Tuesday, March 30, 2010


How is life? Good I hope. Me? Well school is getting more intense by the week. I'm keeping my head above water which is better than a few others, but I still feel very much behind. I refuse to give up my sleep or time with my family, friends, and Snookums. The scary thing is that my professors keep saying that the program will get progressively harder and right now we are on a DPT vacation. *sigh* I will make it through this though.

Had my annual female physical. I requested my thyroid level be checked since my professor suggested I should and I had to pony up some blood anyways for my HIV and other tests. I should hear back about the thyroid in a week or so.

There is a second year student in the DPT program that lives not to far from me. We have started carpooling whenever our schedules allow. She is pretty cool. She is very smart, very confident, and opinionated. So many of her classmates don't like her, LOL! I don't see why though because once you get passed her upfrontness she is super nice and always willing to help. During our 2 hour start to finish commute, I give her a topic I'm kinda stuck on and she'd tell me what, if anything, she remembers about it, then we discuss it. It has been helpful.

Pooka has been up and down health wise. She's been having stomach issues and if they persists I will take her to the doctor. She's now on Spring Break and very excited. I woke up earlier this morning to use the restroom and she popped out her door (scaring me to death) talking about "IT'S SPRING BREAK!!" I wish she was this excited and got up on her own on school mornings! LOL!

My weekends have been consistently active. This weekend my family is going to have a big dinner for my cousin that's being sent to Kuwait for a year. This is the longest that's she has been overseas. My family hates that she has to go, but it's part of the process. :-(

That's all that comes to mind this morning.


I'm Goin' Down Young Black and Down Low said...

First of all...you saying that your daughter has been having stomach issues, and then a couple sentences later using the word "popped," can be a funny sequence. I swear I thought I read at first, "she 'pooped' out the door"...I was like it would scare me to death to if I found a child pooping out the door. LOL I had to reread that one over a few times.

Famale physical huh? So what did your gyno say about your lady parts...Is everything so fresh and so clean down there?

Isn't Snookums been the regular for a while now, like a year or so? Why we getting HIV test?...You been creepin'?

I hope everything checks out on the thyroid tip, I'm actually have hypothyroidism.

People don't like the say what's on your mind, no matter what people. People say they do, but they don't. Them keepin it real sista, oh no...I always tell them to keep it fake and phony, in front of me. Keep it real with someone else.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...


Spring Break here was last week. O was mad when I told him, he was back on a bed schedule.

Ladynay said...

That would have been a bad day for me if she was pooping all over the carpet! LOL!

My parts are normal and so is my thyroid.

Not creepin', STD testing will always be a standard procedure in my life, even if I get married one day. I was still getting tested when I was single and not doing anything with anyone.

Southern, HAHAHAHA! Thanks for the suggestion to keep Pooka on a schedule. LOL!

You have a point.

The Goddess said...

Good for you for getting the physical and having your thyroid checked. I think you were one of the ones that encouraged me to go when I hadn't been in forever so THANKS.

Carpooling is always a good idea. You're helping the environment, saving money not to mention getting some good studying time in. Kudos.

Poor Pooka. I hope her tummy troubles turn out to be nothing and she manages to enjoy her spring break. And for the record I read "pooped" initially instead of popped too. Lol

Yall have a great weekend Lady.

blkbutterfly said...

i hope that Pooka's feeling better by now and was able to enjoy her break. i know i was sooo sad when mine was over. it was like heaven!

about your classmate, i always wonder if she were a man would people have the same opinion about her? it still seems that men who are very smart, very confident, and opinionated get to be things like, well, the President, but women who are that way are not viewed as favorably. don't mind that rant, it's just the feminist in me coming out!

hang in there re: school!

Ladynay said...

Goddess, Yay! We all need to check our health with an MD every now and again :-) Glad I could encourage something positive!


She's feeling better. We both are enjoying the weekend!

BB, Pooka is already hating that she has 2 more days to chill! I haven't even thought about the president/female dog thing! You have a point! There is such a double standard! :-(

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Yep I agree with the regular checkup. I had my yearly last month. I get the whole shindig done each year likewise. Whether I am with someone or not. I like to know what is going on with my body.

I hope Pooka starts feeling well also. Mini me has been having the same issue....... on and off. We're going to the doctor's and dentist soon. One of her caps is bothering her. I hope that means it is finally time to fall out.