Sunday, February 14, 2010

Go Canes! Wooooooooooooooooo!

First off Happy official Valentine's Day to you guys. Seems like most of the blog world that I pay attention to isn't doing much if anything so that is cool. The people you love should be shown and told more than once a year anyways. Just my opinion.

Pregame tailgating is crazy, the game was crazier (Canes won 5-2), and the post game tailgating was the craziest!!!! Our seats were way up in the sky which caused me a Pooka to freak out a bit, but I managed to swallow my fear so Pooka wouldn't be as scared. We could still see the game quite well. Wish I would have googled the rules of the game so I could follow what was going on beforehand though. All I knew was if the Canes got the puck in the goal it was a good thing! LOL! There was only one rock 'em sock 'em fist fight which really got the crowd going! We are such a violent people! LOL!

Apparently with my colleagues the party does not stop after the game is over, the parking lot has been cleared, the players have left the building, the cones have been picked up, the police have gone home, and the clean up crew have done their thing. Nope! That's when the post tailgating in <30 degree weather gets good! ROFL! I have officially determined that black people can not out party our fairer toned cousins! Just can't!!!! LOL! Them jokers were everywhere doing everything. I just can't explain it! The dude that took a moment to send a cordial vibe my way in "normal" life is like super serious all about business.....last night however.....Laaaaawwwwwd have mercy! His song of the moment is Robin Thicke's Sex Therapy so every time he played it he would zone out and be like "don't touch me, don't touch me". *shm* He also has music collection that resembles Snookums'. He would play some rap stuff that I'd never heard before. Awkward! One of my other classmates is a talkative drunk. I mean she is social sober, but with alcohol she is non stop! LOL! She kept talking to Pooka telling her how awesome she was and that she was a superstar. Pooka's kept glancing at me with that "what is wrong with her, why does she keep talking to me" look. Hilarious!

All the "altered" people acted as DJ's with their ipod setups so we mainly heard the first verse and chorus before someone else was changing the song to "their shit." Serious sober and Talkative drunk were dancing to that old school song Shout right...during the part where they say "a little bit softer now, a little bit softer now" over and over Serious and Talkative got low, then laid on the ground and started moving their limbs like a bug on it's back and were screaming "yeah yeah" instead of "shout!" I was in tears! I turned to another classmate and asked her who that was on the ground cuz that wasn't Serious that was pseudoSerious. She said that Serious left the building a few beers ago! LOL! Another classmate I have classified as the loving drunk. She kept making her rounds telling everyone how much she loved them and loved our class. *again smh* So much happened last night/this morning I couldn't possibly begin to blog about it all! We were about 25 deep and just about everyone had me laughing hard at some point! LOL! I will say that I have learned a lot of new drinking games and I need to google the video to Man on a Boat that features someone that sounds like T-Pain.

After a nap I have found the link to the video. Sad to say I kinda like this song.

Speaking of T-Pain, just saw the new We are the World video. It wasn't as bad as I heard it was, but it wasn't good either. I still think they should have left the song alone, which was my opinion as soon as I heard they were trying to get the project together. *shrug*

Well I am going back to sleep. The only reason I am up now is because my mom called me twice within 10 minutes, both before I was ready to get up! Ugh! morning.....whatever! LOL


Freaky Deaky said...

You need to turn your ringers off on the weekend if you want to get some sleep.

The nosebleeds will mess with you if you have vertigo, any balance issues, or fear of heights. But once you sit down and the game has started you're usually good to go. Well as long as you don't imagine a massive earthquake or a fire. Not helping? Ok, I'll stop.

I'd be a bit disturbed or something if some drunken chick kept telling me I was awesome too. Well, at least before I smash her. LOL. What?!

Ladynay said...

I know, I usually do, I just forgot. :-(

My seat wasn't too far from the stairs so I was in a better situation than some.

*smh* Pervert!

Freaky Deaky said...

I have the CD. Lazy Sunday, Natalie's Rap, and Incredibad are my favorites.

Hey if you don't want me smashing then stay sober around me. That's all I can say. LOL

Ladynay said...

Just looked up more of their stuff and found out that Lonely Island was behind that Dick in a Box and other funny skits SNL does. Nice!

Jameil said...

My mom knows better than to call me early! Mellymell does NOT play that! White folks don't play when it comes to drinking. Why are there so MANY drinking games??? Craziness. That TPain video was funny. Lol.

Ladynay said...

My mom knew we were hanging out Saturday night and STILL called me before 8! The first call I ignored cuz I knew it was 1 of 2 people. The second call 10 minutes later woke me up! UGH!

Agreed, they do not play and they can drink A LOT of it back to back to back. "Talkative" isn't much bigger than Pooka and she was killing the beers! Where the heck does it go? LOL! I honestly think they made games up as the evening progressed just to have another reason to drink! LOL!

Apparently we were the last folks around to hear this song. My classmates knew the words verbatim and I was sitting there trying to figure out if the song was literally about being on a boat! These cats are pretty funny. They now work for SNL.

Christina said...

First time coming through. I found your blog through Jameil. This entry was good.

The video was funny.

White folk have made drinking an art. One they are the masters of...

Rashan Jamal said...

I'd heard about that video for awhile, but I never watched it. That's funny.

showing love year round? that's not just your opinion. I think people just want super sized loved on V Day....

Gotta love drunkies. As long as they are happy drunks.

Anonymous said...

I can't with that song and video! LOL

My mom will call early too. I don't understand it. And it's always never that important.

Ladynay said...

Hello Christina, thanks for stopping by and showing face. Take your shoes off and get comfy. I'd sit by Jamail and Rashan if I were you, Freaky bites! LOL!

The video is funny. I've watched it I don't know how many times now! LOL!

I think white people start drinking at there first birthday to have tolerances like that! It's amazing!

Rashan, The Lonely Island are "special" men. LOL!

Super sized love? I wonder how super you can get when you broke? LOL!

Fortunately everyone involved this past weekend we're happy and talented drinkers :-)

Southern, yes you can! Isn't that what Barack says? LOL

Why do moms do that???? I swear they can wait till to say whatever non emergency message they have to get out! UGH! Gotta love them though!