Saturday, January 30, 2010


It has snowed.

Pooka is with my father and step mother for the weekend.

Playing in the snow by yourself is lame.

I don't drive in bad weather.

There isn't much to do.

I will watch some movies later on.

I could be a excellent student and study the neck for next week, but I just don't feel like it right now.

Got an 84 on my Today's Health Care final. I wasn't expecting it to be that high. She didn't post the class average. Wonder why.

I could do some hair maintenance. Don't feel like putting in the work just yet.

I could DDR for awhile. Lord knows I need to burn some calories.

I cut my ringers off last night so I could sleep in sans interruption. I cut them back on around 10am. I had 3 msgs. One at 7:30a, one a bit after 8a, and 1 around 9a. As I checked my msgs, I got a call from my step mother. She mentioned that she'd been calling me. I told her I cut my ringers off. She sounded kinda offended. *shrug* She wasn't calling me over and over to ask me about Pooka or to relate an emergency to me, so I didn't feel bad. She is the one of the sweetest people on the planet but geez...I don't need to know what she had for breakfast unless she broke out in hives from it!

Maybe I should take a mid day nap! That sounds good.

This is post 900! Nice round number isn't it?


blkbutterfly said...

so, it seems as if you're going to do... nothing! lol! and that's ok. enjoy the moment while you can.

oooh, i hate when people call me repeatedly for nothing!

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

Lol... Yeah I had the same dilemma today. Snowy and freezing, and my hair wasn't done so I had absolutely no intention of leaving my house. So I told myself I was going to get my reading and homework for next week done...yyeeeaaaah that resulted in me passed out, snoring on top of page 5 of my clinical psych book. Got a nice lil' mid-day nap in, though lol ♥

Ladynay said...

Nope! It's quarter after 9 and I haven't done anything productive. I tried to get my Saw 5 on, but my DVD player is throwing a tantrum :-( Darn technology!

OK! It's like WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! She hasn't called back since the 10am call so I guess she learned that I don't really care for repeated calls and there isn't anything urgent or important to tell me. Once or twice a day is okay. But that's about it. LOL!

Pacino, at least you opened the book! I didn't get that far! ROFL! Who says nap time is only for the kiddies? :-D

Rashan Jamal said...

Mid day naps are awesome! I agree playing in the snow by yourself is lame. What you gonna throw a snowball at yourself?

LOL @ hives. Please don't call me that early in the morning unless its an emergency!

Jameil said...

I should've been studying tonight, too or preparing for the lecture I'm giving on Wednesday... but I went to a party. Lol. Glad you did better than expected on your exam! That's always fun! I'm so SO glad you cut your ringers off. REALLY!?!? 3 calls in 1.5hrs and nothing's wrong??? AND that early??? I yell at people when they do that. Not cool. Of course you saying the post no. made me look up mine. 942! Wow! I'm sure I won't even notice when I hit 1000 so I won't plan to do anything special. Lol

Freaky Deaky said...

Seems like she doesn't know the rules. One call that early, I might mute the phone. Two calls she's definitely getting hung up on. Three calls and she's going to learn how well I can string cusswords together. LOL.

Damn, I think you are either gremlin queen or at the very least part gremlin the way you terrorize tech.

Yesterday the Weather Channel thought that school would probably be canceled in your area tomorrow so you can always hope for that at least. I'm still mad you got snow.

Damn you and your 900 posts!!! It's like I can never catch up to you. You are now my official blog nemesis, unless you give me a dollar, a Throwback Mountain Dew, and some pizza. Otherwise *bad German accent* I vill destroy you! LOL. Congrats!

Ladynay said...

Rashan, sho' lis! I'm going to grab another mid day nap in a few! LOL!

Jameil, giving a lecture? *chills* Lucky you *scrunched face* LOL! 942???? Wow! I would have been somewhere around there if I did that NOBLOMO thing last year.

FD, I know right!

Tech stuff don't like me, I don't know why. :-(

The local news stations website said Pooka will be out tomorrow and so will the kids in the county Elon's in. Elon hasn't made a decision yet :-( You midwest and northerners always get snow. Shush! LOL!

I actually have a buck, a throwback Mt. Dew and pizza, but I kinda like having a blog nemesis.

AR Gal said...

Happy 900th post!

The winter weather made me lazy as all get out. I was supposed to clean up. The only thing I did that was remotely close to that was change the sheets on our bed. Domestic Fail!! I guess I'll do it this evening. Boo-hiss.

gee said...

i love snow days!