Monday, January 25, 2010


This is my new laptop! I have yet to plug it up and turn it on for reasons I don't know. But I have it and I'm excited! Isn't it pretty?

This weekend I stayed up for about 33 hours. It was not intentional it just happened. I woke up Saturday, did my chores, then got a phone call from the weekend job. They wanted to know if I could work 7p-7a that night. Since Pooka had an overnight "camp" I agreed. So worked and watched a million episodes of Bridezilla's. I got off at 7am then went home. I had to pick Pooka up by 10 and I knew if I went to sleep I'd be late, so I stayed up. I told myself that after I got back and got Pooka situated I'd take a nap. I picked her up, came home, then got a second wind!!!! UGH! I edited my last paper for module 1 (mod 2 starts next week), submitted it, called to make sure Snookums was ight, then went to bed! Do you know my supervisor and manager called me on Sunday asking if I could work 2 different houses? I kindly told them both no.

On of my email addy's got hacked by a spammer! They sent everyone in my contacts some bogus email with some stupid link for medication supplies or some crap like that! Ugh! People who create spam, viruses, trojans, spyware, and all that stupid stuff have no lives and should be shot in the stomach at point blank range so death would be slow and painful. Period.

Other than that it's the same ole same ole. I got another paper back and it was a 100% (Yeah baby!) This paper was for my gross anatomy professor. I can tell that she is more concerned with you knowing what you are talking about than grammar. I LOVE IT! Me receiving a 100% on a paper is rare for me. I am typically a 90's kinda girl. LOL!

Speaking of gross anatomy, I've been cutting on a human donor. Let me tell yah, that is some hard work! It is so easy to get blade happy and cut too deep into stuff you not supposed to! Don't think of me weird, but once you start dissecting and getting great views of body parts, it's hard to stop cutting! Big ups to surgeons on the real! They make that stuff look simple on TV! Me and my skinny team mates were working up a sweat! It's awesome and insane at the same time.

In my PsycheSocial class my professor has this rule where if a phone goes off in class she will answer it or read the text. Why has my phone gone off 3 times in class already! LOL! Today it was a text from Snookums saying that he loved me *Awwwwww* so it would have been all good if she read it. I always sit in the front of the class because I get distracted when I sit in the back and it forces me to stay awake cuz the professor is right there! LOL! But today I sat in the back and the ac or something was running so it is hard to hear the professor and vice versa. So my phone goes off while she is lecturing and the text alert ring tone is kinda lengthy. For a second nobody heard it. Then periodically a classmate would look back and I'd give them a "yeah it's my phone, shut up" look. By time the professor looked around and said "what is that?" my classmates acted like they didn't hear it! Big ups to my classmates! LOL!

Today we got our results for the Myers-Briggs personality tests we took. I am an ISFJ, Introvert, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. We got a nice sized packet of what all that means but I'll just type up my potential strengths and weaknesses....

Because ISFJs live so completely in the here and now, they sometimes don't "see the forest for the trees". They may not see options and possibilities that either don't exist at the present time, or are untested. They may feel overwhelmed when learning new and technical skills because they want to complete everything they do with meticulous care. They may avoid asking for help, not wanting to trouble anyone else. Not especially objective, they can make illogical decision based exclusively on the personal feelings. Because ISFJs are so concerned about others, they tend to put the needs of others above their own. This can result in them becoming overworked or over extended. They need to practice developing their assertiveness so they are not taken advantage of by less considerate people.


Quiet and serious, ISFJs are hard working and conscientious people. They tend to be down to earth and realistic, with great patience for detail. Painstakingly accurate, they have good memories for facts and details, especially those that have some personal reference. ISFJs want clear directions and explicit expectations. They have good common sense and tend to make conservative, thoughtful, and sensible decisions. ISFJs are patient, loyal, and caring people, interested in the concerns and feelings of others. Because they are quiet and modest people, they prefer to share their strong feelings and deep convictions only with those they know well. They are protective, loyal, and devoted friends and take great pride and satisfaction from the accomplishments of their friends and family. ISFJs have a strong work ethic and take all their commitments seriously.

Hmmmmmm, I say they like 90% correct if I do say so myself! LOL!


YBandDL Bad PYT In the Closet at Hearbreak Hotel said...

Okay I know this might be sick, but it is the first thing that popped in my mind, when I read the post....What the human donor a guy or girl? Black or white? Old or young? Did they have big things, whether guy or girl?
I want details, and don't give me that I didn't pay attention, I know you did. I would think dissecting someone's body, would be like reading someone's diary, am I right?

Okay with that said. Congrats on the new computer, I know you are probably like a kid with a new toy right now. Congrats also on getting a 100, I know it's like, saying there wasn't one thing wrong with what you said feeling.

If I was in that class I would so have my phone on vibrate, not unlike what I do now...any juicy texts been sexting?

I would love to take a personality test, although I think I know what mine would say...I'm sorry Ladynay but I think one thing is wrong...the whole you only share your feelings and convictions, with people you know although I don't know you personally at all...Uh I'm not sure how accurate that is with...with well us being on a blog as we speak, for the world to read....hmmm

Ladynay said...

My donor is an 83 year old white female. She had a double mastectomy so her things are non existent. She either had a hysterectomy or c-section at some pt in her life. She died of COPD and failure to thrive. Her birthday is in April. I've looked at the death certificate so exactly how detailed do you want me to get? LOL!

Yep, it's all shiny and purrrrdy! LOL! And yeah it does feel that way. :-)

Most of the time I have my phone on silent (no ring, no vibrations) but when I leave school I put the ringer back on (most of the time) so I forget to put it back on silent when I go back to school the next day! So far my phone has been the only one that has had a ringtone go off. Another classmate had her's vibrate, but when you are in class or 38 folks sitting together, it's hard to pin point who's phone it is when nobody moves to check their phone. LOL!

There are a few things that are kinda off on my test, but most of it I would say was accurate.

Anonymous said...

The laptop is all shiny and pretty!

I got that email twice. I figured it spam. I didn't click on the link...just deleted it.

I always wondered about people who donated their bodies to science or labs for teaching. I would be sitting there cutting her open while thinking about what kind of person she is, etc...

Monique said...

Ohhhh! that laptop is sexy! I likes! I likes! Hot stuff! Whooo-hooo *flinging my panties*

I'm glad to here school is going well and your rocking it out but 33 hours of no sleep? Honey the last time I was like that was when I was labor with my son. Make sure you get some rest in there, ok ma?

Sounds like everything is going well. Hey, did your mom ever go back home or is she still there with you?

Freaky Deaky said...

If my girl had a teacher like that I'd send her the sickest, most depraved, and perverted texts I could think of. Well, either that or I'd send her pics of trannies violating zoo animals while wearing clown makeup. Bet reading texts aloud will end. LOL.

I have a Toshiba too so I hope you like it. So what exactly are you waiting for to plug it up? All of that Internet porn isn't going to download itself. When you do hook it up look up a program called PC Decrapifier. Everyone with a new PC that they didn't build should probably have this. It'll identify all the bloatware on your new machine and delete it for you,

Bad Ladynay for falling for the e-mail okey doke! Gotta love Gmail. If there is no subject line then they automatically show you the first sentence or two of the e-mail. The link looked spammy so I didn't click it. Come on over to Gmail, it's time. Change your password and run a virus scan on your computer.

Did you take any pictures of the corpse? Oh wait you don't have a camera phone. Booooo! I assume minus the blood things should be a lot easier to see. Whenever I see one of those surgery shows I'm amazed they can tell one thing from the other with all of the blood.

Ladynay said...

Southern, it sure is! :-D

Sorry about that, glad you deleted it.

My class is doing that. My group figured out that our lady was probably high maintenance. She was the only chick with her nails polished. Their is another lady that passed at 70 and body was mostly muscle. She had breast implants too! We think she was a cougar in her warm blood days! LOL!

Mo, you a nut! ROFL!

I got my rest, trust. I just couldn't this past weekend.

My mom went to MD and stayed just like I thought she would. Fortunately things still worked out they always do.*smile*

Freaky, if someone got a msg like that and my professor is a freak that stuff may encourage her! LOL

PC Decrapifier, got it! You just reminded me I haven't watched any porn lately...hmmmmmm

I have a gmail account and I've switched some things to it matter of fact. I have also changed stuff on my main email and ran a scan. All clear. Thanks for the suggestions.

Nope, no corpse pix. Things are definitely easier to see sans blood. I really have a respect for talented surgeons.

Rashan Jamal said...


Yeah, let me tell you what I don't want to do, cut into a person. That's might brave of you!

Hook that laptop up and get to exploring the interweb. Or at least play spider solitaire. LOL

Ladynay said...


Once your mind comes to terms with what's happening you'd be all good.

Have to admit I am curious about the spider solitaire...hmmmmm

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