Friday, February 05, 2010

This is what I wanted, but geez!

You see this pic? When I went grocery shopping at super Wally World I picked up a 2 pack of these. I have not tried it yet but come next week I'm taking one of the shots and see what happens. I picked these shots up because Elon has lost their minds!

I thought having homework before classes started was crazy!

I thought the amount of projects, papers, and presentations they threw on top of that work once we started was crazy!

Only to find out that wasn't NATHAN!

Instead of semesters we have modules. The first module was 4 weeks. Monday started the 1st week of the second mod which lasts 12 weeks. Mod 3 is also 12 weeks in length. Us rookies had been hearing from various 2nd and 3rd years that mod 1 is the easiest module in the entire program.......THEY WERE NOT LYING! It's not that the content is hard, it's the sheer volume of stuff we need to know. OMG! Just OMG! I've been trying to stay on top of the game but it's tough. Last night I only got in about 30 minutes of studying before my body made me go to sleep. Soon as my head hit the pillow I was out! One of my professors told us from the jump, before even talking about her expectations, gave us a mini speech about the importance of sleep because things were about to hit the fan! *smh* Another prof was like "this is the time in the program where most students begin to feel overwhelmed. We are going to ask a lot of you but I promise, if you hang on till December it will be all worth it." Soon as he said that I had movie like flashbacks of all the PTs and PT students I dealt with pre Elon telling me that the first year is an mf'er and if I can get through it the rest would fly by. This is what I wanted. This is what I need to do in order to create opportunities in my dream profession, but geez!

Yesterday in gross anatomy we cut one of the donors into large prosections (remove the head, a leg, an arm, then cut the body straight down the middle, remove organs) Can we say cool? We went a step beyond Dr. G! LOL! The smell was...different, but the experience was awesome in and of itself. We get to do smaller prosections with the parts we removed and if our gross anatomy teacher doesn't like what the donor had to give, we get to cut another one! I am hoping we can and that I get to cut off the head or straight down the body! Don't judge me!

On another note, next weekend about 20 of us are going to see a NHL game. I am excited because the Carolina Hurricanes play not to far from my place so I don't have to commute to socialize with my peers. YAY! Since we have a large group we are going to have our group recognized on the screen thing! YAY! I am hoping to get a picture of that. This will also be my very first time tailgating. I am kinda excited about that too! Tailgating and going to a hockey game are things I get to check off my list as far as sports go. *thumbs up* I have not seen an NBA game live, freestyle motor cross, or roller derby (I think that's what it's called) so there are still plenty of sports and sports related things for Pooka and I to experience.

I think the Colts will win Sunday, but the story would be much sweeter if the Saints win.

Ever since December I have been cold and it takes a good bit to warm me up. Everyday I sit in class with my coat on, sometimes with gloves too. Today before class one of my professors asked me was I cold all the time, even when people are warm. I said yes. She then asked me if I ever got my thyroid checked out. After I said no she said that it's a simple blood test and my general doctor could do it. I may have to look into that because until December I was very hot natured so this is abnormal for me.

I paid off a big debt today! It took me a minute, but I did it! It is such a wonderful feeling getting a financial burden off my plate. I got plenty more on there, but little by little all I will have left are my student loans and a mortgage. Watch me!


Jameil said...

My first semester was A NIGHTMARE!!! SO. MUCH. WORK!!! Really maddening. A whole year? Yeah you have fun with that! Lol. Your post sounds like you have plenty of energy to me! No need to use that supplement! I'm SO judging you on the head removal and body splitting. YIKES!! Guess we know I'm not donating my body to science!! I've done NHL, NBA, MLB, college football & basketball but I want MOOOOORE! Obviously I want an NFL game to add to the mix. But I want more NBA & MLB games too. Pro baseball is really fun in person. You and Pooka should definitely do that.

Freaky Deaky said...

So is there a fancy, cool medical term for decapitations? I'm so jealous of you. Ask if you can bring a guest to participate. I'll find a way there to chop up some cadavers and that's something I can cross off of my list.

I don't really care for either team but just so "who dat" can die in a piss smelling gutter along with Pants on the Ground it wouldn't bother me if the Saints got brutalized worse than a prison rape. What?!

I want to see a Roller derby match as well. There are a couple of teams here so maybe I will next year.

AR Gal said...

I can totally relate to your love of anatomy and dissecting. While we didn't get to wreak havoc on any dead bodies, learning the human anatomy and all the parts that make it up came quite easy to me. Zoology was my favorite subject in high school. I couldn't wait until we got a chance to crack that cat open. LOL

It would be nice if the Saints won but I have a feeling the Colts are going to slaughter them worse than you all do the cadavers in class. LOL I doubt if I'll even watch much of the actual game. The beginning, halftime, and the end are usually all I can muster.

I know it sounds SO cliche' but December will be here before you know it. You can and will make it young lady. :)

LsbnMom said...

I am so ashamed to ask out of fear that its some slang term that I am not getting... who or what is NATHAN?

Sorry... just not up to date, I suppose!

Oh... and yeah, cool stuff you doing... just think of the big bucks after the fact! And dont forget about us over here across town either! LOL

blkbutterfly said...

i don't know what to say about your school work load that won't sound cliche, so i'll just say good luck!

i don't know much about either team, but i'm rooting for the Saints. it would make for a nice story if they won.

i'm always cold too. and it takes me forever to get warm. however, once my feet are warm, i'm good. it's the getting there that's a pain. my doctor checked my thyroid using the blood test your prof talked about and it's normal. so... i guess that means i'm cold natured.

congrats on knocking out some debt! my car will be paid off in November and i can't wait! then i can use that money to pay off other debts. like you, i want to get to the point where my only debt is student loans. (i can't seem to sit anywhere long to commit to buying a house. :-)

Ladynay said...

Fun? Yeah sure Jameil! LOL! I already brought the stuff so I'm going to use it. Don't judge me! LOL! You really should consider donating your body, it's teaching beyond the grave, how cool is that? Sounds like you got most pro sports covered. Pooka and I went to a Durham Bulls game, I don't know what level they are considered! LOL!

Freaky, I think decapitation is the medical term. No visitors in the anatomy lab, sorry! LOL! I think you want to "chop up" the living, not the dead.

Who dat who dat who dat who dat WHO! LOL!

Every time I think about going to see it, I look it up and I either just missed it or it's months away! We have a team that does their thing in Raleigh.

AR, we were not wrecking havoc! Just cutting in a manner that creates an optimal learning experience for the class! LOL!

I am not watching the game. I don't even know who is doing the half time show! Hmmm need to look that up. If it's someone I like I may tune in for that.

I will make it, but I am not happy about the process!

LM, nathan = nothing. I was saying that all that I was doing before was nothing compared to what they are asking of me now.

Big bucks? Yeah after I spend the first couple of years paying off school loans! LOL!

BB, same to you.

Yep sure would.

Hopefully my thyroid is "normal" and it's only my body changing naturally. *fingers crossed*

I still have a few years on Mia, wanna switch car payments? *wink*

Liryc's pRHOfyle (Ms.Liryc) said...

Nay, I haven't been here in a while and I see that your'e progressing on nicely in PT school.. Good going girl.. You are my shero!! You go ahead girl..

But I must say that I am jealous of you.. my dream in life is to disect someone.. I long for the day to decapitate someone and look on the inside of a human body to see what goes on inside.. MAN OH MAN!! (like you don't judge me)

Have fun girl.. I bet its all worth it in the end. You can do it.. Just take it one day at a time, and you'll get through it.

So proud of you girly!

Ladynay said...

Liryc, such a cheerleader you are! Thanks for the smile and motivation.

P.S. No judging from me! It's a cool thing not many people can say they've done or even want to do! LOL! All you have to do is go into a medical profession that manipulates the body and gross anatomy will be one of the very first classes in the program! After you take the course you could always drop the program :-)

Freaky Deaky said...

Living, dead the results are the same. Don't judge me or you'll end up on my table. That no guests policy sucks by the way. :o(

Ladynay said...

Not my rules, lol!

T.C. said...

my lil cousin attend Elon...

congrats on paying off the big debt! that's a major accomplishment and i am sure that it feels awesome to have it done!