Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I know, I suck

but I have good reason for not blogging. It's midterms week and I haven't been doing much recreational internet stuff outside of throwing a sentence on FB here and there! We have 5 tests in all and I've already taken 4. The first one went "ehhh" the following 3 went well and my last one is tomorrow.

I'll be back to blogging at least once a week next week. That's the goal. Then I can tell you about the lady at the laundromat that told me that I should have another child. *smh*


Jameil said...

Work it out, girly! Then regale us with fun stories!!

AR Gal said...

Jameil, I concur!

Le fantôme de Freaky said...

Yes, you do but I'm glad you are big enough to admit it. Hope you did well on your exams but where's my blog post?