Thursday, March 18, 2010

God is good

No, I am not about to get all spiritual but I have to blog about yesterday and today.

Yesterday we didn't have class but we had 2 group projects to complete so everyone was on campus anyway to get that done. We gather all the information and do what we needed to do and I leave campus. Before going to work I decided to drop by the grocery store for a fruit or salad bowl. I reach for my wallet and nothing. I searched my car and dumped everything out my bag. Nothing. Then it hit me.

I lost my wallet somewhere on a campus full of broke students! Great!

I went home and froze the only card in my wallet that had value to anyone but me, my debit card. I decided no to go into work so I got online. The last thing I checked was my Elon email. When I opened it up I saw an email from campus police letting me know that someone had found my wallet and turned it in. O.M.G.! So thankful and appreciative.

Today after the morning classes I trek across campus to get my wallet. I get it and on the way back to the building I cross the building where the food is. I didn't bring lunch so I go in and have a salad made. I get to the check out and give her my debit card.


Oh crap! I had forgotten to unfreeze my card! So I am about to turn around to put my stuff back and this random chick behind me asked the checkout lady if my meal was on the meal plan. The cashier said the salad was but my drink wasn't. Why the chick behind me pay for my meal on her meal plan????? I thanked her about a million times. LOL! I take the bottled drink and go to put in back in the drink cooler thing and the cashier says "Don't worry about it", smiles, then gives me the hand gesture to shoo. I thanked the cashier and shoo'd my way out the building with my free lunch which was mighty tasty BTW!

Awesome! Simply awesome!


Monique said...

That's good stuff right there!

Jameil said...


AR Gal said...

God is good!

Rashan Jamal said...

So there are good people left in this world...

GorgeousPuddin said...

That was a blessing!