!The trip was an inspiration for me too!